Slender – The Eight Pages

WSlender_The_Eight_Pages_logoalking around fenced wooden area?

At night?

Stalked by malevolent supernatural entity?

Searching for eight kiddie scribbles?

Well, we have contender for Darwin Award, aren’t we.

no no no no no no no no no no no

Slender – The Eight Pages is short survival horror game where you have to find titular pages while running away from Slender Man, mysterious and very thin human-like figure without face. As you can guess, with each acquired page game gets harder.

always watches no eyes

Game is not really complicated, but it is very easy to start aimlessly wandering, losing time and battery life in your flashlight. Follow path in forest – pages are in, at, on or near landmarks (ten in total, so two of them will not have pages). I suggest checking out building in middle first, as you cannot really escape when inside.

I liked lack of any UI. It is only you and your trusty flashlight. When you get too tired to run, you hear heavy breath. When you are too close to Slender Man, you get static and noises.

Talking about Slendy… looking at him too long is bad idea. Being close is bad idea. He likes to teleport. At later stage, exactly behind you. Best – and only one possible – course of action is running away. It can get annoying if you wanted to get page, but now must go around.

leave me alone

Game is worth few moments of play. Nothing less, nothing more – there is almost no replay value, and all you have to do is gathering pages and nothing more to do except walking around waiting for your inevitable demise. Great, moody music, sinister fog and scary sound effects can get you only far.