Admit it.

You always wanted to create your very own fake news.

Game is very short and simple, so surely you can spend 10 minutes of your life on it.


Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 7: revelation.

We now know suffering of Alice. If you do not know what it is about, start from beginning.

As usual, when back from real (even if time-stopped) world, gather plants from garden, see Gulinello and Tiska and all of that.


Tiska is busying himself with tinkering around some black box. His comment is slightly more helpful.

Are you geting any new skills? If you want better skills, try using the old ones more.

Whatever you say, pretty boy. I’ve talked to him just to hear his voice…

No need to rush. It’s totally fine if you take this at your own pace.

*ahem* Enough distractions.

Pit beyond Town

Time to enter last door!

– Farewell to a Broken World –

Wellll. Is this what I think it is?


Before we jump down – again – let’s review monsters here.

Bmonster_bumpinthenightump in the night– Bat. What else can be said?

Tactics: You should know already by now.

Skills: Guard, Supersonic wave (Dizzy), Bloodway, ?

Smonster_shovinghandhoving hand – Brown hand rising from ground and hiding something sinister in palm.

Tactics: Only thing to do.

Skills: Trip Up (Invert), Shock, Charge, Whirlwind (Invert)

Cmonster_chaoshaos – Looks like some Lovecraftian spawn from hell. Pretty slow.

Tactics: La le doo…

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Deadly Venom (Weak), Nervous Breakdown, Earthquake (Invert)

Mmonster_midnightidnight – Some kind of winged generic demon. Ehhhhhhhhh… It can cast only Dark Mist without Guarding.

Tactics: Derp herp derp.

Skills: Guard, Evil Flame, Nightmare, Dark Mist (Blind)

Dmonster_darkmatterark matter – Living flame or something. Does not matter.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust Self-HolocaustSelf-Holocaustselfholocaustselfhosloacusyttttttt

Skills: Concentration, Angelight (Dizzy), Stray Sheep, Anti-Pain

As you can see, at this stage combat with enemies is pretty much reduced to endless spam of Self-Holocausts. While obviously fitting for mood of entire game, it is just… boring. Use Circlet, there is not much need for Alluring Perfume and we will have to grind. As usual, pump AGL up until you always start first without Perfume with any monster here (around 120).


First deal with green cog. Maybe this will be your reward?

  • Tree Necklace: [Dread] AGL+50%. Well, ain’t that decent artifact.

There is nothing else to do except jumping down in marked place. Except something, or rather someone, does that for you, pushing Alice down.


Alice falls down and stands up to discover there is no way up. Ask shadeling below what gives.

What’s the matter, Alice? Tripped and fell? I can take you back to the Land of Time if you want.

How nice of him, but I’m fine. If you want to get back, though, use Please do.

Alright, hold onto my back. Oops, don’t have one…

Either way, while you are here, walk west all way to end and then south.

You know where stairs down lead, right?We will check out that cave entrance later. Continue south to end and then east. You should encounter first blue cog.

That was nice stroll.What is hiding there?

FFound Youound you– Four-handed evil being with mean attitude floating on some magical golden contraption. Pretty slow. Mainly useful as measurement of your power – you have to kill it with one Self-Holocaust shot (about 155 PSY, have a nice time grinding it), then you will be half way to be ready for boss.

Tactics: I don’t even care anymore, just kill it.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Southern Cross, Lacrimosa, Summer Rain Strike, ?

Now backtrack a little to that cave entrance. Nothing interesting left here anyway.

Another hole. What are odds?!

Inside we find ladder leading to lower level.

Moar holes!!!111

Down there is another shadeling.

Deeper and harder.

Looking for Fragments here too? Must be rough, Alice.

You don’t even know half of it. Go through bridge.

I am tired of crappy double entendres.

On your way you will encounter next blue cog. Do what you must do and continue journey to another cave entrance. Enter.

Again and again.

Go slightly north and east through bridge to get another green cog.

  • Full Moon Necklace: [Hatred] PSY+50%. Another 50%, this time for PSY.

Later back on track to next cave entrance.

We will go down forever.

That would be like fourth or fifth level, right? Ask shadeling about it.

Feels like I’ve been here when time was stopped before…

Aren’t you ominious. That also confirms my suspicions that this kind of event already happened in past at least once. You cannot progress in west direction, as Alice apparently does not like to get wet.

I guess this is not best pool in world...So go east, then north through bridge up to long stairs.

Forever and ever.

Figures that people wouldn’t be comin’ down here.

Yep, I guess everyone noticed lack of people by now. Walk east to end, encountering another shadeling…

Some annoyin’ enemies can use strong attacks without even havin’ to guard first. But they’re sacrificing LP for it, so they’ll go down quick.

…something suspicious…

To switch or not to switch, that is the question.

…and green cog.

  • Beriner Vice: [Turnabout] 2xPSY/AGL when LP is less than 30%. May be helpful in boss battle, we will see.

Obviously, flip that switch. This will drain “pool” that you have seen before. Return there and get to other side. Surprise, secret green cog!

We now can reach it.Possible prize:

  • Colorful Corset: [Price of Life] LP-20% Additional EC each turn. Another pretty powerful artifact.

Now return back to entrance. There is one more thing to do before finishing cave. Do you see something suspicious in this screenshot?

This is single secret passage in entire game.Go directly south from where you stand. You will meet last Red Shadeling.

Pretty nice cave you have there.Of course we will Fight with him.

This dragon is pretty fatass.Black dragon with big belly. Just to swallow you whole, my dear.

Tactics: Two Self-Holocausts should suffice. He is really slow.

Skills: Concentration, Element Wall, Bloodway, Evil Javelin, Dark Mist (Blind)

As prize for defeating him, he will give you one little skill.

  • [Element Wall] EC-2 Blocks attack next turn. More useful than it sounds.

Also, this special. Me, teach you password. Lunatic “Diagnosis” Log. …You, remember it.

How to use password? Bring up menu and use fourth option from left (game help):

Game help and lore option.Move selection down to second row of “????”.

Help screen. I bet you see it for first time.Now just hit Enter and select correct password “Diagnosis” using most annoying input interface ever. Who thought about that?! Well, it could be always worse

Lunatic Diagnosis Log

Ageha Kajin: Hallucinations

Jihad Madri: Lethargy

These two deny treatment, so recovery is difficult. Permission to treat them at Farsdale. (Enter to go)

Farsdale? Sounds familiar… oh right, mental hospital at south border of Shadeville. click Enter.

I'M FINE FINE FINEFINEFINE f-i-n-e...It hurts a little sometimes, but… I know that this pain is so our baby can make its way out into the world. After this, the three of us will live a peaceful life together. So this level of pain is really nothing…

…Maybe that’s not quite true. But still, I’ll be fine. I’ll protect you, dear, and our baby… Hohoh…

Receptionist shadeling comments.

…That patient seems to have gone mad. Who is she even talking to…?

…Eh, guess it doesn’t matter.

After a while, you can hear strange sound, like a thud.

Mrs. Ageha Kajin? This way.


That was really unsettling. Exit help screen and go all way west and north until you see blue cog and cave entrance.

That running over whole cave starts to tire me.That was last blue cog, so pink cog un-pinks. Enter entrance.

When it will end?You already can see last green cog. Unfortunately, by now we ran out of artifacts and we will get generic prize like Force or Pleasure Fruit. Continue north.

Finally!It is finally over. Make sure you have sufficient amount of LP (180), PSY (155) and AGL (100). Grind more if you need Force. Now break cog. As expected, young Alice appears.

No, stop. I just wanted someone to love me, I don’t want to be someone’s replacement.


Welcome, Light Spanning the Sky. You are beautiful eyeless white dragon. And I am here to destroy you.

Go into light, child.

As with any boss, you’ll need to kill it ASAP. Fortunately, it is not as hard as previous ones.

Accessory: Alluring Perfume.

Skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Aura (just in case).

Tactics: You should be able to survive until you perform three Self-Holocausts.

Skills: Concentration, Spirit Thorn, Innocent Rain, Meltdown (Weak), Sky Drive (Invert)

After defeating Light Spanning the Sky, get out… there is nothing but darkness and pulsating, red pain.

Why won’t you face me?

You are doll made to accept my love.

From now until your life is exhausted, Silla, I will etch my love for you into your body.

LOVEis what

you want, isn’t it?

Cruel red flash. Cruel sounds.

Someone had enough.Child arrives to hole.

First time.Child jumps inside.

May the new love you find be genuine.

Bright flash. Unknown amount time later there is only Clock’s hand. But then, two familiar figures appear.

It's them! Tiska i Gulinello!Never been a warden who deztroyed the clock hands and all before, y’know.

I-It’s a little brittle sometimes…

Tiska takes Hand.

Alright, we’re done.

Gulinello starts going back.

Let’z get it back quick.

Yeah… …Hm…?

Ticka apparently notices something. Or rather, someone.

What’z the matter?

There’s someone down below…

Tiska jumps down.


Gulinello jumps after Tiska.

Someone is very, very dead.Suicide…? I smell a man’s blood on her. There’z a story here, to be sure.

Tiska starts casting some spell.

Resurrection spells never are easy.Save her.

Save her and what? She took her life out of hate for the world.

She can live in the Land of Time. Lose her past, future, name.

That’s againzt the rules. You know what’ll happen if they find out you dizobeyed Order?

And didn’t you save me from death knowing the same, Gulinello?


…Fine. See if I care.

End of flashback. You are standing in last chamber. Clock’s Hand is before you.

And so we know how Alice came here.Take it.

Memory Get: Farewell to a Broken WorldWas it worth it?…

Why not?My…

My memories were sealed in the clock the very moment I found happiness.

So I’ve been waiting so long.

To know everything about myself…

About when I was Chronola, when I was Silla, when I was Alice.

Small girl gets closer to bigger girl.

And finally, I can be one with myself.

They unite.

Welcome back.

Don’t forget the hand that reached toward you on the brink of despair again.

Because there is where my greatest happiness lies.

Girl runs forward – and we are back in Land of Time.

I have bad feelings about it. Let’s see what happened next.

Mad Father walkthrough part 4: save our souls.

One young determined girl, despite everything so far, go forward to save her undeserving father. It is strength really worth better cause.

Damned soul #1.

Aya stands in large Corpse Room, full of tables and bodies covered in bloodied shrouds. Everyone here are dead, right? Right?

Amount of homeless in neighbourhood must hit all time lows.

Is it head? If you try to ask, it will scream.



DON'T GET CLOSER!Nonplussed, we head up, only to hear loud THUD. One of bodies in lower row fell off table. Inspect it. Oh God, it stands. And moves in your direction. Back off.

Okay, maybe this headless corpse is harmless, but still goddamn creepy. Your task here is to lead body to it’s head. Just wait for it by head and move in way that ensure body will stand next to head. If you get stuck, you can click Z and run past body.

When head is detected…


Head is put on neck… maybe a little askew.

You may want to fix that, mister. And - while we are at it - cover yourself.

Guy vanishes, leaving your prize for help – gem. Speaking of gems, you should go back to Cultivation Room and take another gem from bottom. Ten from 21, nice going! Go up, this constant buzzing from these vats (or more like tanks) is annoying. Exit Corpse Room by north door.

This is left part of passage.

Select door at right. You will enter Open Room. Move… I am sure there was someone here nearby that shelf! In this room crow and gem are present – search at bottom for three dirty pots in triangle and push down upper pot, uncovering hole with gem. Upper right corner of room is blocked by numerous barrels.

You can also find Ladder at right. Yay! Time to conquer attic!

Return back to passage. Go left – you will go through hidden passage (including ladder) and unlock door to East Hall. This will make easier to navigate later. You know rest of way to attic. Use ladder when standing next to missing section.


This light is gem, of course. Now we have over half of needed amount! Time to play vandal. See this pot in middle? you can push it over edge at bottom, breaking it and revealing…

What treasure was hidden in this pot?!

Aya takes this thing.


Mini Chainsaw…?



Yes, yes yes yes. FUCK YES. Game helpfully pops up instruction to use.

Real men don't read instructions.

Yeah, C to change into TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE mode. Z to MURDERIZE everything and everyone. Barrels, empty crates, zom… Wait, what was that small print?

(It cannot be used to attack enemies.)


Ah… How nostalgic… I remember father scolding me for playing with this once…

In sepia flashback, Aya waves around mini-chainsaw and fires it up.

Ooops, caught red-handed. Good thing only figuratively RED-handed.

Aya! What are you doing swinging that thing around?!

Aya steps back, dropping chainsaw.


Alfred walks around mechanic blade and scolds daughter.

This is no toy! It’s a very dangerous tool! Understood? Never play with anything like this again!

S-sorry, father…

…I’m glad you’re not hurt. It is odd, though… I thought this would be somewhere that was out of your reach… where on earth did you find this, Aya?

…I’m sorry… I’m sorry… father…


Flashback ends. As you figured out, you are supposed to break every breakable thing, starting with attic. Try it. Walk up and click C to go in BARREL MASSACRE mode. Destroy them all. You will notice only normal barrels get destroyed, not stacks, pots or boxes. During rest of walkthrough, you are expected to maniacally destroy every last barrel. I will mention destroying things only if it is important to plot or in case when some container had something inside.

Damned soul #2

Okay, time to return back to Open Room to remove barrels blocking way. Unfortunately on your way, in East Hall on 2nd floor, girl trips over.

Quick-time event INCOMING!

Indeed. It drags Aya to right.

N-no…! I’m going to get dragged away…!

You have to smash Z key again as fast as possible. If you succeed, Aya will run away to Entrance Hall. You should not have any other problems on rest of way to Open Room. Inside go to crow first to save… was something resembling hand in hole just now? Clear out barrels in corner, uncovering second exit from room.

This is still Passage, but now right corridor. Go up – you will notice branch with barrels and some old guy. Destroy barrel in middle – it yelds gem.

His expiration date is long in past.

Ask him what’s up.

Curse that… Doing every… says… And so deceived as to… true nature… …’s… going to create a… She’s even crazier than the doctor! Hmph, well, whatever…. What should I care, I suppose?

His mumbling is so unclear. Is he talking about Mom? Or Maria? Probably not Aya. At least I hope it is not Aya. Anyway, go up.

It is just me or this mansion is rather... big? If it is bigger inside than outside, I will flip out.

No other way than left and down. Right side is blocked by drums and sandbags.

Damned soul #3.

In new room you hear cries.

Hell is powered by tears of young girls.

This crying… I heard it in reception room, too. Maybe this room connects to the reception room? Or… maybe she’s always been following right behind me… Yikes…

Big door is firmly shut. Inspect door to small prison with this strange crying girl – you will notice it is locked from inside. Also it have switch.



(Looking for eyes? Maybe…) Um. I have some eyes here…

Well, isn’t that greatest start of conversation ever.

Are these yours?

Girl don’t react.

I don’t think she can hear…

Ah well, we tried. Go down. Hmm, this room looks familiar… storehouse? We were there already in Snowball’s body! Move carefully. Looks like Snowball unexpectedly made horrible mess. That red liquid was wine. Hah. Open door at bottom – another navigational shortcut opened!

Go out to kitchen – you will notice zombie dog went somewhere. Oops, cafateria has now even more blind zombies. Go to Reception Room into fireplace and check hole again.

I’ve heard this crying… this hole goes down to that place underground. ! If this goes down into her room, I could give her these eyeballs.

NEyes...ow drop bottle with eyes into hole. You hear crash and cries stops. Well, I hope bottle did not hit her head or something. Obviously, you have to go back all the way to hall with prison and knock at door to cell again.


She puts them (better not to think how exactly), opens door, exits cell and looks around.

Don't be so happy. I have seen terrible things with my shamanic eyes.

GYay! Now I can see horrors.irl comes to Aya.

Thank you.

…and vanishes, leaving gem. Take it and flip switch in cell. This will open big door. Enter.

Damned soul #4.

You are on stairs to second level of basement. This mansion is ludicrously huge, isn’t it? Go down… only to enter same corridor again.

Damn these spatial anomalies.

Try to move again… something is wrong. After a few tries, you will see someone next to drums. Ask her if she has personal black hole. Er… sounded better in my head.


Those are eyes of resentful ghost.

Are you keeping me from going ahead?

Well, Aya is on way to become next Sherlock Holmes. Ghost nods.

I need to go through here to save my father.

Genius move, saying that to victim of said father. Smooth.

So please, let me through. What I can do to convince you?

Ghost moves ahead.


She is now tailing Aya. As you still are not allowed to descend stairs, return back to Hall. Inside Aya tries to reason with ghost again.

Why are you following me?

Do you want to go home? Do you want to go out?

Ghost nods.

I see… come with me. I’ll take you outside. Then let me through there, okay?

Nod again. Aya looks happy. Exit Hall using right door. After going for a while, ghost vanishes. Aya will notice it close to corridor exit.

Huh? She’s gone… did she fall behind…?

Return back to Hall… except you are suddenly somewhere else.

(Huh… this is…)

Aya, someone had an idea...

Person here looks around confused.

(Huh…? I… these are that girl’s clothes… what’s going on?)

It should be obvious, dear Aya. You are this girl, or rather observer in her body. Dear player, you can move now. Upper door is closed, and when you move down… give you taste...


Alfred revs chainsaw.

Stay still, won’t you?


Woman backs down.

Now, shall we begin?

(W-what’s father doing?!)

Alfred steps forward. Woman steps back.

...of someone's else...

(Stop, father! It’s me!)


(I can’t speak…!)

Woman moves back and falls on knees, totally helpless.

(Oh no…)

Father is closer and closer.


Chainsaw screams in blackness. Nothing more.

Aya wakes up on corridor.

Honestly I doubt you learned any lesson from that.

RYou should retrieve arms. Er, wrong story.eturn back to stairs… to this woman. Except this small local curse was lifted, you are on real stairs and this is real body lying on ground. Armless body.

You cannot help her. Move down stairs, to another passage.

Damned soul #5.

Damn, dark here. This is large room with three exits. Crow is next to entry that you used, down left. Up left is locked. Down right leads to toliet. One of barrels in this area have gem.

TUsually you find different kind of treasure there.ime to get into toliet! For some reason we have bottomless abyss instead of north wall. In corner lies bucket with water. Why they don’t have sinks? Aya wonders over urinals, probably seeing this first time in life. In porcelain throne itself, something blinks. Key! Try to get it.

Forget it… this is way too gross. Who would even think of doing something so disgusting? Maybe if I had something to grab it…

Damnit girl, there is no time for something like that! Your insane dad is in danger, mansion is full of ghosts and zombies, you took eyeballs in bottle without hesistation… and you have problem with THIS?

In search for something to use for key, we have to handle ghost in upper part of passage.Thanks for tip.

Take hint and walk straight to right, to secret passage. It leads to laboratory.

How many of them father have?

Something inside tank forms large bloody handprints, when you go through room. Ew, I hope glass is strong. Wooden box is destroyable, you find Forceps inside. Oooh, we can use it to get key! Move to shelfs in corner, where Aya makes horrible discovery.


Uh, oh.

Yuck… these rabbits… they look a lot like Snowball… I don’t wanna look…

Oh dear fuck. Notice that one of rabbits have wounded leg. This is how father “healed” Snowball in flashback? How much Snowballs she went through?!

See another door? Go up.

This fella is kinda noisy.


GEh, he was already dead anyway.o up stairs and use chainsaw on rope. This… goblin?… runs to lab. You hear trashing and crashing. When everything goes silent, you can get gem (currently you should have 16 in total) from broken vat, as expected. Return back to dark passage – guy that so helpfully pointed secret lies dead on floor. Welp.

AEeek.nyway we now have something to fish out key, so return back to toliet and use forceps. Now we must clean key in bucket with water. Return ba- uh! These sudden hands from abyss scared me.

This key fits to door in upper left part of Passage.

Damned soul #6.

Hey, it is prison from Maria Diary flashback. Someone here in upper right cell pounces on bars. Likely another ghost to deal with.

There are no innocent people, only those that weren't yet proven guilty.

In bottom right cell, something on bed shines invintingly, but unfortunately drum is in way.  Bottom left cell don’t have anything interesting. We cannot open cell with ghost inside, that would be too easy. Last cell left contains crow (save, obviously) and hole in wall. Enter.

! (There’s something there…!)

Murderous animated dolls with knives. Cool.

You have to play stealth game there, avoiding going in dolls’ line of sight. If doll notices you, well, you die. Game have even separate death screen for them! You hear creepy laugh and stabbing sound.


First doll is easy: when it starts going away from you, run to niche in middle. Exit to right when doll returns back. In other words, ensure that doll is always facing away from you. Enter next place, where second doll rotates clockwise around. Simply run behind her to gem, and later again behind her to south. Exit.

You don't get sickness there, miss?

Last place is kinda annoying and buggy (doll can in certain cases see through wall). You must run around pillar (also clockwise) that is patrolled by two dolls, later go to right and exit.

Deadly merry-go-round, how fun.

You will find yourself in previously inacessible cell. Yay! Take Jail Key from bed. Return back – fortunately you don’t have to play again hide’n’seek with dolls, as now they lie on ground in pieces, very dead.

Use jail key to let go this poor bastard in upper right cell. He will drop gem before running away. Excellent, we can continue now to left. Small passage later, we end up in… shrine? Someone closes door behind as you go up.

Why mad sciencist have something like this? For sacrificing virgins?

Each step echoes in this large room. After helping so much people, can Aya understand their plight? Will her opinion of father change – or will she be still loyal to dad that she loves so much?

This will take a while yet. See you around in part 5!