Demonophobia walkthrough, part 5

Our journey to Hell and back ended (start here, last part here)! No, really. You do not believe me? Look at this screenshot from cutscene. Set proper music to this joyous occasion.


This is…

Ah… I’m… I’m in home… I’m finally in home… uuu, uu… it was so scary…

Sakuri? Dinner is ready! Hurry up!

Mom… that’s mom’s voice!

Ha! This is happy end at last! We beated this cursed, horrible game! Time for last steps. You heard mum, Sakuri. Go to dinner. Move right and go down (you are upstairs). Hmm, Sakuri do not want to go anywhere else, only to kitchen. Okay, okay, whatever. From stairs to left, first door…

Just… what on earth was all that…? That Demonic Labyrinth that was just like hell. Maybe it’s useless for me to think about it. Honestly, I have no idea how I survived. Still, I can’t help but wonder what happened to Ritz. He supported me, even though I’d already given in to despair. He gave me hope… he gave me the courage to face that world… Ritz… will you continue living in that dirty maze forever? You will continue giving courage to those unlucky ones who have fallen to hell, right? …I’m going to stop thinking about this. I’ve finally returned. Although it was scary, although it was tough… I’ve gotten past all the obstacles and returned home. I… I will grasp my future with my own two hands!

After Sakuri’s futile attempts to think, time for better music.

Mom! I’m back!



…GOD. No, it cannot be true. NO. NO. JUST NO.

Sa-ku-ri? Di-nner’s Rea-dy. Hu-rry Up And Eat.

Mom… what… are you… doing….




Insane ramblings of mom does not help.

SsSKAkusKRKSIRIsH dddlitndneneseRSssRTereEDDaaDyyY hhruRURRSjyyuuPPsSsnaAAD EaeaAEEeaATTTEttt

Wha… what are you saying?! This is… this… what is… this?




I cannot help but wonder what mother have instead of face. Resolution of picture is too small to say anything definitive – and I have feeling we all should be thankful for that…



S A K U R I – ? D I N N E R I S R E A D Y H U R R Y U P A N D E A T

S A A K K U R I – ? D I I N E R R R I S R E A D Y Y H U U R Y U P N E A T





We are (surprise!) still in Hell and we all can see clearly that Mom adjusted just fine to life here. If Sakuri will not run from her, poor girl will be repeatedly knifed and later eaten.

Clearly, you do not want it. At this time, you cannot get far into kitchen (invisible walls FTW). So get out and… whoa. This place now show literally and figuratively its true colors, eh. It appears as horribly twisted version of Sakuri’s very own home.

Take this map, you will need it.

New monsters!

This… thing… have horrible smile. It is also round, green and have very sharp legs. It harms a little, but only if Sakuri crawls. Surprisingly, there is no need to crawl anywhere in this area, with one exception. Generally just unsettling decoration.

Bigger version of crawler. Seems a little faster than smaller cousin. It does not have any special attack – just deals damage, if Sakuri gets in contact too long.

First things first – we must go to toilet. This is door at right from stairs.

Uh, I doubt her toilet look like that in our reality. Get down through this hole using vine to witness…

…very, very guresome death. Yes, yet another of those “one of the most”. A lot of them lately, don’t you think?

Now get down to lower level. There is another new, nasty enemy there.

This rotating blade flies around cutting air with their sharp (despite being wood) edge. Sakuri can get by safely only when blade stops for a while, reaching end of path. Easier said than done with all other monsters around. If blade gets Sakuri at low health, she will be bisected.

Unfortunately, all doors (including Sakuri room) are inaccessible and door to sister’s room is locked. Go back to upper level and to right, to bathroom. After crossing small changing room with shadow you will see bath. And window.

Time to get out of house!  Under window you see some walking smiles  and one blade, it will not be too hard to get to right. In fact, you can run entire way. Use vine at end to reach study room. No, this will not kill you in guresome way, just allow for plethora of other horrible deaths later.

This is study room. Shadow here have interesting head. Notice rusted key on ground (this bright point near to shadow’s leg) – pick it up (probably taking damage from smile) and leave right.

Now you can get back to study room as much as you like – you will need that later. Use rusted key on door to sister’s room (second door on wall from left).

Ugh, what slithers and wiggles here on floor? Is this Sakuri younger sister? She lies dead and half-eaten in kitchen! Hell does not seem to be big on whole “consistency” thing. At least sister’s corpse is harmless, if goddamn creepy. On wall is written “older sister”, by the way. Take red medicine on floor. Moving along…

This is backroom connecting sis room with your room. I am sure nothing was growing on floor before. At last, we can go into Sakuri room! You will not like what you will see in a moment, but you should expect it already with game like Demonophobia. Checkpoint time and boss music. Time for some little… remodelling.

H… how can… this… this should be my room!

What’s that? This sticky yellow substance… how disgusting…

Something yellow start to grow.

What’s that?!

Say hi to Gluttony aka Beelzebub. He rules here and would like to swallow you whole, thank you very much. You have 40 seconds to run away all way back to kitchen. During this crazy run you will notice that rooms changed a little. Hopefully you mastered art of running only exactly when needed and getting every second of rest. Also art of game mechanic abuse – you can use window even if you are glued to floor. Additionally stamina seems to be restored on beginning of every room. You will need it all to survive.

In short: right, left to door, left, left, left to window, left to second window. Left, left to kitchen door, right to end. Sounds simple? In  practice…

Yes, that is backroom. A lot of dripping acid there. Also some living blobs that like to jump on you, like leeches. Do not brother shaking them off – you have no time for this and there will be more of them in way. If you lose all health due to this, you will end up half-naked, glued to floor and raped.

Sister room looks now even worse.

Another new enemy appears there – big blob of glue. Behaviour is same as crawler, but only one can attack at once. Programmer laziness or making life not harder than already it is? You decide.

In corridor go to left, to study room. You cannot go straight to kitchen by stairs, unfortunately. At least next to stairs is blue medicine that was not there before. Beware, Mom currently walks around here – she has new, strong attack. Duck to avoid it, smile damage is miniscule.

Study have pools of acid. These flow on floor. Sakuri must run past them, otherwise will suddenly drown and dissolve in them. In other words, instadeath. Very dangerous.

Climb down. Outside have very nasty mix of pools, glues and blades. Do not forget random acid drops everywhere. It is very hard to run past them and not dissolve, especially under window. Go in. Bathroom is small breather – nothing is there, except everpresent acid drops.

To door. Change room is simple, just run left. Corridor on lower floor is guarded again by Mom and assorted monsters. Try to go left to kitchen. You will scream “Now that was BULLSHIT!” more than once dissolving in second pool of acid two meters from kitchen door.

Whoa, this room is actually almost untouched and empty. No wonder we needed to be here. Run to plothole on right. While in dark passage, this is good moment to shake off blobs and heal yourself, if you did not it already. You are now safe. Well, relatively… as safe as it is possible in Hell. I mean, lying as sack of internal organs and beating heart counts as still living, right? Right?

Don’t worry, this will happen only if you forget about shaking off blobs and die in passage. Stupid way to go.

What happens if unlucky girl did not manage to run away in time? Sakuri will get digested inside Beelzebub stomach. Gluttony indeed. For some reason, clothes are dissolved first. Later, uh

Okay, so we are in passage… go right. In cutscene Ritz explains that was just Hell tormenting and playing with Sakuri.

You look like you’re okay. That should be a cause for celebration, but… what’s matter? Your face looks pale.

Mom, she… Eri, too… everyone… everyone transformed into something terrible…

An illusion.


What you saw was your transformed mother and sister, correct?


This is property of the maze.  It creates all these illusions to draw you into despair.

Then mom is okay? If I get back, I could probably see her again, right?

That’s right.

Thanks goodness…

Well, you should be off, Sakuri. There’s only a little bit left. Just a little bit further until you reach the deepest part.

Yeah… just a little further, right? Ritz. Thank you.


I could have only gotten this far because of you, Ritz. If you hadn’t appeared then… I would have given up a long time ago. That’s why, thank you.

There’s no need to stand on ceremony. I’m only doing what I want to do.

That’s fine… I just… wanted to say it.

After Ritz fixing a little sanity of Sakuri, you can move. No tips from Ritz this time, boo. Go right to end – just to meet Butcher (hi, old pal, how are you? long time no see).


Butcher closes in.

(Quickly… if I don’t get away quickly…)

Sakuri turns back, only to discover…

AH?! (How can it be clossed off?! I just came in through here!)

Butcher is in position.

No…. no… (Just a little more, then I could have been saved. Just a little more, and I could have escaped. Just a little more, and I could have returned to my life before this-! Just a little more, JUST A LITTLE MORE!)

Cleaver in bloody hand rises up.


Just before killing strike Ritz appears and…

…defends Sakuri.


I won’t let you get killed. It wasn’t easy to get you there!

Shield cracks.


Ritz… why are you here?!

What’re you doing… hurry up and get out of there! Don’t you have other things you need to be doing? I’ve already made this step. Shouldn’t you show how strong you’ve gotten? Isn’t that right?

But…. Ritz…

I can’t do anything by myself, no matter how much I want to. That’s why I’m entrusting this to you. Do you understand?

Sakuri runs past Butcher.

Ritz! Let’s escape together from this hellish place! There must be a way! So… so!

Ah… that’s a nice dream.

She runs away and shield shatters.

Escape together, huh. If only that was possible…

Go. I’ve entrusted my “hope” to you. This is your chance to repay the courage I’ve given you. So run, with everything you have got. Then…. then, this cursed fate can finally end.

We are left staring on something Ritz-like splatted on floor, wondering what was this all about. Ritz was supposed to be present only in rooms with magic circle, right? He supposedly could not do anything – helpful or harmful – at all, right? Did his actions prove that he is not suspicious after all… or complete opposite?

Anyway, another area done. Next area is here. We are getting closer and closer to end indeed.