Nazi. Gay. Russian.

It is hard to think up more unlikely combination of words that have something to do with so-called Reality, yet rejecting it as much as possible. Let yourself sink it in.




This particular gem of real-life madness can be read about here. As far as I know it is genuine. There is no words that can describe confusion of ideas that could give this kind of result. At least they are treated as joke by rest of world as a whole and other extremistic neo-nazi groups in particular.

In fact, majority of modern neo-nazis all over world would be sent to gas chambers by original nazis. This little unimportant detail seems to be lost on unlikely followers of this far-right murderous ideology.

Mad Father walkthrough part 9: hidden secrets.

This is finale of story that began so long ago. You can look at previous endings. Unfortunately, having all 21 gems does not change them. Aya still ends up dollified by hands of either Maria or Alfred. Or, in best case, starts experiments by herself. Only difference is one additional scene at end of longest ending (choices “Save father” and “Save Maria”), after credits. I AM DISSAPOINT.

Hidden scene

Somewhere completely else, in different world, or even dimension…

This buzzing irritiates me.Well? Have you grown used to this lab?

Former Doctor Alfred Drevis makes some gesture with shoulders.


Both of them looks at tank.

Clone of Aya.This girl… you adored your daughter, didn’t you?

Another gesture.

I see… so her mature form served as…

Doctor gestures for a while.

Yes, of course. She shall come into my world as well. Hoho… I look forward to her birthday. I hope you can show that girl your home world.

Ogre walks away. Alfred hugs tank with copy.

We’re always together… my adorable Aya.

ENDAfter this, we have main game screen in full color.

Pretty crappy prize, all things considering.

Other secrets

If you play game again after fully completing it, you will discover certain things that you probably find unsettling.

FOooh, this thing weren't in previous playthroughs.irst is diary on the floor next to safe in Mom’s room. Do you want to know why it appears only now?

“Xuary Xth

My heart is warmed to see my daughter grow up. I caught a rat yesterday and showed it to her, and she was so merry.

I could have cried from delight.

To think she enjoys it so.

Perhaps she resembles her father in curiosity? I look forward to seeing her mature.”

What… is this her mom?… writing about Aya…? “So merry”? Enjoying what exactly?

NMore and more disturbing.ext clue is in Open Room (dark room, where you have to use chainsaw to make way to door). When you enter, instead of ghost by drawer, you find scrap of paper.

“Just like my old self… killing solely out of interest. Then it must run in the family…”

RYour damn mumbling could be of use earlier.emember mumbling old fart next to three barrels after Open Room? Now you can hear him more clearly.

Curse that youngster… Doing everything the woman says… And so deceived as to not realizd her true nature… That woman’s going to create a demon. She’s even crazier than the doctor! Hmph, well, whatever…. What should I care, I suppose?

I am sure “youngster” is golden-eyed boy, and “that woman” is Aya’s mother. “Demon” is Aya herself, of course.

NThe more you know...ext piece of puzzle is in room where you are waken up by wanna-be-sister. On table now is diary. Read it.

“I found a dead cat in her drawers. Hiding it in a dresser… exactly as I used to. She’s sure to follow my same path. She seems to hope for that as well. But I cannot let that happen. If her wish came true, then my treasue… she would be dirtied.

Yes, there’s no other way than this. I’m sure she won’t accept it. But I’ve already decided. So she won’t make the same mistakes as I…”

How thoughtful of you, doctor Alfred. You worry about Aya following in your footsteps due to mother’s encouragement, so you will kill them and preserve in tank or as doll for eternity? Your damn family is so fucking messed up.

NSplat splat splat.ext step is in small room with picture puzzle. You will get two options now – Solve quickly or Solve slowly. Solve quickly will allow you to skip puzzle. Regardless of option, if you walk away, blood will splatter on picture.

Bloody tears.

LLove letter. Well, at least letter of what passes for 'love' in these parts.ast piece – letter from mom to dad – lies on floor of laboratory with portal.

“Why will you not reply? I understand you’re busy… but I want the slighest reply…

Do you doubt me, perhaps? My feelings are real. I would never lie about them. I adore you. I love you.

Perhaps you’ll hate me for writing it, but when I see you gone mad, my heart flutters.”

What, is it reverse yandere…? Wait, there is more.

“When we first met, you tried to kill me. Just as I was about to die, my heart was pounding. I had never experienced such thrills before…

I shiver even thinking back on it. But the feelings are not of fear. They are of love. Because that is the you I wanted…”

I give up, I don’t even try now to guess who is more mad in this household.

“But it is still a mystery to me. Why didn’t you kill me?

So I thought, perhaps I am someone special to you…

No… forgive my silly thoughts. I just want you to know my love is real.

Oh yes, I’ve included a map to my house with this letter. Please come, if you’re so inclined. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at my mansion. It used to be a base for religious groups, so they’ve left many interesting things here. I want to show them to you. I’ll always be waiting.

Monika Drevis”

Bonus content

Because there is no art like fanart!

Mad Father walkthrough part 8: normal endings, continuation.

Another choice awaits Aya. After revealing real goal of Father, daughter barely got away (at least for now), but his assistant, Maria, was punished for failure. You can either leave room or help Maria. See beginning of this long, long night here.

Ignore Maria and leave.

Why we would help accomplice in Mengele-sque mad experiments?! She got what deserved. Leave her to die, I say! So Aya is back in corridor with sand bags. As only one exit is not dead end, go east. In another long hall, east and south. Next screen…

You are on run! Go, go, go!…use save point and go again south. In next room, Aya notices danger and tries to close door. Too late.

I fooound yoooou!Ahh…!

Well, shit. Aya tries to run, manages to break through door and enters familiar area – shrine. She suddenly trips.


Why father victims would want to help him, anyway?COME BE WITH US…


This is game for you, huh?I have to keep you still, don’t I?

Let GOOO!!

FHeloooo...ather jumps off altar.

I didn’t want to hurt you, Aya… It’s a shame.

No… stop, father…

But I can cover your leg with a skirt easily enough, so it should be fine.

I don’t want this… I wanted to stay with father… I love you… father… so please… stop this…!


Alfred prepares himself.

Don’t worry. Father and Aya will always be together now. So rest in peace…

Alfred raises chainsaw.


I LOVE YOUGirl screams like, well, girl. Darkness.

Undetermined amount of time later… clocks ticks.

Now we know purpose of throne. Indeed, what other doll would deserve this place?Beautiful - FOREVER.Well, it’s about time to sleep.

Father kisses Aya on forehead and exits doll room.

…good night, Aya.

BAD ENDWell, this choice also is not very good.

Help Maria.

Eugh, it seems we have to help her after all. Ah well. Search again shelfs with shady drugs.

Is there anything here…?

You will find Bandages. Use them on Maria.

A bandage… well, I can’t wrap this around your clothes. Lift your skirt a little, Maria.

After some time…

This should help stop the blood…

Mistress… thank you for caring for me…

Thanks, but no thanks. Hope you will be cut down again, giving time for Aya to escape mansion.

It’s fine, don’t worry about it!

I should be most loathsome in your eyes…

For very good reason.

Don’t say that…

It’s true… I’ve known how you feel, mistress.

Your love affair with father is not main problem, Maria.But you are very kind to show me such compassion…

Maria… Maria, can you stand?


Let’s get out of here together.

But… Mistress…

I’m the same as you, Maria. I can’t live without father’s love. But if father doesn’t want us… we’ve been abandoned. We have to live without him now. Even though you and I can’t live alone… so… we’ll help each other to keep living even if father’s gone!


Maria comes to decision adn stands up.

I shall accompany you.

Aya is clearly happy.


Maria falls on knees again, catched by Aya.


Apologies, mistress… but could I have your shoulder?

YIt is like three-leg…

You are in control now, additionally burdened by Maria. Exit room (north), east… what, we can already hear chainsaw roar? This damn assistant only slowed you down!


Mistress, hurry!

They run, but Maria falls on way south.

Yes, die already!Mistress… never mind me! Escape!

No… we’re leaving together!

I can’t go any further… you must escape alone, mistress.

I can’t be…

It is fine. I shall not leave you alone. I will follow behind for sure… believe me, please…


Aya hesistates for a moment, then run. After a while, father runs after her, kicking Maria’s body out of way. We are now in familiar room with crow. South. Yes, this room again.

I fooound yooou!


She runs away… again. And trips in shrine… again.

This is your last mistake, Miss.Doll laughs.


This all is a little repetive. Aya screams, father boasts his love to daughter. It is exactly like before…

Finish it all.

…except knives from nowhere hits dad, preventing Aya’s death.

Time to end it, Alfred Drevis. End it all.Gooohh!!


…A… ya…


I… love… you… …… Aya…

Additional sharp things embeds themself in father’s body.

Finally! Die, Mengele, die!Fat… her…

Daughter wails over her dad’s body. Maria limps to them and cuts down doll in one swing of knife.

And those creepy dolls too!Maria…

Are you hurt?

Sni… sniff… Mariaaa…

Why so sad? After all of this...Did father… die…?

I apologize, mistress. I had no other choice left to protect you…

…Okay. I guess this is for the best… (right, mom?)

Suddenly, in best horror tradition.

BOOO!Girls screams. But someone else intervene in last moment.

In previous scenario you probably were way too late, huh?

Aya falls on knees.


Screen fades to black.

You saved us… thank you…

Time to say farewells.You mean my mom?

Boy nods.

I said I was sorry for scaring you. I didn’t intend to get injured… believe that, at least.

I understand. Mom wanted to protect me. Thank you, mom… I want to see you again…

She wanted that, too. But I don’t think she wanted to be seen as she is now.

That’s… whatever mom looks like, I’d…

It’s all right. She’s watching you from afar. So don’t be sad. If you are, it will only make her sad.


The curse will wear off soon… so it’s almost farewell.

You’ll go away?

We’re all alive now only because of the curse…

…I see.

But there is something I must do before I go. And that is set fire to this mansion.

Why would…! You can’t do that! All those memories of being happy here…

It’s not my intent to burn those. But it’s possible that someone could find traces of your father here. We can’t let the same tragedy happen again.

Is that what mom wanted, too?

Boy nods again.

Okay… if that’s what mom wanted, then do it…


It’s okay, Maria. Even if this house is gone, my memories of father and mom won’t go.

Mistress… yes, that’s right…

Aya, there’s one thing I ask of you. Do not ever forget the people who were sacrificed here. None of us had any relatives. No one looked for us… no one remembered us… no one knew we existed at all. Our existence will be forgotten to the world. But we did indeed live. So I don’t want you to forget that. I want you to hold proof in your heart that we were here… that is the least you can do for us.

Yes… I’ll never forget.

Well, this is goodbye… thank you…

Boy somehow creates fires all around.

No load bearing boss here, so we must destroy mansion in old fashioned way.And comes closer to Aya.

Aw, cute.May you be smiled upon.

He backs off.

Now, go.


Girls exit mansion. In shrine, Ogre walks to dead body of Alfred.

By the way, we still don't know, who is Ogre and what he represents. Salesman for company my ass.I have seen countless many foolish humans. But you are the most foolish of them all. A human mad with desire is more fearsome than any demon. And yet I adore such foolish humans… come to me. Come to me, and you may research to your heart’s content…

Body shakes vigorously.

In meantime, outside of mansion.

It is just the two of us now…

Well, and Snowball.

Hoho… yes, that’s right.

Indeed.I don’t know… we have to find somewhere to live… but I’m sure I can’t live alone. Maria… will you come with me?

Yes, of course. You have taught me much, mistress. Now it is time for me to help you… whatever awaits us ahead, I wish to protect you all the way.

Thank you… let’s go.

Are you sure? Without watching to the end…?

…yeah. It’s fine.

They walk away. But Aya looks back and wonders:

Actually, I wonder where that guy with the black coat went? I kinda hope he’s okay… I’m sure he’ll be alright, though. He’s a really strange guy. Come on, Snowball.

Aya takes rabbit in hands.

Father, mother… goodbye…

SIt looks more like strange flower.he walks away, but notices something on ground.

A book?

Maria notices that Aya did not followed her.


Aya caughts up to her in hurry.

What was that book about?Hmm… nothing. Let’s go.

And she runs off screen.

The mistress is very hardy… even after that harsh experience, she walks on without shedding a tear. With the mistress beside me, I feel we can overcome anything… however… what is this uneasiness I feel? …doctor?

Screen fades away. After long, long time…

End of end.

Who is she and what business she have with... whoever lives here?I’ve heard about this place…

She reads from signpost: “Drevis Clinic”. Girl smiles.

Clinic…? Yeah, this must be the place. It’s out in the middle of nowhere… no one would even notice it.

She walks to door and knocks. Door opens and familiar woman stands.

U-Um… hello…

Man, Aya looked better with long hair.(She’s so pretty… is she the doctor?)

What seems to be the problem?

Yes, well… I was born rather feeble… I’ve asked my local doctor for a checkup, but… how do I say this… my family is really poor, so the doctor’s given up on me. That’s why I came here. I heard the doctor here does checkups for free…

Yes, we don’t ask any money from our patients. So don’t worry.

Really? I honestly don’t have any, so… I can really get examined?

Of course!

Th… thank you so much!

What’s your name?

I’m Jean. Jean Rooney.

Jean… that’s a wonderful name. I’m Aya Drevis. Nice to meet you, Jean!

Yes! You too! Ah… cough! Cough!

That doesn’t sound good! We should examine you right away. Come in, come in!

Both women enter house.

Cozy place you have there, doctor Aya.Was it difficult for you?

I met a kind old woman on the way here who took me part of the way on a coach. It was so nice of her!

There are some really nice people out there…

Just like you, Dr. Drevis.

Heehee… You think so?

Aya moves out of way and they enter checkup room.

Now, lie down here.

Janet do as ordered. Aya goes to shelfs with medicaments and Not A Shady Drugs.

(Boy, I’m nervous… … I hear horses… they don’t sound far off… are they in the back?)

Anesthesia? For a checkup?Ah… yes…

You have very pretty eyes, you know…

Stop with these unsettling comments.


So beautiful… I can’t stop looking at them…

Aya, you seriously creep me out. Janet blushes.

N… no one’s said that to me before… thank you very much…?

Heehee… nervous, huh? It’s fine. Just relax your shoulders…

Janet closes eyes.

Doctor… um, doctor… do you think you can make me better?

Of course! Form now on, you’ll never suffer again… so take it easy. And go to sleep…

In meantime, Maria in different room sighs.

Well, shit.It does run in the family…


Oooh, credits! So it is The End. But… I’m not sure this is good ending… not at all.

Anyway, after returning to main screen, we now have not outline, but grayscale picture of Aya.

Note that gallery option is still inaccessible.So… all that’s left is finishing game with all gems, huh?

See you one last time in future.