Mad Father.

SFamily bonding moment.omewhere in Northern Germany is placed Drevis Residence, where small, happy, secluded family lives. Father Alfred is Mad Scientist working in underground laboratory. Pay no heed to screamings and begging for help that sometimes could be heard from lab. You are his 11 year old daughter, Aya Drevis, and you love him very much, so you ignore that. Assistant founded on street, Maria, is very helpful and skilled. And Mom? Mommy (Monika) rests in peace, as she always had weak health.

This happy life comes to end one certain day, or rather night, at anniversary of Mom’s death. Something… happened, and now mansion is infested by zombies, Father and Maria are gone and you are left alone. You must save Father.

Daddy at work.This is how Mad Father begins, free mystery/horror/adventure game (now with english translation) in pseudo-topdown view. Being Aya, you explore residence and its dark sercrets that poor girl cannot deny, avert eyes or ignore anymore. On your way you collect gems, have to avoid zombies, meet (and sometimes defeat) strange supernatural beings, solve puzzles and survive curse placed on current and past inhabitants (including Father’s…. guests) of mansion.

GameGame screenshot. is not short nor particularly long, perfect for few nights with lamp turned off and speakers up. Riddles aren’t very hard (no illogical idiocy). In fact, some of them are very obvious. You have to go a little further to gather all 21 gems, as many of them require certain tasks to perform or challenging dangerous places. Mad Father have dozen of endings that reveal true nature and goals of all people involved in this nightmare.

Have fun. And remember, beware Dad, when you will finally meet him – as there is very good reason for title of this game. I mean, better than you already know or think…


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Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy.

You will get diabetes.

And no, not because it is Cute Overload in comic form.

This is because it is completely ludicrous story about Fatass Alien Princess that live on junk food, gets power from royal jelly and fight monsters concocted by evil anthropomorphic bunnies.

Okay… what?

Inanity with a lot of cavities

“This planet has the craziest religions I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder they can’t get rid of their body thetans.”

Her Fatassness.Retarded misadventures of main heroine starts when it is revealed she is actually alien. And not regular gray variety, nor black eyeless killer variety, oh no. She is Sayian Sucrayan Princess and her power is gathered from unhealthy, high-fat, high-sugar and high-starch diet. Unhealthy for homo sapiens, to be specific. In best tradition of Magical Girls, she also have cute animal sidekick with dark secret.

Against her stands beforementioned evil bunnies, represented by their special agent. Usually she (futilely) try to defeat symbol of morbid obesity Satou Tsugumi/Creamy Beamy via means of various Monsters of the Week. In free time she derps around Earth getting culturally shocked with help of her sex slave and get pestered by her sister far, far away in Usaginara. We will meet also many more or less crazy… how to say… entities, like principal or girls of the class.

On our journey in world full of crazy we will meet aliens (duh) and monsters (duh again), class on school trip to hot spring, conspire with incompetent wanna-be MiB guys, get a look at Tsugimi’s denialtastic subconsciousness and shake head between giggles at absurdity of it all. We also will hear a lot of various side stories, revealing more (bordering sometimes on TMI) about this universe on acid trip.

Destruction and devastation with a side order of deliciousness

“I’m not in denial!”

Major themes of comic are delusions and hipocrisy.

Shitload of things are commented, parodied or just outright laughed at, from japanese culture clichés and stereotypes, through science-fiction clichés to problems with carelessly executed time travel. Child soldier traumas, obesity, politics, religion, sexuality, gender roles – everything is made fun of mercilessly, lampshaded, doubly-lampshaded, set on fire, feed to dogs and shot in space.

This is cheerfully crazy and utterly hilarious piece of work. Shame it is on indefinite hiatus. Anyway, it is worth losing a few hour of life for all-the-way laughter. Seriously, go, read it from beginning.