Something seems a little… OFF.

There is man that has sacred mission to purify strange land. It is only him, his trusty baseball bat and plethora of strange people and beings on your way. And ghosts. Can’t forget about ghosts. Oh, and of course you, puppeteer.


Escaping from your purpose is impossible

RigScrew fourth off the bat we meet cat with eloquent speech and creepy smile called Judge. We (literally, on ruins of fourth wall) have a little chat, have a little excercise in tutorial combat and start strange little adventure in strange little land through three Zones, ending in area ominiously named Room.

You will meet distressed citizens of this realm, get to know mysterious four elements, fight with spiritual infestation, purify zones, encounter guardians of said zones and finally… know even less than on beginning. This is that kind of game.

Forever safe

WPurification in progress.hile you can’t say this game is surreal horror, it certainly has strange happenings, dream-like logic, disjointed reality and unsettling imagery, especially in Room. Music is noticeably nice and moody. This game is excellent proof that you do not need big-eyed anime loli as main heroine (or as any character for that matter) to make game interesting, compelling and just a little disturbing.

Last advice: remember to not get back to purified zones… they aren’t that empty as you would think.

Die if I must Let my bones turn to dust

Bis Vincit, Qui se Vincit in Victoria