Harry Potter fanfic.

To understand everything important there is to know about the universe, apply that knowledge to become omnipotent, and use that power to rewrite reality because I have some objections to the way it works now.

– Main villain hero Who knows? of story

Oh no, I already hear. Is this another cupcake? Some medicore horror or tale made on LSD? One of milion other less or more crappy fanfics of one of most popular series of books?

Except not.

Meet dramatic and hilarious story with hint of romance and horror, where Science meets head to head with Magic. Laws of physics happens to be optional guidelines, causing terror, chargin, amazement and evil laugh – all at once – in main hero. Because even if magic actually exists, Scientific Method still works.

By nature of this fanfic, you can dive straight in. Read it, even if you don’t know much about original Harry Potter (like me). In fact, especially if you don’t.

Except not.

There are rare moments in Reality, when things are better than you expect. Better than you think. Almost… sane. Those are rare miracles in world that gone mad.


4chan making game (except not, but idea was undoubtedly born in this self-proclaimed “shithole of internet”)? Visual novel? Eroge? With disabled girls? Thrown off-hand idea, based on single image, actually realized, by some dark miracle? Dear God, what disguisting piece of depraved cripple porn awaits?

Except not.


Little things like that almost return my faith in humanity. Almost.