Salad Fingers

Hello. I like rusty spoons.

Meet Salad Fingers. This… something barely resembling human with uncertain gender have unhealthy affection to (among other things) rusty spoons, red water and taps. Is it hideously mutated human? Someone that looks at himself and everyone else through the eyes of madness? Victim of nuclear apocalypse? Who knows.

Anyway, he lives in dark, creepy shack, have even creepier customs and lives in his own world, hearing hollow box that was long ago radio, talking with corpse, playing with “sister” or eating sand. But there are things and beings in this world that creeps out even Salad Finger himself…

Those little flash movies can be interpreted in various ways, each next more horrible than previous. Nature of this show means we cannot take anything for granted. It is very possible that even creator, David Firth, does not know what it is all about.

Watch it. Who needs sleep anyway?

PS: Oh, and if you find Salad Fingers disturbing do not watch his other cartoons, especially “Spoilsbury Toast Boy“.

Genocide City

No, it is not about Homs, Syria (even if it is fitting). This is incomplete and scrapped level (three guesses why) from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. You can readily accessible it (and die almost instantly, as it is empty) from one of betas of this game.

How the hell this kind of name happened in game for kids?

Some claim that development team had “not quite complete grasp of the English language”. You see, they wanted dangerously sounding name. Oh, that was certainly achieved, no doubt.

I know better.

Saya no Uta

There is hint of truth here, in shape of leaves.

Or Song of the Saya”. This is not game (you have choice in exactly two places), but visual novel – story about human that became too monstrous, and monster that became too human.

This is most twisted love story that I ever seen. And one of the best horror/gorn stories. Urobuchi Gen deserves his reputation, indeed. Pictures are decent, music is fine and fitting. What is above average is concept and scenario.

Saya no Uta have three endings and is rare example of plot with porn. You can cut out every hentai scene and guess what left – enthralling, dark, horrific story about very unlucky guy (soon-to-be psycho) that see world in literal gore-vision. And someone did exactly that, uploading to Youtube entire novel with this kind of censorship (here is first part). Enjoy!

This tale is so good that I am actually willing to overlook certain story disrepancies. This is not criticism – any and every story can and will have holes and problems. What is different is willingness to suspending one disbelief and just enjoy story.

TThis is how main hero see world now.hus… so what that Fuminori’s clothing should be gorified like everything else? Don’t wonder also what he would see in mirror or looking down. Also, don’t worry about strange unwillingness for anyone to call police or do something not suicidal. If you press these kind of issues, this would happen:

*Fuminori in hospital starts to see again first time since accident, looks at his hand* Oh my God what it is?! White-pink tentacle with five disgusiting squirming appendages…!! Must cut it off with my other – AAAAHHHH FUCKING JESUS KILL ME NOW!!! *goes irrevesibly insane*

End of story. Do you want this to happen?

In world gone mad, only one thing is - or rather became - pure.

Demonophobia walkthrough, part 6

After dramatic interlude, Sakuri is back. This area is largest in game with labirynth feeling.

Here is previous part, and here the very beginning. Music.

… nn… huh… what? did I faint? How can… how long… I can still move… then I should be okay… hurry… if I don’t hurry… after all that… after all Ritz did…

This… how?! Why am I naked?!

Yes, we all ask ourself it. Or not. Wait, what she see?


She wisely run away. A lot of shadows appears in her wake.

You are in control now. Currently you cannot go to right, unless you want to meet Butcher. So go to left, take red medicine and crawl into shaft. You will probably notice mysterious thing in inventory, looking like two red pills or something. These are her hairclips. For now those have no use. Go right.

This mark on floor is familiar. Wooden horse! Except it is not wooden, but steel. With razor-sharp tips. You can imagine how it will end up. Doorhole at right leads to room with blue medicine and shadow with really crazy head.

Return back, right, right, run past big crawlers, enter green door and collect green elixir. It is most powerful version of medicine, that can restore full health. No, I do not know what this shadow is supposed to be.

Right, right. Another shaft that you have go through. Ouh, a lot of spitters here. Beware, or it will end poorly.

Go right to end. First corridor have very ugly combination of spitters and smiles. Second is strange blue room that looks like freezer, it will be important later.

At end you will find strange thing called Salamander. This artifact is associated with fire. Game is nice enough to save it, so you will have it even after death. Another shaft here, for some reason very short. It is useful only for saving Sakuri from Lucifer. What, I did not told you? He lurks here, appearing more often than ever.

Be careful or you will end up like that:

Or like this:

Or finally very rare (like katana in area 3) reenactment of one certain Silent Hill movie scene:

Now go back to left until you come here:

Run to shaft and shake off everything. Oh, we have here red medicine, black door with strange mark (obviously exit from this area) and very bright door. Go into light, child.

*ahem* You cannot go right here either – after room and shaft you will see Butcher guarding dead end. So, go back in shaft and to left. Another crazy shadow. Later you see grand door (currently closed) and blue medicine. If you think it is suspicious that game give you so much health, you are right. You should not need it for now, just hoard it all.

Return back right, right, shaft, right, shaft, left, left, shaft, right – yes, back to start area. Now go right. Whoa, what happened here?

These grates on floor are active, because you picked up Salamander. Obviously, you do not want to step in when fire bursts. Go to shaft – in small room you get second artifact, Udine. It is opposite of Salamander and is associated with ice. You will have it after death. If you guessed that freezer room just got activated, bingo.

At right from fire room is dead end with red medicine. Shaft there leads to exit area, where you were earlier.

What now? It is simple – you must bait Lucifer to fire and ice and make him getting healthy dose of both. As we are in fire room, we will start with burn (while game forces you to take artifacts in certain order, you CAN freeze him first). Lucifer often will appear in dead end on right. If not, just move in few areas around until wild Lucifer appears. Baiting him is hard, because you risk burning yourself.

Did it successfully? Good, game will save it. Now go to freezer room. From fire room safest way is left, shaft, right, right, right, shaft, right, right, we are here.

As you can guess, stepping in at wrong moment cause flashfreeze. Bonus death if you managed to bait Butcher, but freeze yourself. Baiting itself is irritiating – Butcher rarely show himself nearby ice room and you must wander a little hoping that he will appear. It can take a while.

If you get him…

Looks like it can’t move anymore… I dealt with it, right?

Not quite.

W-what’s this!

W-what is this! Hiii…! It ran away!? Where on earth did it go…?

It should be easy to guess where. To room behind large door. From ice room: left. Just left, all way, to the end. Screenshot below show what you should have before entering boss arena.

Enter boss room (battle music). Sakuri even do not comment seeing Lucifer’s spine. We all have enough of it.

Fight with Butcher’s spine is extremely hard. In arena we can use Salamander or Udine as weapon. Equip it like brass dagger (hold space, move rectangle to artifact and release). You shoot with Z. Udine is more powerful, but have small range. Salamander is reverse – weaker, but can attack far. Despite Salamander range, I recommend Udine, as it is three times as powerful.

Spine can take ton of damage and half of attacks are very hard to avoid, so even with that all health you gathered it will run out fast. Creator overdid it. Still, I will try to advise as much I can. Battle itself is rather… boring.

Butcher’s spine have these attacks:

  • Choke – Must touch. Slowly drains health. Mash Z.
  • Piercing jump – Medium range. You can crouch to avoid it. Or better back away.
  • Weak slash – Close range. Faster and less damaging than slash below. Crouch to avoid it… sometimes. Getting killed by it give you nicely sliced upper body.
  • Slash – Close to medium range. Relatively slow and give large amount of damage. Crouch to avoid it… sometimes. Bisects you.
  • Attack from above – Like choke. Can be spotted from falling dirt from ceiling. Dying to it give you very nasty rapedeath.
  • Impale – Instadeath. You will see burrowing on ground before it. Get away!

Shooting with weapon is very unwieldy. Sometimes you will not manage to shoot and there is cooldown time. You cannot move for very short time after shooting – but sufficiently long to get hit.

Main tactic should be running past crawling spine (you risk at most choke, its weakest attack) and shooting it when it is going away from Sakuri. This will let you be safe in this short moment after your attack, where girl is most vulnerable. Alternatively with Salamander shoot  at max range and run past or avoid attack, then shoot again. Moving back when Butcher jumps will allow for nice drive-by shoot, as Butcher too have short cooldown time between attacks. Slash attack is sufficiently slowly executed – Sakuri sometimes (depends on timing, weak slash is too fast) can manage run past Lucifer before he slashes air. Quite often you can manage to shoot him in this moment too.

I looked at disassembled code (HSP is horrible, horrible language BTW) and if I read it right, Salamander inflicts 1 point of damage, Udine 3, and HP of Lucifer’s Spine is… 60. God, give me six bullets. One for creator of this game… and five for me.

After prolonged and painful battle, Lucifer fittingly vanishes in flash of light. You will not like what happened next