Demonophobia walkthrough, part 4

Previously we managed to beat Sloth. Here is beginning of this deadly, deadly adventure. Fitting music here.

Fourth area looks a little… different. And a little creepy. Cold, blood-stained stones was par on course, obvious thing in obvious place. But I would not want to touch these walls, these blobs and find out if they are warm and pulsating or not.

Go to door-shaped hole. Traveling through corridor, you will find new enemy…

Blobheads. They look and behave in very uncanny way. Normally they hangs in air, constantly jerking and bobbing their heads. But if Sakuri happens to be running, blobhead will move very fast and, if in contact, drain health as long as you run. Solution: do not run! Easier said than done in some rooms, however. Effective way is running only when you need (to get past crawler or something), and you should mastered that already to save your stamina.

After green room you will find yourself in another corridor with… shadow? They seem to be harmless, but they appear to watch you, silently, patiently. They have variously shaped heads. Also there are few worms in random places. Another green room, this time with another shadow and two doors – one closed and one being hole. In next corridor you can easily notice secret door. Go inside.

Woohoo, two findings! Item on right is trap – it will gas you, causing sleep and who knows what later. In fact, you do not want to know. Going left give you decorated key and view of horribly mutilated bodies in separate room.

Get out and continue to right all way. To get blue medicine, you must omit four crawlers. Wait for first crawler to be almost touching Sakuri, then run to end. Take medicine, rest as long as possible and run back. If you make mistake, you will die. Decorated key fits to gray door found on way left from blue medicine room (next to start room).

Before you go, take a little detour. See doorhole next to gray door? Get into…

…collect red medicine, climb ladder (Z), go left. These shadows looks more and more bizzare. Go left again. And again. And again… what?

Okay, this was unsettling. Return back to gray door, unlock it with decorated key, enter and go to dark, barely visible passage (you must crouch). At end of passage is small room with prize on left.

So, run to left! Or no, walk to left. Uhhh… crouch under razor-thin and completely invisible wire? Extra bonus death for geniuses that will stand up when under wire.

Your reward? Of course, another key. Glass key, to be specific. It fits to green door in green rom with shadow. Note that room with fathead shadow have different monsters.

After you unlock door, you get cutscene. Change music.

… well, I took off that false mask. It no longer seems to be bound in that state. Creating this exit took a lot out of me. It’ll be better if that guy didn’t keep moving.

Well, the question lies before me now. This time, you… must have came, right…?

When alone, Ritz behaves quite suspiciously, don’t you think? What he talks about? Later Sakuri appears and starts to whine.


Yes, it’s me.

I… I can rest here, right? Those creatures won’t get in here, right?

Yes, take it easy.

Girl kneels over.

I… I’m so scared! Why… why are there all these horrible things? Ritz… where exactly am I?

No shit, Sherlock.

Did you commit any sins that would cause you to get sent to hell?

No! Of course, if I had commited some sin that would sent me to hell I wouldn’t be able to say anything about it. But… but I didn’t do anything… I’ve never done anything wrong…

Ritz. Why are you here? Can it be that you’re the same as me? Are you trapped in here too?


You know how to leave, but you’re still stuck here. In other words, Ritz, you… want to leave, but you can’t do it on your own, right?

I see… so the hope you spoke of…

I’ll… try my hardest…


(If there’s a way to escape, somewhere, I should have a chance. It’s scary… very scary… but I won’t run away anymore… because I still have hope.)

Okay, exposition and cheesy talks are over. On left is room with red medicine. Later go down, walk, go up. Oh, we seen this room before. Note that one body with skin ripped off have something stuck in chest.

It is brass dagger with strange marks on surface. On handle are words “Absolute Repelling”, whatever this mean.

Climb down and walk away. Do not look back! Oh crap…

Okay, you have to get dagger again. And medicines too. You should have blue medicine and two red. Remember endless corridor? Now you are able to get to end, as indicated by text “The brass dagger glows!”. Before end of corridor you can get last blue medicine. You will need all health you have, trust me. Oh, another cutscene. Switch music… or get better remix here.

…the corridor stops here? Did I go the wrong way? For some reason, my head feels so flushed… why is… that… do I… have a cold…? Haa… haa… it is so weird… what is this…

But… what… I do not even…

No! What was I doing just now?! That’s wrong! It is not my fault! T-that is not something I do! L-leave me alone!!


Say hello to your little… um, I mean Asmodeus aka Lust. Now do you understand why this place influences Sakuri in that way, right? Many things can be disputed over pleasuring yourself, but everyone probably will agree that doing it in Hell itself is another Bad Idea. Very, very bad.

So, how to defeat this disgusting abomination looking like horrible, unholy mix of male and female genitals? Fight have two phases.

In first phase, you must get inside this monster with help of your pe… uh, dagger. Sakuri must equip it (hold space, move rectangle to dagger and release – you will see E indicating that dagger is equipped). You use it with Z key. Asmodeus will teleport to left or right and spit some paralyzing white substance (no prize for guessing what it is) three times closer and closer to him.  Girl must avoid it, fortunately you can predict where Lust will teleport. After spitting Lust will go woosh through screen (damaging you, if you stand in way) and vanish temporaily. Note that Lust body does not damage you during spitting.

Sometimes Lust will let Sakuri enjoy herself. She will not die because of it, but she will lose health to minimum, so you better mash proper arrow key showed on screen ASAP. Goddamn quick time events.

When Asmodeus is not visible, try to be at center of screen. In this way you can avoid first spit by crouching and run away in opposite direction as far as possible to avoid rest of attack. Then face Lust and hit it with dagger when it flies at you. With proper timing, you should not get any damage at all. It is possible to safely attack Lust between spits with precise timing, but IMO it is too risky. You have to hit Lust eight times.

Last tip for this phase: when Lust is at corner, you can walk behind him… her… it? and attack. You will manage to get two hits before he flies. So you can beat him a little faster after first six hits and deliver coup de grace.

If you fail, well…

Other death is even worse.

You do not want to see last death possible here, aptly called gorerape. Fortunately for your sanity it seems to be never triggered, probably due to some bug. I know it only from game graphic files and I am thankful for that.

Second phase is inside Asmodeus and it looks as nice as exterior.

You must survive 40 seconds. It is very difficult, to say at least. Lust at beginning throws one egg, later summons smaller eggs (nipples?) in random directions, vaguely skewed in your direction. You will get hit sooner or latter. Try to get by without damage as long as you can – this is reasonably possible to 25 second mark. Later you are screwed in more than one way. There is no health panel, so you must heal Sakuri by gut feeling, or at least by her face. Remember that accessing inventory does not stop game. This can get very annoying when you die just second before using blue medicine for n-th time.

Small eggs seem to not hit you on leg height (you can take advantage of it in combination with crouching). What hitbox Sakuri have anyway? If you fail, Asmodeus will take what he wants. Nothing more.

After surviving full 40 seconds Lust gets bored and vanishes. Sakuri stands now in darkness with floating red cloud above. Go for it. Embrace it. Embrace your dagger and… gut yourself.

Or skip one of most guresome deaths in game (why, oh why you would??) by avoiding cloud and walk off left… to next area.

And by “one of most guresome deaths in game” I did not meant gutting up yourself presented above. Yes, I am talking about other “most guresome death in game”. To get this doubtful prize, after defeating Lust go right (this will return you to rest of this level), right, down, right, right, doorhole, secret door. Yes, this is gas trap from before. But now we will get to know what happens to Sakuri after putting her to sleep. This is all what I have to say on this subject.

Sea Kittens

Yeah, it is old news, but when PETA* start to defend and protect fictional species, you know someone is deep in crazy. I just do not know who: PETA or people that are – by nature – more likely to “save” (whatever it means in PETA newspeak) cute fuzzy animals than slimy scaly animals. Probably both.

* As everyone knows, this stands for People Eating Tasty Animals.


I already hear “WTF?”. This is not mistake. This site was from beginning dedicated for all kinds of insanity, including Real Life idiocy. I just prefer escapism.

Because I do not want it to be Yet Another Retarded Pseudopolitical Blog, scope will be narrow and defined as “what author feels like to comment about”. Yes, this is oxymoronical. But I assure these kind of boring posts will be rare.

Ahem. So, what opinion I have about it?

█████ ██ ██ ████ ████ ██████████!

That’s all.


“Sounds – possibly musical – heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being.”
H. P. Lovecraft

Eversion? What this sickeningly cute crap is doing here?…

If “not intended for children or those of a nervous disposition” warning did not clued in, then maybe Lovercraft reference at beginning will. Plot is as simple as “princess is kidnapped – you must save princess”. Graphics is very retro. You are cute flower that have to gather all gems. You somehow have powers of titular eversion, that is, moving in different versions of same reality. Eversion works only in certain places and you will recognize them by changed music and colors being slightly off. Eversion is needed to beat almost all levels and to get all gems, as some level objects have different properties in different realities (for example, clouds can become solid).

The longer you play, the more creepier game becomes, as realities evert in more and more dark direction. It slides from happy-go-lucky faces to completely neutral expressions at fourth version to… something worse. I love this contrast. Game have bad ending (when you finish without all 240 gems), and good ending that is, uh… good. I mean, they love each other and live happily ever after, right? Right?

Demonophobia walkthrough, part 3

In last installment we managed to run away from loli-beater (here is beginning of this walkthrough and here recommended music). We now are in new room with suspicious marks on floor…

Still… going on… where do I need to go to escape? I’m sick of this… I want to leave…
If you wish to leave,
Some strange blue ghost appears.
you must continue to go forward.

Pipe down. I won’t hurt you.
This… I don’t believe you! You just want me to let my guard down, and then you will kill me and eat me!
You don’t believe me? Well, that’s only natural. I know a way to leave. Are you still unwilling to trust me?
…! Can I go back?
It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not.
Hmm, he didn’t answer question…
… you really won’t oppose me?
No. Actually, to be totally honest, I am unable to oppose you. It is impossible for me to do anything to you. So relax.
…. I see… I just… I don’t know what to do…
Then you will listen to me? Good.
So, tell me, what can I do to return? I want to go back right now.
Right now… I’m sorry to say that going back right now is impossible. If you wish to leave, you must first go to the deepest level of this labyrinth.
If that’s true, I still have to continue…
But it isn’t all that long a journey. The problem is, if you wish to get there, you will need to deal with devils.
They prevent anyone from entering the deepest level. I’m not too clear on that myself.
Is that so?
You’ve seen that giant worm and the red giant, haven’t you? Those are the devils.

That is correct. You must exterminate them, if you do not wish to be alone.
By myself… do I have to do this on my own?
Didn’t I say so already? I can’t do anything to you. I can’t help you or hurt you.
No! I don’t want to! I’ve had enough!
Even if you don’t want to, you have no other choice.
No! No! NO! It’s too horrible! I don’t-!
You refuse no matter what?
In that case, farewell.
Ah…! Wait! Where you are going?!
If you given up, I have no reason to stay.
Wait! Don’t leave! Don’t leave me alone!
I have no interest in humans that have given up hope. Looking at all the ways you will die is something I cannot bear.
I’ll go! I’ll go… so… don’t leave me…
Are you prepared?
…you should know.

I want to help you. It’s as simple as that.
…can I return here when I want to?
Of course! You can do so anytime. See these patterns on the floor? It’s called a magical seal. Those beasts are unable to enter a room protected by it. On the other hand, I can only appear at rooms covered by it.
So if I’m in danger, I should come here?
Correct. If a room has this seal, you can relax. On the contrary, if it doesn’t. you cannot afford to let your guard down.
I understand… there must have been others who tried this before, right…?
Why do I have to go…
Stay strong. You should be able to do it.
Right. What’s your name?
Me? I am… called Ritz.

After, lets call it, ‘encouraging’ talk we are acquainted with fellow called Ritz (or Reese for language purists). It is not clear what he is (some kind of blue flying… ghost… thing?), but he is trapped in Hell too. See door in background? Seems like we will search for crescent moon here. Clicking Z when standing next to Ritz will bring some tips from him, some of them untranslated (“fully translated” my ass). No big loss, those tips do not look very useful anyway.

Go right and enter door. In new room there is red medicine and some hidden worms. They will start jumping out just before you. For now there is nothing more to do – turn back and go to left. After room with Ritz and corridor with sucker/crawler combo Sakuri finds at end locked grate and door. Enter door.

Another corridor with blood splashes and new enemy.

Spider-like Spitter creep around on walls in fashion similar to suckers. If you get too close, it stops and spits web that can be avoided by crawling. In case of hit it immobilizes Sakuri and allows for direct attack, as shown at right. Other monsters can join fun too, bringing poor girl down in no time.

A little too many monsters here. Ok, time to run to this green door and-

Oh crap, it’s him again! Time to run away – Butcher can sometimes move surprisingly fast, despite his leg stump. If he manage to catch you…

You have no choice and must run to left. When Butcher is in room, no monsters reside here, so run, baby, run. Run to left, enter door, go through another corridor and see not-so-secret door with blood trail. Inside there are lockers and nasty looking barbed tools, covered with a lot of blood. We do not have time for sight-seeing, though. We must hide before Pride will find us!

When Butcher leave, you can get out safely. Go back to place where you meet him, but walk carefully, he still lurks around here. If Sakuri meets him again, usually running away screen or two is enough to shake him off. If it is not enough, you can hide in shafts. At end of room where you meet Pride is broken wall. Enter through it – small shaft contains metal key and leads back to corridor next to beginning room. Unfortunately, this key do not open grate. Remember blood trail? It leads to another locked door. Return back and use this metal key on it.

Crawl under table and enter shaft. At end is dark room. Door here have unclear mark on it and it is not at all inviting. Sakuri will enter it anyway. There is checkpoint here (plus change in music) and for good reason…

!… Are those what Ritz was taking about… the devils?

I… I’m not scared… I’m not…

Gray smoke chokes Sakuri.

*cough cough* what’s this?! Ghk-!

No! Stop this! I knew it was scary!

This is mid-boss, Greed aka Mammon. Sakuri must survive 50 seconds and cannot run due to stone weighting her body down. Why it just don’t fall off her body is anybody guess. Mammon’s sphere bounces around and spews off gas that slowly turns you into stone completely (three hits are enough). After 30 second mark, two gas clouds flies around and Greed starts to fly faster. At less than 10 seconds have three clouds. Meanie. Still it is easiest boss in game – I survived it first time I encountered it.

Stone will break up if Sakuri was turned at minimum health. One advice: avoid clouds more than Pizza of Death itself.

After timeout Mammon leaves, dropping small key for grate that you seen earlier.

Leave boss room, change music and go right. You were here at beginning of area, remember? But now there are…

Leeches. They jump in great numbers, attaching to poor girl and slowly draining health. Being eaten alive is not nice. Mash Z as fast as you can to make them gone… eventually. Leeches can also prevent running.

On way to grate (after involuntary collecting leeches go all way left) you can take red medicine (if you did not get it yet or died) and new item – valve handle. This will be useful later in sewers.

Wait, sewers? Well, where else grate could lead to? Obviously to classic sewer level. As we all know, by law of horror games, these must have at least one sever area. No exceptions. Only difference between Hell sewer and sewers from other games is amount of ways to die.

Sewers are as inviting as you can imagine. I show also what Sakuri should have in inventory now. Note: Butcher lurks in sewers too. If he did not notice you yet, you can crawl past him in sewers unseen.

Noticed this green mutated flying fish with a lot of teeth? You cannot get past it like just that. You must provoke fish to attack, avoid it by stepping back, and go forward – after attack it will not attack again in a while.

Incidentally, you can drown in sewers easily – just be crouched too long. This kind of health loss is reverted, if you stand back.

Go to another room through visible entry at left, near to ladder. You can find here (cleverly hidden under green sludge) blue medicine – go to wall, crouch and use Z. It is just more powerful version of red medicine.

Now go back and left. Another visible entry is dead end – you can acquire red medicine along the way, but it is guarded by some fishes, so it is not worth it at this moment. Going all way to left results in sewage hole shown on right. No platform.

Sakuri can’t jump or climb down to go through (shame, I can imagine at least one nasty death sequence). You should go to visible entry instead. After some enemies (usually fish and leeches), you find steel door with bloody X and hole in wall.

As everyone should already know, entering doors with bloody marks is good idea. Do it.

Some bugs fly there and… you cannot get out? Great. This must be bug, obviously…

…or not. Instead of this you should use valve handle on hole and turn handle. This will create platform over sewage hole. Now you can go through this obstacle to room with button. Strangely, Sakuri will trip a little after entering. Hmm?

If you spend too much time here, Sakuri will have to take a leak. As you can imagine, in Hell it is Bad Idea.

You can avoid this fate. You just have to piss yourself all over.

N…no… stop!!!

… *sniff* I did it… Nobody saw that, right…? …right…?

No, I assure you that no one in entire Reality seen this. Absolutely.

After pressing button, you hear sound in distance. Wonder what it is? Go back: left, left, up, right.

Bright red two-winged door. Nothing ominous, for sure. Don’t forget to take red medicine. Enter inside (checkpoint). Well, pitch black here, try to go left. Huh? Seems like there is some strangely shaped obstacle… very cold, leather-like surface… squirming… oh God!

No, I am wrong: God have nothing to do with this. And this is not Butcher, but something worse: Sloth aka Belphegor, boss of this level, with mouth and eyes sewn shut. This is first really hard boss and you will need all health that you could gather (two red medicine and one blue medicine). There is no time limit – you must actually defeat Sloth. Boss music, please.

To do this, find Aglaophotis. It radomly appears on floor. Now you must get close to Sloth and throw this funky pink stone at him. Use this item – hold space, move rectangle to Aglaophotis and release space. Sakuri will get in throwing mode with characteristic stance. Hold Z – the longer hold, the further girl will throw it. Unfortunately, Sakuri is as bad at throwing as at running. Throwing mode also immobilizes her, so you need some clearance and time – any damage dealed to Sakuri will abort throwing. Girl must hit Sloth five times to defeat him.

Sloth have few attacks:

  • Close range –  if you get too close to Sloth, it will attack with claw. Ow.
  • Red cloud – bounces like Greed’s clouds. Health hit and momentary block.
  • Green cloud – no visible effects when hit.
  • Rot spray – in later stage of battle, Sloth will spray and puff nasty dark green clouds that will rot you alive.

Sometimes also other item appears – forbidden fruit. It will not only heal you, but also remove all rot.

You will notice that new enemies appears after a while. In Belphegor room, once a about 15(?) seconds, some enemies will be called by Sloth and put here to harass you.

Known enemy sets:

  • Three crawlers: same as usual. Best to run past them and rest when in safe distance.
  • Spitter, crawler, worm: navigate around them. Avoid web.
  • A lot of worms: easiest of them all. If you are careful, you can get past without damage at all.
  • Crawler, fish, worm: ugly combination.

First time: very simple, as for a short while room is empty. Run right for pinky stone, get it, run left to Sloth just beyond range of its claw, use stone and Z to throw.

Second time: wait a while – Aglaophotis will appear again. Avoid attacks of enemies, get stone and throw it. Heal as needed, get all fruits as soon as possible.

Thrid time: ditto. After this, Sloth will open his eyes and mouth. Ugh. You cannot get that close to him now – otherwise he will spew rotting gas at you. Also he can and will call a lot of leeches to help. This is particularly bad, as they will stay on you when other monsters are replaced.

Fourth time: things starts to get really nasty. A lot of clouds (both harmful and harmless) and some annoying vapors completely obscuring view.

Fifth time: you did it! Now you have crescent moon. Don’t worry, there is checkpoint, so even if you embarassingly die on way back, you will not have to fight Sloth again. Go back to marked room and use it on door to unlock it. Enter.

Congratulations, you completed thrid area! Time for fourth level.

Cheat for this level: on beginning crouch for long time. This will move you to Area 4.

As extra present, one rare death from Pride on this level, featuring big-ass katana as tool of execution. It seems to be just random, with very low chance ot it happening.


Butcher moves katana higher between Sakuri’s legs.
Hinnn…!!! N… sto… st… ooo… ach… ach… a…
Sakuri pisses all over herself.

Please… I… I don’t wanna get killed… uuu… uguu…
Buther lowers katana.
…! … will someone save me?
Nothing happens for a while.
… (Why’d he stop? By accident…? He looks so… but is he really as bad as he looks? Is that really it… that I can’t judge book by its cover… anyway… anyway just help me…)
Butcher bisects Sakuri in half with ludicrous amount of blood splashing on him.

Known bugs:

  • If you encounter Butcher in room with table (behind door with key needed), he will ignore table, going through it to get you.


How come I did not knew about Zalgo until now?

Granted, I already seen in few places mangled text and unicode blocks. To fully see creative use of so-called combining diacriticals, go here (or directly here, if you are lazy fatass) for font to install. Here you can play with Zalgo’ing text to make it harder to read on purpose for some retarded reason.

It is funny to see people complaining on net that Zalgo is so overused, while I got to know it just hour ago. Well, I agree with criticism that all Zalgo seems to be are disorted text and some eyescream. We live in such times that one can seriously talk about generic eldritch abomination (they are supposed to be many things, but surely not anything usual, normal or boring). O tempora, o mores.

Still, neat discovery and reminder of one important thing: when you discover something on net, usually you will remember that you already seen something like that previously, but did not pay attention, was busy with something else, etc. Most memorable for me was well known page from MegaTokyo. I discovered this webcomic years after seeing this panel for first time, but I recognized it instantly.

Demonophobia walkthrough, part 2

Where we were left from last time? Ah yes, poor Sakuri just went past worm-infested corridor in Hell itself without getting crushed by demonic being called Envy. See part 1, if you want to see how it all began. Click here for music.

What now? First, crawl into this vent at left…

…okay, maybe it was not brighest idea under the sun. Eheheh.

Then go to second exit. While this is also not good idea, you will live a little longer.

This nice, red room with embedded stones have door with blood splat. If it is not obvious invitation, then I do not know what it is.

Of course, you must go and get this unlocked hexagram on pedestal ASAP. This is your reward:

Seems like beating little lolis to death by three-meter tall guy (Wrath aka Satan, for friends Wrathie) looking a little (ok, a lot) like Cyberdemon  is customary in Hell. Figures.

After respawn, return to red room and go right.

Beartrap damages you once and hold you in place. You can free yourself by clicking Z repeatedly. Additionally, stepping on beartrap prevents you from running for some time after freeing. You can avoid it by running past it, but sucker makes going through it without damage impossible. Best tactic is baiting sucker far from beartrap and crawling out of sucker sight. You cannot be killed by beartrap alone.

Go further right to very, very end. Time for grill!

Okay, we went too far in more than one way. A little before oven room there is room with barely visible hidden door. Go there. Whoa, someone sure like to play butcher!

Hii?! Wha… what? This room…

!? Who’s there?!

Aaaand we have main star of this show that will menace us for rest of entire game. Say hi to Lucifer aka Pride aka The Butcher, distant relative of certain geometry-based monster.

After few falied tries to get Sakuri (he seems to be unable to crouch) Butcher leaves.

What’s that? That guy just now… what a cruel monster… if I’m caught by that guy, will I become just like that poor thing? No… I don’t want to… uuu… It’s too scary… someone, come save me…

After cutscene, go into shaft under table. At end of shaft is room that have familiar red lights. You must get triangular stone and do not get impaled. Lower lights blinks – you can run when they are off. You have to crawl under permanent light. There is barely any place to safely stand between upper and lower light.

Go all way back to left, to end (through red room – fascinatingly bear trap seem to teleport to different place in this room). You will find red medicine (partially heals you, save it for later) and strange door with hexagram mark on it. It is clear that you must obtain unlocked hexagram without being killed by Wrath.

Return back to corridor and enter green door that you went by on way to end. Yes, you want to go over this strange mark on floor. This is one of rare traps that do not outright kill you. In fact, you cannot die by wooden horse – just get down to minimum health.

Notice these cracks just above floor at right. Crouch and press Z – you will get into secret room with empty pedestal.

Use triangular stone on it to get sealed hexagram. Return with it to room with blood-stained door where we have real unlocked hexagram, take it and use sealed version, replacing them in result.  This will severely weaken Wrath and make checkpoint.

Hiii?! Wha… what! What’s it this time?!

Time for boss battle with proper music!

You have to survive at least 40 seconds and run from room ASAP after that. Note that face window vanished and you probably want to see it again – press A to bring back unwieldly health indicator. Wrath will teleport around and try to hit you with high or low attacks – either fist punch, choke or crushing hug. You can run away (sometimes it seems like Wrath can reach you from suprisingly far) or crouch in case of high attacks. If you get caught in hug, pressing Z like monkey will free you faster (this will let you survive only two hugs anyway).

Remember to use red medicine, when health reach critical low. Do not run endlessly, because Wrath can constantly teleport around and will get you when your stamina runs out.

At about 15 second mark, Wrath will start radomly teleporting to right or left of room and shooting deadly beam. Only defense is crouching.

Do not forget to position yourself close to exit when time will be running out. After timeout Wrath will start to prepare big, unavoidable blast that will literally vaporize you.

If you survived boss batle, go back to door with hexagram mark (left from red room) and use unlocked hexagram. Open door.

Congratulations, you finished second area! Look forward to a lot of new deaths here.

Alternatively, you can save all the hassle. On beginning of this area walk right (to place where “you can’t get out”) and mash Z repeatedly to skip straight to area 3. You cheater.

Known bugs:

  • Beartrap will not appear, if you played this game straight from beginning. If you jumped to this area from menu or used cheat, beartrap is present. Not testing much, eh.
  • If you enter room with door to next area and return back without taking red medicine, its “ghost” will appear on few other screens, impossible to pickup. Eventually it vanishes.