Salad Fingers

Hello. I like rusty spoons.

Meet Salad Fingers. This… something barely resembling human with uncertain gender have unhealthy affection to (among other things) rusty spoons, red water and taps. Is it hideously mutated human? Someone that looks at himself and everyone else through the eyes of madness? Victim of nuclear apocalypse? Who knows. Anyway, he lives in dark, creepy shack, have even creepier customs and lives in his own world, hearing hollow box that was long ago radio, talking with corpse, playing with “sister” or eating sand. But there are things and beings in this world that creeps out even Salad Finger himself…

Those little flash movies can be interpreted in various ways, each next more horrible than previous. Nature of this show means we cannot take anything for granted. It is very possible that even creator, David Firth, does not know what it is all about.

Watch it. Who needs sleep anyway?

PS: Oh, and if you find Salad Fingers disturbing do not watch his other cartoons, especially “Spoilsbury Toast Boy“.


4 responses to “Salad Fingers

  1. Salad fingers is sick and disgusting. Obviously people who thinks it’s “art” are actually disgusted and creeped out, and they’re just trying to be all mysterious and dark. Seriously!? This is sick! I just watched his music video and it has organs and babies (that have holes in them, and are bloody)! And you people are encouraging him? Thats disgusting, sick, and needs to be banned from youtube. The people who call it “art”, you are not dark and mysterious! You just want people to think you’re so cool and emo! Jeez this is sick.

  2. Aw, Salad fingers is awesome! But Toast boy is definitely his best work^^ It reminds me a lot of David Lynch’s “Eraserhead”.

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