When you start with girl falling into room of utter gore, you know there will be some splatterfest.

This is another of those little horror adventure action games using these all little RPG engines (in this case Wolf RPG Editor), even though there are no fights or actual exp gains. You can download English version here.

So, what it is about? Our silent protagonist (she does not scream even when ambushed by horrors, fortunately done in “black screen, sound effects” style) literally falls into very dire situation and obviously she wants to get out. During game you will encounter few flashbacks explaining how she got in this precarious predicament.

First half of game is running around in pursuit of keys and finding next door to get another key. Second half is running away from local variant of classic Butcher-type enemy. Third half is again running around to find parts of passwords. That’s a lot of halves. Oh, did I mentioned running away from Butcher?

I liked some details, like separate end screens for every kind of death (even if they are simple pictures) or showing protagonist with items from equipment on menu screen, as shown at right. That was a very nice touch and I am surprised more games do not do that.

So, in summary unfortunately I can’t recommend this game. Being kinda maybe average, it is tolerable waste of few hours, if you do not have anything better to do.