There was one nice, moody mod for Doom called Unloved. I enjoyed it greatly. It was survival horror, despite apperrances.

You see, there are many kinds of horrors and even two kinds of survival horror. First one is known from Silent Hill or Alien Isolation – hide and seek game with minimum amount of ammunition and rare, powerful and often unkillable enemies that you can only run away from or delay them.

Other kind is closer to FPS roots – you rarely run out of either ammo or enemies, action is fast paced, yet game is still filled with suppressing atmosphere.

New Unloved from same author – completely reimagined in Unreal engine and heavily inspired not only by Doom, but also other great works like Silent Hill – proves again it is possible.

The gates weaken.

After major battle corridors tend to be messy affair.

This incarnation takes form of randomly-generated levels separated into many rooms, starting with elevator area marked green on minimap. You have to run around, find keys and use items necessary to survival. At end after fulfilling your task you have to return to elevator. On your way you will kill seemingly endless waves of various horrific enemies, from lowly servants to morbidly obese faceless.

Rinse, wash in blood and repeat in endless variations, difficulty options, game modes and additional challenges.

It wants you dead – now.

Be careful about picking items – every ammo pack, every weapon, every artifact brings you closer to doom. Even merely opening doors can wake It.

Entire game is pretty atmospheric with oppressive feeling. From incredible degradation and rusted environment to sinister messages, everything screams that you are in Bad Place. And if that is not enough, then deranged clowns and emaciated witches will convince you in pretty permanent way.

Unfortunately I do have some words of critique. After some time game gets pretty grindy. Graphics is pretty rough on edges, but I actually do not mind it (with certain exception). There are some bugs and netcode is painful.

In my opinion, game is still worth it, but to be really, really honest… buy it with discounts – author issues them regularly during major updates of game.

Feeling alone?

If you find your progress slowing, play with friends in co-op. Multiplayer done right is meaty, fast affair with enemies pouring from every corner. It is certainly more fun than playing alone. Just respect local rules and do not grab everything without host permission.

Abyss stares back.

Play. Get a endless elevator ride straight down to Hell in your head. It is what The Goat wants, after all.

Oh, they look like monsters to you?