My Little Pony: Friendship is Overrated

Okay, you say. I had excuse with Eversion, but I cannot possibly explain, why children show about cute ponies and magical friendship is featured here. You scream WTF, call BS, shenanigans, and all of that.

And you are right… except I am not reviewing My Little Pony here. I am reviewing hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) results of having significant unintended demographic as fandom of show (that in itself is just overly long ad for their toys to sell, but you all should know it already, right?).

You see, for reasons known only for Elder Gods, MLP: FiM is popular among teens and middle-aged males. Who would thought? To make it more terryfying, this movement of bronies originated from infamous 4chan boards. Is it their new morality pet, aside of Yotsuba? Rebound from usual pictures and topics featured on these boards? Or maybe some dark, twisted plot from usual suspects in shadows? Who knows.

Anyway, this soon spiralled out of control (not that it was ever in any control…) and took Internet in storm, as with any thing that is not short fad. Bronies exists to today and feel fine, generating new content in any possible way, as it customary on Internet for anything. Of course, there is usual riff-raff, low quality crap, in-universe things, simply extending canon (or screwing it up) etc – like everywhere else. But there are interesting, less typical creations. Some of it is obvious in hindsight, other… not so.

Every kind of tale, music and story exists. Science Fiction? Romance? Horror? Noir? Adventure? Slice of life? Comedy? War? Name it, bronies have it (one clear exception seem to be explicit pornography). There are curiosities. For example, for some reason Vietnam pops up a lot in war stories and one would think “human in Equestria” theme to be more common than it is.

Lets talk about crossovers. Not any crossovers (Sonic ponies receive cold welcome), but crossovers based on contrast. What better universe is for cute ponies than very popular Fallout or dark Warhammer 40000? Generally grimdark stories are surprisingly common.

One certain elephant in a room was left at end, but for anyone in know it is obvious, what I omitted until now. Yes, I am talking about one of the most infamous fanfictions (for a moment, anyway) on Net – Pinkie Pies’ Cupcakes. It was finest trollfic/torture porn in existence, hilariously eviscecrated by Protectors. Enjoy (if you can).

Bonus content

Feel your sanity drop.