In my endless quest for searching different states of madness (this time without all this Dementia shtick like gore or violence, it gets old fast) I found long ago this artist. While he do not shy from body horror, his main focus is ridiculous, strange movies with a little jumpy music. You can even show most of them to your child, but don’t be deceivedthey are no less crazy.

Most popular comment on YouTube is variation of “OMG it was done on drugs!!!1!11oneone”. No, dear readers, being on drugs imparies creative process rather significantly. Being inspired by acid trips, on other hand, sounds actually plausible. Not that I am suggesting anything.

I like Cyriak.

Bonus content

Competition to Cyriak.

Happy Tree Friends

I noticed that there is very few, if any, entries about cheerful kind of insanity. As this blog is intended to cover all variations and types of craziness (almost always fictional), this grave oversight must be fixed, pronto!

So… today we have Happy Tree Friends on plate. Cute animals with even cuter heart-shaped noses, diabetes-inducing big heads, looking like sweet, innocent characters from kid cartoon with sweet voices and happy music. But this is not for kids, oh no. Most, if not all of cartoons begins peacefully describing typical play, work or other activites that will inevitably go horribly, horribly wrong. Hands (paws?) and legs will fly, eyes pop out, innards everywhere, brains splatted on walls…

Reasons for these calamities are various, but cause of catastrophe is very often from everyday appliances and objects, making it a little more disturbing. Aside of obvious things (like axes, fire, electric sockets or cars), who would expect carousel spin, Christmas tree decorating, fishing or boat ride being that deadly?

About 20 cartoonish animals are featured, with very different look and personality. Many of them are as aldut or childish as script require, though some fulfill always same roles: dad and child, retarded moose, ineffectual beaver, literally inanimated Cro-Marmot in block of ice and finally deranged war weteran that is for some reason most popular character…

Beside main flash animations, there are many spinoffs, like smoochies (my favorite – first HTF flash I ever seen so long ago – is of course this valentine card) and kringles.

Grotesque crash of cute and gore is entire point of these movies and source of disturbing hilarity for alduts (and, we can imagine, lots and lots of nightmare fuel for very unintended audience).

Guresome deaths can’t be this cute!

Salad Fingers

Hello. I like rusty spoons.

Meet Salad Fingers. This… something barely resembling human with uncertain gender have unhealthy affection to (among other things) rusty spoons, red water and taps. Is it hideously mutated human? Someone that looks at himself and everyone else through the eyes of madness? Victim of nuclear apocalypse? Who knows. Anyway, he lives in dark, creepy shack, have even creepier customs and lives in his own world, hearing hollow box that was long ago radio, talking with corpse, playing with “sister” or eating sand. But there are things and beings in this world that creeps out even Salad Finger himself…

Those little flash movies can be interpreted in various ways, each next more horrible than previous. Nature of this show means we cannot take anything for granted. It is very possible that even creator, David Firth, does not know what it is all about.

Watch it. Who needs sleep anyway?

PS: Oh, and if you find Salad Fingers disturbing do not watch his other cartoons, especially “Spoilsbury Toast Boy“.