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Doki Doki Literature Club

Welcome to Literature Club, where four beautiful girls awaits protago- you. They happen to like poems, so whip up one to impress girl that prot- you like most! Hang out with Sayori, spend weekend reading books with Yuri or playfully banter with Natsuke.

Ahahaha. Who I am kidding. Since you read about it here, you already know there is more to this story, if multiple warnings on website and in game itself weren’t sufficient hint. Totally “fantastic, fun and wholesome slice of life visual novel”, that. Riiight.

Well. There is problem with certain kind of games that I like. They are inherently hard to discuss without spoilering it. So let me just say that cliche beginning is just that, beginning. You will end in very different place, both literally, mentally and metaphorically.

I found poetry minigame original and intuitive – I had no problem with selecting appropriate words (from rather… eclectic set), especially when you got to know girls better. Except Monika with her enigmatic smile that never leaves her face no matter what. She is special case. Oh so very, very special.

Girls’ poems also are worth serious treatment. They speak to you and will be very familiar to anyone that dealt with problems that this visual novel touches.

This game is pretty short and free – certainly worth your time. Play it. And remember, game does not end until credits roll.


Just Monika




There was one nice, moody mod for Doom called Unloved. I enjoyed it greatly. It was survival horror, despite apperrances.

You see, there are many kinds of horrors and even two kinds of survival horror. First one is known from Silent Hill or Alien Isolation – hide and seek game with minimum amount of ammunition and rare, powerful and often unkillable enemies that you can only run away from or delay them.

Other kind is closer to FPS roots – you rarely run out of either ammo or enemies, action is fast paced, yet game is still filled with suppressing atmosphere.

New Unloved from same author – completely reimagined in Unreal engine and heavily inspired not only by Doom, but also other great works like Silent Hill – proves again it is possible.

The gates weaken.

After major battle corridors tend to be messy affair.

This incarnation takes form of randomly-generated levels separated into many rooms, starting with elevator area marked green on minimap. You have to run around, find keys and use items necessary to survival. At end after fulfilling your task you have to return to elevator. On your way you will kill seemingly endless waves of various horrific enemies, from lowly servants to morbidly obese faceless.

Rinse, wash in blood and repeat in endless variations, difficulty options, game modes and additional challenges.

It wants you dead – now.

Be careful about picking items – every ammo pack, every weapon, every artifact brings you closer to doom. Even merely opening doors can wake It.

Entire game is pretty atmospheric with oppressive feeling. From incredible degradation and rusted environment to sinister messages, everything screams that you are in Bad Place. And if that is not enough, then deranged clowns and emaciated witches will convince you in pretty permanent way.

Unfortunately I do have some words of critique. After some time game gets pretty grindy. Graphics is pretty rough on edges, but I actually do not mind it (with certain exception). There are some bugs and netcode is painful.

In my opinion, game is still worth it, but to be really, really honest… buy it with discounts – author issues them regularly during major updates of game.

Feeling alone?

If you find your progress slowing, play with friends in co-op. Multiplayer done right is meaty, fast affair with enemies pouring from every corner. It is certainly more fun than playing alone. Just respect local rules and do not grab everything without host permission.

Abyss stares back.

Play. Get a endless elevator ride straight down to Hell in your head. It is what The Goat wants, after all.

Oh, they look like monsters to you?


You have appointment with doctor for experimental brainscan – and when headset comes off, you are elsewhere. What is going on? You can know in only way – by playing Soma.


Our protagonist without future and dead past is hurled into terrible mess, both outside and inside, as game questions reality of your experience. Are you hallucinating, in your own world, because of your damaged brain? Is this virtual reality, some kind of terrible prank? Or maybe what you experience is real, but disorted and misleading? Or, of course, you see exactly what it is supposed to be, as illogical as it seems to be.

Expect playing around with various relatives of Slenderman, performing a little bit of mad science, seeing yourself in mirror and, of course, commiting atrocities against humanity. It is also game with most pointless, senseless goal that I ever seen. I really, really liked that little detail.

After all, why not? It is not like we have anything else to do in this situation.

Bonus content

Mod for Soma, Ariadne’s Ocean, is short jaunt into world after. It is as wonderfully nihilistic as SOMA itself.

Binding of Isaac.


You are small, crying child in fetal position. And believe me, you have really, really good reason for that.

Where you are? This place, while named, is rather… different than normal basement. You may as well call it Hell, yet another instance from infinite possibilities.

What you do? Where you go? How you just defeated some misshapen horror with your own tears? Does this happen just in your head… or not?

Welcome to The Binding of Isaac.

If you think name suggests plot, well, not really. Story is loosely based on biblical tale about that Isaac. Except in this instance you are dealing with deranged mom… and yourself, possibly even more insane.

AKill them. That will free them.s little horror games go, this one is pretty interesting and replayable.  It has elements of roguelikes, from semi-random design and placement of rooms to equipment that needs to be identified. Monsters are pretty well designed and enjoyable (with certain extremely fustrating exceptions). Before long you will want, want to destroy those screaming, disgusting abominations. Yes, even those sobbing, wide-eyed, almost cute things at right.

In course of your misadventures you will find items, pills and cards that can give you new abilities or simply make you more powerful. You may find some friends, too. More importantly, many of these items will also change your apperance – soon enough you will look as horrible as many of denizens of this place.

Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock!

It is perfect, nightmarish tale about child abuse, uncertain sexuality, religious blasphemy and tons of decased Isaac’s siblings. Fetuses, to be exact. Play it.

Something seems a little… OFF.

There is man that has sacred mission to purify strange land. It is only him, his trusty baseball bat and plethora of strange people and beings on your way. And ghosts. Can’t forget about ghosts. Oh, and of course you, puppeteer.


Escaping from your purpose is impossible

RigScrew fourth off the bat we meet cat with eloquent speech and creepy smile called Judge. We (literally, on ruins of fourth wall) have a little chat, have a little excercise in tutorial combat and start strange little adventure in strange little land through three Zones, ending in area ominiously named Room.

You will meet distressed citizens of this realm, get to know mysterious four elements, fight with spiritual infestation, purify zones, encounter guardians of said zones and finally… know even less than on beginning. This is that kind of game.

Forever safe

WPurification in progress.hile you can’t say this game is surreal horror, it certainly has strange happenings, dream-like logic, disjointed reality and unsettling imagery, especially in Room. Music is noticeably nice and moody. This game is excellent proof that you do not need big-eyed anime loli as main heroine (or as any character for that matter) to make game interesting, compelling and just a little disturbing.

Last advice: remember to not get back to purified zones… they aren’t that empty as you would think.

Die if I must Let my bones turn to dust

Bis Vincit, Qui se Vincit in Victoria

True Art.

Of paintings and dolls and roses.Rules of the Art Gallery: No loud conversation. No photography. No food or drink. No touching the displays. No fountain pens. No leaving ever.

Lady in red

IGuertena's Gallery in our reality.b, main heroine in game named Ib just entered art exhibit of Guertena Weiss (apparently famous, if decased, artist) with her parents. Allowed to explore gallery on her own, she eventually finds very large, unusual painting in part of gallery that seems to be not exactly… there. If you make map of gallery, you will understand.

After checking that painting, her journey through world of Guertena begin.

Your Dark Figure

YOne of many, many places in... uh.... that other Gallery.ou find yourself in alternative version of gallery. It’s warped, very strange and dangerous place, but artworks still have prominent place. Sadly, Ib often cannot completely understand titles, being only 9-year old. You should look at pictures and sculptures anyway, if only to admire mad genius of Guertena.

Game is not too long or hard and uses standard keys (Z, X and all that jazz). Puzzles are easy, unless you have worse math skills than average nine-year old. During game, you will run away from portraits that came alive, meet two other people that also want to escape this place, debate about meaning of “Untitled” title and discover a few rather unsettling things.

And remember, observe rules (well, except last one, of course). Gallery does not take kindly to someone that break things.

Forgotten Portrait

Did you ever been in art gallery? After playing Ib, you may never want to step in any art gallery again. Especially if light starts to flicker and suddenly there is no one here…

??? World awaits you.