Mirai Nikki

Let’s play survival game.

You were seen many games (not being actual video games). Psychotic plays in Saw franchise, for example. And one most deadly and serious game that we all forced to play, called life. Why not one more? This is story of our most known and liked (from safe distance, of course) yandere of all times, Yuno Gasai. Obviously I had to review it here.

We start with typical social outcast that as only hobby have diary in cellphone (who would want to identify with someone like that is beyond me… however it was done properly a few times). He have only two imaginary friends – god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, and his chibi servant. One day he finds out they aren’t that imaginary – and in hindsight it was not happy day.

You see, god is real (in itself it would be very, very bad news for literally everyone and everything in Reality) and bored. Very bored. So he created game, where diaries of 12 owners gain prophetic properties, being capable of predicting future. In turn, owners can change their actions based on this and change possible outcome. And they will have reason to it – avoiding death, as god sets up battle royale between all of them. Diaries themself aren’t omniscient – they have their own strong and weak points, making fights between owners all more interesting. If diary became damaged, owner vanishes in puff of logic. There is carrot in game too – winner (lone survivor) will became new Deus Ex Machina.

I liked simple fact that for half of diary owners stating rules of game was enough to start killing each other. Deus did not forced directly to do it (at least at beginning) – you just kinda have to participate, when a lot of people try to kill you.

Owners themself are very various and some of them outright deny any participation, and even forms alliances, like one of most outrageous duos that I ever seen – dweeb and psychotic stalker of said dweeb.

So, if you will meet eye to eye with bored not-so-imaginary god bathed in gratuitous purple light, fear. Because a lot of shit gonna happen and a lot of people will die. And if you happen to be pupil of said god, you are truly screwed.

Serial killers are people too.

Don’t believe?

  • Exhibit A: cute webcomic about cut(e) things.
  • Exhibit B: musicality is important property of any kind of psycho.
  • Exhibit C: as everyone knows, video games create serial killers. If you want something as petty as evidence, mind fact that there was no, zero, null, nada serial killers before video games. Still, let’s verify that, shall we?

USA elections.

Dear USA citizens,

I heard you will have soon, very soon great pleasure of choosing between rethuglican loon and spineless, ineffectual weenie.

Good luck with your corrupted pseudo-democracy.

I would heartily laugh if not for fact that we are talking about world superpower, not third rate banana republic.

Before you say “But, bu, but do you have better proposition? Huh??”… I indeed do have way, way better proposition. Behold.