Binding of Isaac.


You are small, crying child in fetal position. And believe me, you have really, really good reason for that.

Where you are? This place, while named, is rather… different than normal basement. You may as well call it Hell, yet another instance from infinite possibilities.

What you do? Where you go? How you just defeated some misshapen horror with your own tears? Does this happen just in your head… or not?

Welcome to The Binding of Isaac.

If you think name suggests plot, well, not really. Story is loosely based on biblical tale about that Isaac. Except in this instance you are dealing with deranged mom… and yourself, possibly even more insane.

AKill them. That will free them.s little horror games go, this one is pretty interesting and replayable.  It has elements of roguelikes, from semi-random design and placement of rooms to equipment that needs to be identified. Monsters are pretty well designed and enjoyable (with certain extremely fustrating exceptions). Before long you will want, want to destroy those screaming, disgusting abominations. Yes, even those sobbing, wide-eyed, almost cute things at right.

In course of your misadventures you will find items, pills and cards that can give you new abilities or simply make you more powerful. You may find some friends, too. More importantly, many of these items will also change your apperance – soon enough you will look as horrible as many of denizens of this place.

Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock!

It is perfect, nightmarish tale about child abuse, uncertain sexuality, religious blasphemy and tons of decased Isaac’s siblings. Fetuses, to be exact. Play it.