Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 3: world of life.

Alice, standstill girl without past and future, finally descends to Land of Living. Previous part here, start here.

Tukur Town – Rotten Longing, Distant Home

Well, that was underwhelming.

At last, we are here. Just like that. One frozen woman and some shadeling loitering around. Try talking to woman.

There’s no reply. Time isn’t flowing for this human…

Bummer, but not unexpected. At least shadeling should be more talkative.

Pretty lonely town. Think I like it.

In Tukur you will encounter new set of Time Scars. General note – Scars tend to stop using skills that hurt to use when LP is below 50%. Monsters that do not do that, cheat – their LP never falls below 1. You, of course, cannot use skills if those would kill you.

Wingsmonster_wingsoffarewell of Farewell – Is this harpy? Rather fast, but weak. Invest in AGL, if it starts first. Rest of Scars here is slower than Wings.

Tactics: If it guards, guard yourself. If not guard, attack – you may be able to snuff it even with single Shock, but why you would want that when you have Spirit Thorn?

Skills: Guard, Hook Claw, Bolten Light (2 EC).

Smonster_stingytingy – Gnome-like bearded guy with club that seems to be way too much chelated. It is pretty slow, but strong. Using Guard and Brain Blue advised.

Tactics: If healthy, Stingy will often use Shock. Guard, Brain Blue.

Skills: Shock, Trip Up (invert), Evil Stamp.


Lmonster_lonelinessoneliness – Just plain old mummy. Slower than you. At least it should be. It will use Dark Mist very often in first turn, trying to blind you.

Tactics: Guard, Brain Blue.

Skills: Shock, Dark Mist (blind).

monster_sillySilly – Yes, this mutated frog looks silly. Slow. Weak. What we are even talking about?

Tactics: Shock twice. Or whatever.

Skills: ?, Crunch.

Bamonster_badnewsd News – Deep violet fly, not at all dangerous, despite its name. Fast and weak.

Tactics: One Spirit Thorn should be enough. If it isn’t, invest in PSY.

Skills: Hook Claw, Supersonic Wave (dizzy).

You may notice that some monsters employ first skills that can cause status effects.

  • Invert – You lose EC’s and turn gauge.
  • Blind – You may miss! Usually you always hit with offensive skill.
  • Dizzy – You cannot heal yourself using skills.

After battle status aliments are automatically removed. You can also get new skills.

  • [Nightmare] – EC-2 / LP-10 Inflicts damage (B) + Dizzy. To get it, you have to suffer from dizzyness.
  • [Spica] – EC-1 / LP-5 Cures status aliments. You must be affected by status aliment other than dizzy.
  • [Southern Cross] – EC-1 / LP-20 Inflicts damage (B*2). You need to use Spirit Thorn many times and finish battle with LP below certain value. This skill attacks twice – after first attack enemy can act and just before your turn it attacks for second time. For now, it is way too costly LP-wise. Goddamn casting from HP.

If you want to leave Tukur to go back to Land of Time, just go north. Okay, enter building at east.

It is like you are eavesdropping.

Huh, blue cog already. Okay.

Young Illusion – Creative variation of Chimera. Lion, dragon and… sheep head? Shouldn’t it be goat? Snake as tail at least is correct. It can cast Brain Blue, probably unsurvivable at this point. Fortunately it is casted only when Young Illusion is heavily damaged (about 50%). Kill it fast, preferably in one swoop. Well, Alice should have skill that does just that.

Tactics: Guard, Brain Blue. Once should be enough… if not, you are probably screwed. Or not, as it needs to guard first to cast Brain Blue.

Skills: Guard, Hook Claw, Brain Blue.

Thats it for this house. Get out and walk south, through stairs.

Oooh, ooh, what this green cog at west contains? Bad News guards it, easy peasy. You will gain new random item! I will give examples of those that you can get on given level.

  • Black Charm: [Endurance] Prevent Blind/Dizzy.

I think I will still use Coral Hairpin. New house awaits.


Shadeling comments about state of barkeeper:

Can’t buy any items here. Go back to Shadeling Village if you want anything.

Looks like we cannot get behind counter and steal everything not nailed down in best RPG kleptomaniac tradition. Exit building and continue east. Next part of town has straight alley with two entrances in nearby house. Friendly neighbourhood shadeling helpfully answers your questions.

Nobody’s moving, you say? Well, ‘course. Time’s stopped. Not even the smoke moves.

Left door.


Door behind gal are closed. Shadeling here seems to like playing hotel keeper.

It’s 10 Gol a night. Will you be staying with us? Gotcha.

Use stairs.


Wow, pretty beds… but they barely look used. Not many guests, I suppose?

Bonus cog contains Stingy and…

  • Ceramic Veil: [1/10 Withstand] Chance of blocking enemy attack. 10%? This does not blow me away, for sure.

Now second house.


Huh, a lot of green cogs. This one is guarded by Loneliness. Maybe. Guarding monsters are randomly chosen from those appearing in random encounters, so do not worry, you won’t meet blue cog enemies.

  • Stardust Hairpin: [Jealousy] PSY +25%. Well, for once something decent.

I feel fourth wall damage incoming.

You know how damaging skills have stuff like (C) and (B) in their descriptions? I hear that indicates their power. C’s weaker than B, B’s weaker than A.

Dear shadeling, I already told it to player in previous part. Anyway, exit room and walk south.


Kids obviously are uninteractable. Shadeling here shares this lore fragment:

This world’s Life, Time, Order… they’re all gifts born from God. And once there was nothing else worth creating, God went soundly to sleep.

Road here forks. Go west for a change first. You will notice door under bell tower. Enter.


Shadeling at left seems to be praying.

O Lord, O Lord, please make me a human. I’d like to be a cute girl, like Alice here. Not so much like Tiska. He’s kind of a doofus.

Hey, Tiska is not that bad. Okay, I will admit that he broke Great Clock and worries too much and… uh, better to stop. Take good look at right part of hall.

Everything is better with Cerberuses

What is this red shadeling over here? I do not remember meeting someone like him previoulsy…

Me, the strongest Shadeling here. Fight me, and win, and you get, good thing.

He is not brighest bulb here, huh. Let’s see if he is as strong as he claims. Fight.

Good. Bring it, on.

Welp. Looks like we meet extra miniboss here.

Mr. Shadmonster_mrshadelingeling – Classic Cerberus, only all black, but no less vicious. I have bad feeling about it… Important note: you will not gain force for defeating him.

Tactics: Spirit Thorn (does NOT use up EC), Brain Blue, pray it is enough. He will always use Maneater Gerbera in first turn. His Crunch is actually deadly and if he catches you without Guard, you are goner.

Skills: Maneater Gerbera (PSY+20), Crunch.

If you lose, you will wake up inside Time Core.


A Shadeling found you collapsed on the ground, so… L-Look, so don’t go anywhere too dangerous, okay?

What it is, some not-quite-tsundere act? You can then return back, buy things, use Force to gain stats, et cetera.

If you manage to defeat Mr. Shadeling…

You, stronger than, me. Give you, good thing.

He gives you one Maneater Gerbera. Eh, I can grow it myself, but thanks anyway. Ask him what now.

Me, continue to train. Get stronger.

I have feeling we will meet again. This will be fun. Remember, if you are too wounded after this battle, you can retreat to Land of Time and either sleep in your home or get help from Tiska. For some reason Alice prefers second choice.

Alice, you look tired. Close your eyes for a sec.

He uses healing skill.cutscene_healing

Stay in town if you can, okay? You’ll make me worry too much to concentrate on work…

Oh come on, Time Wardens can’t die. At least by normal means.

Okay, after Mr. Shadeling’s distraction we can take care of blue cog, guarded by another Young Illusion. You should dispatch it without problem. Get out and go south. You will notice green cog hidden below almost behind building.


It is guarder by Wings of Farewell.

  • Crystal Blue: [1/12 Critical] Chance of dealing 2x damage. Geee, one crap after another.

Afer that let’s go east. Another shadeling encountered on way gets philosophical:


Wonder if we were humans like you and Tiska, who could… Laugh? And cry? And stuff?

Further way to east just leads back to Land of Time. There is other way, though. Noticed door on upper right of this screen? Enter it, as it is last building that you should search.


ANOTHER green cog? Whatever. Loneliness here. Now what crappy item we will got… oh wait, no. It is random small prize, like additional Force or two Repose Seeds. It happens when you get all available items on this level. Go upstairs.


Oooh, what we have here? Remember this place, we will be back. As pink cogs are indestructible, you have no other choice as going through west door.


Is this last blue cog? Only one way to find out. Destroy. Of course, yet another Young Illusion. Kill it. You will see that pink cog stopped being pink.

There are things that you shouldn’t know

Heal yourself, gather plants in garden, spend Force and write last will, as first boss battle will commence shorly.

When you decide to destroy blue cog, it morphes into young gray-haired girl. Alice backs off. Music stops completely.


She crushes my dreams. Mine. Her own daughter’s.

After that little girl vanishes and something appears… something horrible and ugly… monstrous blue winged elephant-like abomination, Pipedream.


This monster is first serious threat and without upgraded character you have no chance to kill it. Beware, as elephant has free first turn and during it uses Guard (most often) or Charge.

Preparations: ensure you have at least 60 LP, 35 PSY and 30 AGL without accessories. As accessory use one of Hairpins, preferably Coral. Then you will have sufficient power to kill it before it kills you. Grind for more Force if you need. You can kill Pipedream with less stats, but that requires some luck. As skills you must have at least Guard, Brain Blue and Maneater Gerbera (it really makes difference, especially that early in game). You can get also Joy Flower just in case.

Tactics: If it uses Guard, you should use Guard too. After that, Maneater Gerbera if you have one, otherwise Brain Blue. With Maneater Gerbera you should need only two Brain Blues to kill it. If it does two Guards in row, it will use Saint March (3 weak hits). Heal up before. After Charge you can use anything (preferably offensive skill), as he almost certainly will use Guard after that. And if not, well, you have a lot of LP, right?

Skills: Guard, Charge, Stardust (2 EC), ?, Saint March (3 EC).

After defeating him cog vanishes. Enter room with… great dread… in heart.

Dear Chronola,

It’s reached the point where I can’t raise you by myself anymore.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good mother.


Little girl, presumably Chronola, comes closer to letter and lying body.

Someone will come to pick you up soon.

You may feel lonely now, but please, endure and wait for future hapiness.

Goodbye, my beloved daughter. May the new love you find be genuine.

Someone knocks to door, girl turns back and entire scene darkens to nothing.


Well, here we are. Part of clock hands… but for what price? Take it.


After that you will be automatically teleported back to Time Core. We are sure off to good start, aren’t we? Go to Tiska – Alice will give him part of clock hand.


Gulinello comes closer to get look at it.

…You went and got one?

B-But…! It’s so dangerous in the Land of Life, with all those Time Scars… and there’s supposed to be a guardian protecting it…

Eh, nothing that double Gerbera-powered Brain Blue couldn’t handle. Tiska is pretty stunned.

… …Did you… beat that too?

Oooh, another pseudoquasinon-choice.


You betha!

Tiska sweatdrops. Even Gulinello is impressed.

When did you even get so strong…

R… Regardless!

I heard “irregardless” is all rage these days.

Thanks, Alice. That really helps.

Cat-eared boy takes clock hand. Gulinello turns directly to Alice.

Alice. You’re pretty strong. How about you keep uzing that strength to help Tisha out?

Tiska looks pretty panicked, jumping to Gulinello like that.


If she’s going to run off, we might az well ask her. Less burden on you, too.

Look, I don’t want Alice in any danger here. Besides… there’s…

…Scared about her memoriez?

Tiska can’t look Alice in eyes.

Alice… when you touched the Fragment… You saw something strange, right? A somehow familiar girl spoke to your heart… right?

Alice is silent. More than usual, I mean.

It could be nothing else but… your memory, kept in the Fragment.


No, not only there. All the places the Fragments went flying off to this time have to do with your life.

…Though of course, you wouldn’t remember anymore.

In the Land of Time, it’z forbidden to have a “was” or a “will be”.


Little girl walks to clock and everything vanishes.

As a requirement to live here, you lozt your past, future, and name. Never to be returned.

Except… the Hand Fragments. When you touch that which took your past, it comes back. Wheter it’s a happy past, or a harsh one… and when they’re all gathered, I’m sure you’ll…  …

He can’t finish and turn back again.

You’re under no obligationz. But if you’re interested in your past, then perhapz you should go.

You are back in control. That’s all for now. What happened to Chronola alias Alice? What memories will be uncovered? I guess we all can agree they will NOT be happy ones… so let’s look anyway. It is why you are here, playing this game, after all.