Moon Man.

DooM is one of most classic, memorable and well known game in computer gaming history – predecessor and creator of entire FPS genre as we know it today. It is still alive thanks to modern ports like GZDoom and communities that create content for it ceaselessly to today. One of reasons for its popularity was and is tons of mods, from “merely” new maps to entire total conversions that change every aspect of game.

So… now we will review mod for DooM – one that belongs here. It is named, innocently enough, Moon Man. It is kinda annoyance to run, but then…

…here we go. This is your doubtful prize. It gets worse. Or better, depending on your point of view.

We must secure the existence of our people

What is different beside this cute title screen? For starters, Moon Man offers classes (different player types) like titular Moon Man, Zyklon Ben or Hitler. They have their own set of new weapon replacements roughly themed after chosen class. Some weapons feel better than their classic counterparts, but I am not sure that it is not just because of novelty. Either way, it is more fun shooting with Moon Man’s pistol compared to classic one.

There are other little changes, like difficulty level choices (“6 million more” certainly wins). Main change are monsters, though.

and a future for white children

Instead of good old zombiemans, shotgun sergeants, imps and rest of demonic zoo that we all know and love we have such guys as niggers, kiks, joos, ragheads, feminists (for obvious reasons traditional insult “feminazis” does not work here) and other classic stereotypes associated with race, religion or left in many variants. Most of them are various caricatures of african americans.

Note that those monsters are entirely new – it is not just change of sprites and sounds. They have new drops, different attacks, custom health etc.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman

For all their effort, I was disappointed there are no new maps. I mean, who doesn’t want nice little jaunt in Auschwitz or cleansing of undesirables in ghettos, right? In fact, long, 32-level journey through this kind of content would probably be as sanity-rending as some certain game that I do not remember at all whatsoever, probably for some very good reason.

As consolation, you can listen to righteous white music as Moon Man (replacement of chainsaw).

Quality is not very high. Some monsters have only few frames, others are bugged and won’t hurt you despite frantic shooting. After few minutes novelty (or shock, depending on who you are) wears off and you are left with mental diarrhea from a very, very disturbed people.

must not perish from the earth

Believe me, pictures aren’t enough, you have to hear these intelligible screams and monkey chirps, avoid fire from old ladies riding on wheelchairs (replacing Revenants, also WTF?), exterminate whole black families (Pain Elementals and Lost Souls) and generally go full holocaust on asses of untermenshes.

Some people described it as “most insane/controversial mod for Doom”. I disagree. Maybe “most racist”. Either way, it is fascinating, if short, journey into deranged mind of white supremacist.

Bonus content

If you want version lite, check out Trump Doom.

If blasphemy and desecration is more your thing, you can try Grezzo 2.

– Moon man moon man can’t you see? Spics and Niggers need to hang from trees.

Papers, please!

Somewhere, somewhen, in 80s, on alternative Earth, there is spot on planet with bunch of fictional countries. Soviet-sque, with planned economy, poor, totalitarian, miserable for people and miserable itself.

Mail arrives. Traditional one, of course. You won October Labor Lottery. You get new job (presumably slightly less shitty than old one) and new apartment. And that job is inspecting people on border checkpoint.

What you actually do? Every day you arrive on checkpoint, read documents, rules (they change often, enjoy ever-growing bureaucracy) and news. When you want to start day, you call people via megaphone.

Clock start ticking and you better process as many people as possible. Without mistakes or letting in someone that shouldn’t be, of course. At end of day you tally your income and spending, like food for your family or heating (winter is coming). Oh, did I mention you are dirt poor?

First day is simple, no dirty foreigners whatsoever. Only Arstotzkans. Easy peasy, you can see country by cover alone. Later not only you have to let in other nationalities, but amount of required documents grow. You have to compare more information and point out inconsistencies. That takes time and you barely get by as is.

And there lies miracle of this game. How the hell one can make interesting game where you are inspector that checks passports and other documents?

Game has interesting story with choices that will greatly affect ending of game – from accepting (or not) bribes to, well, I won’t spoil. You meet multitude of people with their own life and you get quick insight into it at that short moment of time on border crossing – these all little comments, dialogues and complaints. And finally oppressive (both literally and figuratively) atmosphere, general grayness, drabness and hopelessness of people all but imprisoned in authoritarian system.

It resonated deeply with me – my first years of life were in such country. While I don’t remember much, I do remember that atmosphere.

That game will never win any graphics, sound or special effects awards. It won other awards, though. Play it.

Glory to Arstotzka


So you remember that whole “non-euclidean geometry” thing that purportedly is characteristic to various eldritch locations and the like?

What if you could actually be inside this kind of world?

Welcome to HyperRogue.

You will never run out of space

You are Rogue, of course, and somehow found yourself in this strange world full of treasures, countless Lands (including R’yleh, because of course), each with its own special properties, strange enemies… and terrible, terrible sense of direction.

Game milks it’s unusual geometry for all it’s worth. Many game mechanics take advantage or rely on differences between world of HyperRogue – hyperbolic plane – and standard Euclidean space. Combat is simple, though some enemies have puzzle elements. There are almost no traditional RPG system elements – “upgrading” your character is done almost exclusively by using various magical orbs that you can find in Lands (and sometimes on Crossroads existing between Lands) as long as you find sufficient amount of treasures.

First thing first: there is a lot of space there, quite literally. A lot more than in normal space. It has many interesting implications.

Simplest one: on Euclidean plane, if two enemies next to each other run after you, then without obstacles and with equal speed you will have two of them forever after you. In hyperbolic space under exactly same conditions sooner or latter one will drop behind other one without any funneling.

It also works in other direction, though. It is extremely hard to get from point A to B, and then back to A. One wrong turn and you will find yourself very far from intended destination. In fact, so far you practically have no chance to stumble on it by accident… unless you can mark your way somehow.

At least in many Lands directions are hinted by color and item patterns.

Looks can deceive

If you get impression that you are on sphere, you are mistaken! What you see is projection. There is no straightforward way to present surface of globe on two-dimensional flat patch of paper. In same way, you have to show surface of hyperbolic plane in certain way if you want to at least make some sense of it at all. Due to non-euclidean nature of this place, making readable map of bigger areas is literally impossible.

Straight lines exist in this world, but due to projection they will look curved. At least circles still look like circles… but a lot of other things also look like circles, but they aren’t really them (like so-called horocycles – closest equivalent in standard geometry is straight line, since it is only way to represent border of circle that have infinite radius).

It is infinite

This game has so, so many infinities (at least potential ones). World itself and Lands are infinitely large. Entire game is balanced around that fact. Resources are endless, but difficulty rises so sharply you won’t live long gathering treasure of one Land (some Lands have it easier than other, though). Any upgrades and bonuses are always temporary and getting more only prolongs their active time. There is almost no grind, but you certainly will be walking a lot. Interestingly enough, if you could trace your movement through entire game (not counting safe orbs), it almost always will be roughly straight line – yet another consequence of having a lot of space “in” space.

Live and learn

It is little fun game. It is also closest I will ever get nearby this kind of mathematical concept.


When you start with girl falling into room of utter gore, you know there will be some splatterfest.

This is another of those little horror adventure action games using these all little RPG engines (in this case Wolf RPG Editor), even though there are no fights or actual exp gains. You can download English version here.

So, what it is about? Our silent protagonist (she does not scream even when ambushed by horrors, fortunately done in “black screen, sound effects” style) literally falls into very dire situation and obviously she wants to get out. During game you will encounter few flashbacks explaining how she got in this precarious predicament.

First half of game is running around in pursuit of keys and finding next door to get another key. Second half is running away from local variant of classic Butcher-type enemy. Third half is again running around to find parts of passwords. That’s a lot of halves. Oh, did I mentioned running away from Butcher?

I liked some details, like separate end screens for every kind of death (even if they are simple pictures) or showing protagonist with items from equipment on menu screen, as shown at right. That was a very nice touch and I am surprised more games do not do that.

So, in summary unfortunately I can’t recommend this game. Being kinda maybe average, it is tolerable waste of few hours, if you do not have anything better to do.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 9: bonus bosses.

So it came to this.

You may stand still and witness your love punished – transformed – killed before your eyes and suffer.

Or sacrifice yourself, saving him and hurting him, for he loves you to.

If you are desperate and insane, if your relationship is more important than entire reality, you can also raise hand against avatar of Master, personification of Order itself that looks like younger version of whoever sees it. If you win, you both, finally together, can witness reality itself falling apart. This is true ending.

…yeah, this is that kind of game. There IS reason why it is covered on this site. Relive it from beginning or its last moments, if you wish. Before we go in eternal darkness while Master sleeps soundly, we have some last things to do.

Alice’s Backyard

You should drop in at least once. To do it, access menu, choose fourth icon (one with book) and on next screen move to third entry from bottom:

After pressing enter pick letters for… yes, you guessed, “Backyard” (capital B, rest letters small) and use <Done>.

Reflection upon the true ending. Be careful when destroying world.

Huh. Enter to… well…. enter. Screen pans to show…

Huh. Looks like Avatar of Order in true form is scolding our trio. Alice have only one reply: No. Gulinello stays silent. Tiska does not understand.

Uh, got the happy ending?

Order hits table with tremendous force, making everyone jump.

You LOST the happy ending!! Think with your puny brain! You DESTROYED THE WORLD?! Left all humanity to die, you INCLUDED?!

She is so indignant she shakes.

Are you heroes or villiains?!

Alice simply responds Neither. Order just hits table again.

It better be ONE of them!!

L-Lady Order, calm down…

There’s NOTHING to be calm about!

Look, just think about it. If it were either me being a Shadeling or Alice dying forever, the world’d have to be destroyed.

Another hit. Poor table.

That’s WAY too much of a leap!!

I have to agree with Order on this.

You accept punishment for doing something really bad! Because you disturbed Order!

This all just goes to show you the triumph of the human heart. God’ll understand. You agree, Gulinello?

Our favourite shadeling seems to be surprised, suddenly being under spotlight.

Eh? Oh, uh, you bet, Tisky.

This time it is Tiska that abused table.

You’re not even listening!!

Alice, however, decided to Sleep. Order bangs on table that probably is on it’s last legs.

AND you’re sleeping?!

Cutscene ends and you are in control of… some shadeling?

Walk around. Let’s ask Tiska.

Welcome to Bar Alice!

I thought it is Alice’s backyard, not bar…

If you’re here, that must mean you beat the game. Thanks for playing! The longuing Shadelings there can tell you some things about development. Take it easy!!

Why everyone seem to scream lately? Pester him again.

What’ll it be? I have beer and juice.

You can choose between Japanese sake, Apple juice and Nothing.

If you order Japanese sake, Tiska moves to shelf while quipping:

Japanese sake? As opposed to American sake?

And he is back by counter.

Here you are.

Shadeling that you control seems to ask something.

…Huh? About me? Well, let’s see… I was the biggest hurdle when it came to making characters.

Oh fourth wall, we barely knew ye… wait, this whole place is pretty much just elaborate dev-notes. Nevermind.

I ended up unpopular, not very manly, and subject to cruel treatment… Geez, I’m the poster boy, though…

Don’t whine, I am quite sure you are very popular with at least one female out there.

If you cheered for me anyway, though, I’m glad.

In immortal words of Alice, you betcha! Unfortunately, ordering apple juice gives you same dialogue (only difference is his comment about loving apple juice). Boring! Ah well, let’s move onto first red Shadeling at counter. Wait, there are three of them here!

The Seraph’s Six Wings item was actually originally meant for another ending split… You’d get the true end if you had them, but… after that long final boss? So yeah, it was scrapped. Now they’re just a semi-hidden item.

Second Shadeling sits happily on couch.

Each dungeon has a “strongest Shadeling in the area”. If you beat them all, there’ll be a slight change in Shadeling Town.

Gather courage to talk with Avatar of Order herself.

I am Order, the proxy of God who governs reason.

Wait, now it is God, not Master? I blame translator.

And you are… “Planter Girl.” You’ve harvested all the plants.

I am that gardener? Is this hint about why you became shadeling? Curious. Last Shadeling next to piano jumps in place.

Thought this game was never gonna get done!! Development hell is scary.

Last but not least, Alice. You can ask for Cheery or Gloomy music. Last choice is Backstor-y (also with separate music track). Now Planter Girl is the one to speak.

I’m glad that I was able to put in that her real name was “Chronola”. She’s like wild black cat, thus “kiro nora”… la.

So… it is lame Japanese pun? *groan* And I thought it is kuro neko whatmasitit?

It also includes “chrono” for time, so I like it. Though it barealy appeared. By the way, there isn’t any real romance between her and Tiska.

WHAT?! Then what point it was to all of this omnisuicide business?! I call bullshit.

Affection, if you insist. Love is all you need.

Uh huh. I know better.

…aaand that’s all for Alice’s Backyard! You can leave simply by walking out same way where you appeared.

Grinding hell

Let’s kill bonus bosses. Before you even can think to attack bonus bosses, you have to grind up yourself in Garden of Creation. Suggested loadout (note that only Self-Holocaust will be used, rest is for bonus bosses except accessory):


  • Self-Holocaust: EC-1 / LP-40 Inflicts damage (A)
  • Guard: Halves damage taken
  • Aura: EC-2 Heals wounds (C)
  • Constellation Shield: EC-1 / LP-15 Prevents status aliments
  • Element Wall: Blocks attack next turn


  • Circlet: Earn 1.5 more Force

Tactic… for grind? What tactic? By now you know what to do. Again name of this skill hits me as well-named one. Endless holocaust to yourself. Forever. Well, almost. Grind is boring, after all.

Oh, by the way, if you lose boss battle now, you will wake up in your home.

Last tidbit: remember that “Do nothing” action from tutorial, back in the very beginning of game? Turns out there is very low chance that it actually does something.

Not that it does anything crazy, just low damage spell. Disappointing, considering visuals.

First boss

We will start with easier boss (not like you have choice). You should have grinded out those stats:

LP: at least 400

PSY: at least 200

AGL: at least 125

Loadout was given above, only change is accessory:

  • Dream Circuit Breaker: [Price of Soul] PSY-20% Take 1/3 less damage

So go to Farsdale Mental Hospital, make sure you read job poster outside at left of door and agree to part-time job.


Glad to see you. Alright, go inside. It is simple job, really.

Enter double-winged door.

Ask shadeling what is up with this woman.

This patient became pregnant with a demon child, and it broke her mind. We need to give her treatment to kill the child inside her, so please assist us.

So we are participating in abortion? I can’t fucking wait. Let’s talk with patient.

Nnno, I am not insane, I’m very much sane. Take a look, Doctor. My baby is dddoing very well. He’s here worrying by my side. Let’s return home soon, ssshall we? Father and Mother are anxious.

Yeeeah, very sane, that one. Shadeling comes closer.

She doesn’t have parents or her husband anymore… Only the monster he left behind.

Woman responds:

It’s not a hallucination. He’s here. Why do you have a syringe? Why are you looking at me like that?

Shadeling is next to her.

Alright, hold her down.


Oh dear.

Apparition Mother

Skills: Zig-Zag Trap, Earth Spider / AGL Down (weak), Physic Reverse, Fetal Movement / Star Fade, Dogra Magra

First skill, Zig-Zag Trap, is standard attack. Physic Reverse is similar.

Use of Fetal Movement moves you both… somewhere else and allows for Dogra Magra (she does not necessarily uses it right away). It is very powerful attack and you have to be able to survive it without Guard.

Tactic: You will need Self-Holocaust her 4 times (assuming you hit with max 999 damage), in meantime taking care of your health. Use Constellation Shield as first move. Self-Holocaust when you are able, Guard after Fetal Movement and heal yourself with Aura.

After that…

Please, wait. Wait… Very well, maybe I am insane… But please, don’t kill the child… He’s only thing I have left to treasure… Please…

Hm, seems she’s calmed down. But her baby is half-monster. It’s clear he’ll be unhappy, and live a life of sorrow. For her sake, it’s best to avoid a fate worse than his death.

Even if he’s enemy to all, I’ll protect him to my dying breath. I’m sure, so sure he’ll be happy… Please… Don’t kill him…

…If you insist, miss, then I won’t do it. Let’s return you to the asylum.

She vanishes from chair, presumably teleported away by shadeling.

…My best friend Tiscolet was the same way. Why did they have to leave me? Will I have to hear my daughter-in-law’s wailing again tonight…?

That’s it for first boss. Right now, receptionist will brush you off telling you they are busy.

Second boss

When you are ready (you CAN kill him with current loadout, just remember to heal up… but battle will be easier if you load up on LP), return to hospital and read poster on wall again. It is now slightly different.

Urgent Part-Time Job Offering

Just need to keep the patients calm. Experience preferred! Details inside!

Enter hospital lobby again – you will notice guy is nowhere to be seen. Receptionist will again ask you about part-time job.

If you are experienced, you’ll be fine.

Walk inside that little room of horrors.

As expected, he is here. Ask shadeling for guidance.

This patient is a decomposing corpse with no hope for life. We’ll try to do some things for him, so please knock him out.

Uh huh. Do it.

I’ve no hope for life… There’s no need for hope. All I am is not dead yet.

Shadeling comes to side of patient.

He was a former hero, but he’s decayed on both the outside and inside.

Just leave me alone.

Do you feel you’ve lost everything?

…What if I haven’t lost anything?

Then you just don’t know it.

Commence boss battle.

Long-Dead King

Skills: Chained Kringla, Touch of Death (weak), ?, Bloodthirst, Grimpgraphy / Sure Hit

On beginning he likes to cast Touch of Death that deals 10% of your LP damage every turn. Chained Kringla is double-attack (presumably with scythe). Bloodthirst will heal him by small amount.

Tactic: pretty much like first boss. First Constellation Shield to protect from Touch of Death and them shoot at him until he dies. Um, Self-Holocaust him (five times), but same idea.

During battle he will speak at certain moment (when you hit him for second time).

It hurts my heart so to see person like my daughter. I have killed man and beast to protect my lord, yet those eyes have ever haunted my dreams.

Screen flashes.

If I am to be honest, I must save her… The one my lord so loved!

End those delusions of grandeur. Next part happens when you defeat him.

Huh…? It can’t be… How could a little girl break my bewitched scythe…?

A corpse in cell doesn’t even know it’s rotting.

Don’t give me metaphors! Sigh… That was a thousand years old…

The more the world despairs, the more hope brims in your life. You should take notice. For my daughter-in-law, especially.

Yeah, sure. You gonna fix my scythe?

Well, let’s take you back to prison.

When shadeling teleports him away, one final message from hero turned criminal flashes.

Hey, hey…! You can’t just break it and run, I got that scythe from my lor-

A hero even now, isn’t he.

After dealing with this hero-turned-criminal you are back to lobby.

Good work. Your payment is a password. Standstill Girl “Music Room”. We hope to have your assistance if we ever need more help.

There is no poster outside anymore.

Music Room

You activate it same way as Alice’s Backyard – go to menu, select book icon and move to last entry. Click enter and write password (as space you can use empty character at left bottom).

Enter to go.

Lets see description of every song.

Land of Time: Time Core

Lurching Doll / SILDRA COMPANY

A song that represents Standstill Girl’s world. There’s a clock sound in it, but… You absolutely can’t let yourself notice it.

Land of Time: Shadeville Town

Gentle People / SILDRA COMPANY

It’s the only townlike town, so I used a very warm and snug song.

Land of Time: Mr. Shadeling – Shop/Battle Tutorial


Dumb, a little gloomy, a little black. Those Shadelings get this music.

The Hand Guiding Alice – Time Primer

Good Evening in Moonlit Woods / SILDRA COMPANY

I picked all my favourites for the town… Lot’s of 3/4 songs, huh?

Rotten Longing, Distant Home – Tukur Town

Sound of a Weather Vane / SILDRA COMPANY

The first dungeon, for most people. I hope it properly evoked an aimlessly drifting sorrow paired with this song.

The Cradle of Slavery – Departure for Malis

life stream / SILDRA COMPANY

A train going over water for some reason. Ooh, that sprinting feeling is good.

Shackled Affection Doll – Malis Residential District


I had a heck of a time making the map. You get lost easy in a big city…!

The Brunt of Seething Love – Magnolia, City of Scholars

Rusted Ramparts / SILDRA COMPANY

Claims to be a scholar-made city, but there’s not a single building to that effect, is there?

Farewell to a Broken World – Pit Beyond Town

seadragon / SILDRA COMPANY

The cog positions and the memory points don’t match up for the Pit ’cause I made the map first. Oops!

Passage for the Passing – Garden of Creation

Infinite Corridor / SILDRA COMPANY

The Garden of Creation was, in fact, created so I could use this song.

World’s Beginning – Magnolia, City of Scholars

032-Church01 / RPG Tool XP

From the RPG Maker XP RTP. The solemness of the pipe organ made it a perfect fit.

Farsdale Mental Hospital – event

Dream / Ongaku Banzai

The two patients had only their consciousness drift in from another world… is a dumb detail I was going for.

Normal Battle


A battle song I couldn’t imagine using anywhere else, it fits so well. The piano in the back owns!

Powerful Shadow – Blue Cog/Mr. Shadeling battle

Battle 6 / Ongaku Banzai

I only made special AI for the Shadelings, last boss, and bonus bosses.

Boss Battle – Hand Guardian battle

Metempsychosis / SILDRA COMPANY

Like fighting in a sea of stars, I’m a fan of how the background changes along with the intro.

Mad Farsdale – Apparition Mother/Long-Dead King battle

I won’t look back / Extra Ocean

A lunatic mental hospital battle. I went for a difficulty that’s too much for normal play, but I admint defeat.

Last Battle – Order battle

Last Battle 2 / Ongaku Banzai

Second forms are such a thrill!

Memories – Flashback

sweet / Ongaku Banzai

I was really surprised how well a cheery music box song fit. A warm song for a cold past – just right!

Time of Judgement – Event


Now it’s Tiska’s turn. It just screams finale!

The Worst Hypocrite – Land of Time (Endgame)

Red Bird, Blue Bird / SILDRA COMPANY

When you start to see people’s true colors. Full of criminals, that Land of Time.

Change the Outcome – Event

Contemplation / Ongaku Banzai

Maybe it’s the scene I used it for, but oddly, it sounds both sad yet positive.

Dream’s End – Game Over

lullaby / Ongaku Banzai

Actually planned it to play in the ending. Would it stick with you if you saw “END” with this song playing? …No?

Goodbye’ World – Ending

mirror in the sky / Extra Ocean

Song full of hope with the world ending in the background makes heartrending! Maybe.

Standstill Girl – Title screen

Heaven’s Ring / Extra Ocean

The ol’ title music for the final boss trick.


That’s all. You can now fulfill your destiny and destroy entire reality. See you next time.

The Talos Principle.

Puzzle game that belongs here? Why not. Welcome to world where even philosophers bleed.

The Talos Principle.

Frogs are people too

You are robot in some kind of virtual reality. Don’t worry, it is not spoiler, fakeness of surroundings and your nature is apparent almost from the very beginning. You are accompanied by voice in your head claiming to be Elohim (yes, that one). It demands solving puzzles and promises things that you can(not) do or have anyway. It also forbids you from going into Tower. Sounds familiar?

You will meet indirectly other poor souls like you (via barcode messages on wall) and read their musings, questions and sometimes death messages. Last, but not least, there is something lurking in terminals, something so nihilistic it gives Nietzsche run for his money…

We do it for fun

SiDon't blow yourself up, now.nce it is philosophical puzzle game, let’s talk about puzzles.

When you travel around this artificial world, you will encounter shitton of puzzles, both of marked (gates with pink forcefield and boards with sigil, looking like Tetris blocks) and unmarked variety. In them you will avoid bombs and machine guns, turn off forcefields, play with box HEXAHEDRON and even co-op with yourself.

Puzzles range from very easy (green sigils) to extremely hard (upper half of red sigils) – and if you want 100% completion (all stars and floors of Tower), you go all way up to “fucking inhumanly impossible”.

Example? In one puzzle between puzzles to get star you have to take advantage of little fact that when you land after jumping, your view lurches slightly down (no, your goddamn robot cannot crouch). It happens to be enough to reach certain item from down that otherwise is unreachable without using other item (and making it unavailable in process). And that other item is needed for getting star too.

It is madness, and puzzles for silver sigils (hardest of hardest and necessary to reach top of Tower and get best – for given value of ‘best’ – ending) are often just straight out unfair.

Laugh at pointlessnes of existence

Under bright cover of colorful environments with brain-wringing puzzles The Talos Principle has undertones of existential horror with some SOMA vibes. I normally do not play puzzle games, but that one is exception thanks to it’s story and philosophical musings. From deeply ironic “certification process” to overarching story about creators of world where you are in, it is strangely addictive experience.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 8: end of everything.

Now that we got to know it all, I can see future only with dread. Click here if you want to remember how it all began.


Chronola/Silla/Alice stand here, unsure what to do now. Save game, since we are close to end and about to explore all possible endings.

I guess we have to give Fragment to Tiska. Go under Great Clock.

Tiska retrieves it.

Thank you, Alice. Sorry you had to do my whole job for me… Well, I just finished repairs. Let’s get them on right away.

He walks closer to Great Clock, but stops.

…Hey, Alice?


I know, everyone knows, that you’re a really kind girl… but kindness can be a sin in the Land of Time. Alice, you… can’t let yourself end up like me and Gulinello.


Both Alice and Gulinello comes closer behind Tiska. He raises hands and Clock’s Hands fly out. Nonexistent wind ruffles his clothes.

Hands, now you must turn once more. Breathe life into the stagnant earth!

Hands unite and in flash of light appear on Clock.

Deep bell sounds. Then something snaps. Another bell and another snap. More snaps, each new more quick than one before. I… don’t think it is supposed to happen. Tiska is concerned too.



That being, disturbingly similar to child-like Alice… descends. And speaks.

I am Order, the proxy of God who governs reason. I come to point out sin. Now is a time of repentance. Confess your sin to God. Then by way of Order, you shall be dealt punishment.


Tiska faces Alice.

How did you and I meet? You remember now, right?


That was death fated by God. Something unescapable.

Tiska performs resurrection ritual.

Except… I saved you, and invited you to the Land of Time. That created a contradiction: a girl who accepted God’s fate of death is alive.

Murder, fraud, adultery, theft… Those manmade sins aren’t considered sins to us.

Sin is contradiction.

Those who defy God’s laws and create fatal contradictions are the greatest sinners.

You already perceive your sin as sin. For your eyes forever remember the sight of a man with the same sin and same punishment.

Gulinello speaks for first time.

Did you stop time and reveal Alice’s past juzt for that?

The absence of guilt invites relapse. Indeed, have you not already repeated your sin? You know of this, first warden.

Look, I’ll just ask… what’ll happen to me?

Body. Mind. Memory. All will succumb to darkness. But have no fear. If you can earn God’s mercy, you may once again take back your form…

Personification of Order rises again.

For now, a long rest. I shall permit you to say your temporary farewells to all those you know.

And with those words, avatar of God vanishes and room with Clock returns to normal. Well… beside fact that new door appears.

Tiska falls on his knees in despair.

A long… rest.

After some amount of time, we are back in control. Only Gulinello is present here.

He… went to Shadeling Town. He’s stupidly cheery, but he seemz pretty shocked.

So, what Alice will do?

Ending 1: Tiska

Try to go through door. Gulinello is a little surprised.

…Wait. What do you need with Order, Alice?

There are your choices.

If you select last answer, nothing happens.

But we are here to deal with Order. So Take punishment myself.

Don’t be stupid. You want to hurt hiz heart more? … You can’t get too upzet. He just saved you for the hell of it.

Try again to enter door.

… …If he’z important to you, go meet him now. That’z all you can do.

You cannot do anything more at this time – Gulinello will prevent it. So let’s follow his advice and find Tiska. After getting out first shadeling (that one nearby stairs) will tell you where Tiska is.

…Looking for Tiska? He went through the info hut.

Other shadelings in town also have new comments about current precarious situation.

Tiska’s getting… judged? He’s going to be all empty like us? He… won’t be Tiska anymore…?

No one subject to Order’s punishment has ever kept their former selves. Their original form, heart, memories… No going back. Just look at me. Past and future, heart and body, they’re all empty now. I don’t know who or what I was. Just a whole lot of nothin’ now.

Oh dear. I mean, I suspected something for a while now, but we now have confirmation what shadelings actually are – punished sinners for past transgressions against God’s Laws. Gardener shadeling states it even more bluntly.

A Shadeling means a former criminal. I heard we’re given this form so we won’t do any more crime. I guess it’s the same for me… Must have done something there was no taking back, huh?

I guess that Order’s promise is a lie, then? Moving along to Info Hut…

Looking for Tiska, aren’t you? He’s out staring into space through the door on the left.

Well, go there.


They both look out into that swirly, cloudy mess.

I’m the same as you. Gulinello saved me from death. He lost his mind, form and memories as punishment… and he chose me as warden. When I saved you, Alice… I meant to atone.


I couldn’t live with myself for taking everything from Gulinello. A girl who lost love and chose death… by saving someone like me, I thought I could save myself.

…It was foolish. I’m the worst kind of hypocrite. You see before you a huge idiot who tried to use a girl’s sorrow for his own selfish purposes.

…I’ve let you down. That’s fine. I’ll sink forever into darkness. You discarded your feelings for me, so you don’t have to worry. You can live peacefully here… that’s the happy ending.

He seems to finished. Ask him again.

The long-awaited time of punishment. No need to think anymore… so then why… why can’t I stop shaking…

Return back to Info Hut. Macaroni has new line.

Gulinello is the one and only criminal to receive God’s mercy.

Doesn’t seem very merciful.

But even then, he’s not able to get everything back.

Return back to Great Clock. Tiska will stop you just before entering.

… There’s… Before the end, there’s one last thing I want to ask.

Tiska walks forward.

If it’s with eyes of despair, fine. But please, watch over me in my final moments. …I don’t know really how why myself… but I think I’d regret parting with you here and now. I’m sorry… that it had to be like this.

Tiska walks up. Shadeling nearby stairs has last comment.

…Tiska’s left. We’ll never see him in that body or with that mind again.

Go up stairs to door at Great Clock. Gulinello is nowhere to be seen. Enter door and confirm.

Passage for the Passing

– Garden of Creation –

You are now in strange realm full of floating islands with white stone and green outcrops, connected by stairs.

Here you will meet all Time Scars from previous levels. There is exactly one way to deal with them all – Self-Holocaust them all way down. Or up. Or to side. Who knows with this Escher-like plane of existence. Don’t forget to wear Circlet. You will need all Force you can get later, when you get into extra bosses and the like.

Walk north until seemingly dead end.

Beside stairs, there are also jumpers – Alice stands next to one on picture above. They look like pair of pulsating shadows on ground. Run into it from correct direction and you will jump to second jumper from pair. We will talk about gray cog visible at right after we can actually get to it.

So, how to walk through entire level? Actually, we are already at place with first fork. Run west to jumper and jump. Go west, jump, north, jump east, go east… aaand we have first gray cog.

Use it like countless previous cogs.

I really don’t want to, you know.

After that cog vanishes. Go back: west, jump, south, east, jump twice and east/north to end of island. Jump north twice, go west, jump, north, then again west, south. You will find second gray cog.

He ended up finding his own happiness in you. But it was too late, he said, and this is the happy ending he found.

Return back to fork – north, jump east and east. Now jump east again and go north. Another fork. West, jump, north, east, jump south, east.

In a world without him, you’ll be all alone. That idiot convinced himself you’d be happiest that way.

West, jump north, west, south, jump east. Ugh, these meaningless random fights starts to seriously annoy me. All way east, north, west, jump, fourth gray cog.

…Hey. Where’s happiness for you?

We are almost there. Jump east, south, north, jump north and south all way up.

If even a trace of him comes to mind when you think about happiness… then reach out to him. Once “I” lose my memories, I’ll need you.

Like previous cogs, this one also vanishes. Enter building.

World’s Beginning

No more running around.

Just straight up…

…to the very end. You will see Tiska, Gulinello and Order’s avatar.

…Yes. Uh, about Alice…

She need not answer to your sin. But without a warden, balance will be lost and the world will end.

Pretty shitty design of world you have there, Order. You see, in our reality things that are not allowed are… impossible to do. There is no punishment nor need for it, because you simply literally cannot break laws of physics in first place. Maybe your Master should return to preschool for Demiurgs or something.

For the world’s sake, she, the lone human, shall become the next warden.

Thought so… She’ll take my position.

There’s no need to worry. I’ll watch over her this time to ensure there’s no further tragedy.

Big Sister watches you!

Warden Tiska. Now I shall enact your punishment. Close your eyes. Open your heart. And repent to motherly God.

Pulse. And choice. Last one.

Watch over him.

Tiska faces you.

…It’s goodbye, Alice. Soon, I’ll forget all about you, the world, everything. I’ll lose myself.

He nods to himself.

By now, I’ve realized. What made me tremble with fear was having to leave you. And it’s not you who was being saved, but me. It’s not for redemption or anything. It’s just my heartfelt feelings. Thank you.

Everything becomes black-and-white. Tiska disperses into nothingness. Everything is back, except… instead of Tiska, there is shadeling. Cat-eared cape lies nearby.

…v…aa… a…

Alice hugs that new thing that once was Tiska.

It’s uzeless, Alice. That’s not Tiska anymore. He lost himself as punizhment. He’s a hapless, stupid Shadeling.

Gulinello comes closer to newling.

He doesn’t have a shred of his form, memories, or mind left. We juzt have to accept it…

Screen darkens as Gulinello says these words. Credit rolls. And after those…

… This iz his “rest”. If you can… Try to believe in the miracle of him being Tiska again. …Good night.

Title screen welcomes you back.

Ending 2: Alice

Wait a moment. What gives? Didn’t we intended to take his punishment?! Yes, but we will have to lie to Gulinello. Load game and when you try to enter Clock’s door, choose middle response.

Ask to forgo punishment

…That punishment is the essence of our world’s reason. Unless the Master just wakes up and talks down Order, there’z no way. If you’re really hoping, I won’t stop you, but… Juzt don’t do anything that’ll only hurt him.

Oh, I believe you. Rules of this world don’t care about human law and all of that. Sorry, Gulinello, that we have to deceive you. You wouldn’t let us in otherwise.

Before you enter, Gulinello has some new words to say.

When I was in his position, he waz in yours… how ironic. I saved him from death, and now he’s going to accept a fate worze than death…

Enter Garden of Creation. This place is same, except cogs don’t do anything beside vanishing – their lines show only if you meet with Tiska. You still have to remove them, otherwise last cog won’t vanish. You can always return to Land of Time and talk with Tiska behind Info Hut, making it Tiska Ending. Only difference appears when you finally get to end of road. Alone.

Avatar of Order appears, clearly non-plussed by arrival of Alice alone.

Chronola Hartin.

Hey, we didn’t heard her surname before!

You exist in this world now as a great contradiction. However, it is the warden who has made it so. You need not answer to his sin.

Alice gets closer to edge.

… What seek ye?

Another Choice.

If you say Nothing, this will be reply of avatar of Order.

I see. Then go now. Your role is to provide him a final comfort before his end.

You will be forced into Tiska Ending. So instead you have to reply I want to save Tiska.

… So long as his contradiction exists, his sin will not be rid of. Indeed… Chronola. It is your death that is key to solving the contradiction. Time does not flow in this world. Death is eternal here, with no reincarnation. Do you still mean to protect him?

You get non-choice. Why you would say “No” at this stage? Presumably only to allow Tiska Ending.


…Indeed. You should not choose death. Even if it were to save him, it would deeply wound him…

Order vanishes, leaving these words hanging.

That is how you must save him.

That leads to Tiska Ending. But if you choose otherwise…


…I see.

Apparition of Order comes closer and closer.

If you, source of the contradiction, will it, I must respond accordingly…

Everything vanishes.

May you rest in peace.

Meanwhile (not that it means anything considering nature of places where it all is happening) in Land of Time Tiska walks up to Clock door and Gulinello.

She went inzide.

To see Order…? …Why…?

Tiska enters Garden. You are now in control of him and find yourself already at last part. Go straight up. Poor Tiska.

Tiska comes closer.

Um, look. I’m finally ready now. To accept Order’s punishment. I had trouble getting my feelings in order and preparing… but I’m fine now. So I… it may be the end for me, but I wanted to tell you…

Alice’s body collapses. Order, you have pretty assholish timing.


Screen blackens, showing only small, silver-haired child. After montage of backgrounds we are back to Garden and child falls again.

…What… No… Way… Order, why… Why did she…!

…this is why Order in eyes of Alice was so similar to herself as child. Everyone sees younger version of themself. Such is nature of Order.

She wanted your sin rid of, and took death in exchange.

Surprise, surprise, Tiska does not take it well.

I… I don’t want that. I don’t. Alice… WAKE UP!! I’m the one who should be judged!! You shouldn’t have had any of it! But… but you…

Tiska is crying.

…Then I… all I did was push you down into despair, didn’t I… Alice…

Credits roll.

An eternal sleep. Freed from the cycle of rebirth. Perhaps that’s what the girl who lost love desired… But if he had the slighest affection for her, then it was a great mistake.

…Goodbye, standstilled girl.

Ending 3: Order

Well, that didn’t worked out well. There is one other way out of this: defiance. First we must prepare, for messing with entity that bears Order of Reality is serious business. Your loadout:
LP: at least 180
PSY: at least 180
AGL: at least 100
Skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Aura, Maneater Gerbera, Pleasure Fruit
Accessory: Berliner Vice (2x PSY/AGL when LP is less than 30%) or Seablue Necklace (LP+50%)

You can win with less, but it will be significantly harder. Don’t forget to recover HP, if you used Seablue Necklace. Garden of Creation is nice for farming with Circlet, one fight can reap north of 750 force. Change it into Garden of Self-Holocaust.

When you are meeting Order with Tiska and Gulinello, instead of Watch over him, choose . When he confesses love to you and everything gets white, Alice has enough of it all – and jumps in front of Order, pushing her away from Tiska.

Order is unamused.

What are you…

Alice shakes head.

Do you mean… to defy Order, and God’s law?

Wait, Alice…! Do not, do NOT do that! She’s the foundation of our world. So much as hurt her and it’s all lost. There won’t BE a world for you to peacefully live in!

Alice shakes head again.


Gulinello interjects unexpectedly.


Gulinello! Stop Alice!

…Alice has something she doezn’t want to lose, just like you.

…You mean…

Alice now watches their argument, while Order floats over them, unmoving.

You want a world where Alice sacrifices herself?

Of… Of course I don’t.

And Alice doezn’t want one where you sacrifice yourself. If it can’t be either of those, then deztroy it all. I was too much of coward to do it then, but Alice… you’re brave enough for it. You can change the outcome.

Well, that was unexpected indeed.

First warden… so that is where your sin originated, is it.

If wanting theze guys to be happy is a sin, then call me sinner.

It appears showing you mercy was a mistake.

Order pulses.

This time, I will have to send you into eternal nothingness.

Tiska, Alice and Gulinello stand together in defiance of Order.

Stop… I won’t let you do that.

You defy me?

Alice… I’m sorry. With my selfish thoughts, I nearly went and left you all alone. I hope you can… not hate me for that.

Order. I stand by my sin. You think I’m going to vanish without saving someone so important to me?!

I see… so this world overrun with Shadelings still has those who entertain such thoughts.

Maybe it is hint for your Master that He designed this reality pretty… badly.

Very well. Show me your resolve.

Order sprouts four wings and changes her look. She seems to be really, really not pleased.

Order, made to last eternity. …the outcome shall not change.

Final battle

All people are in frantic search for happiness in an unequal garden.

Yet invariably, happiness is nowhere to be found there.

So it came to this. For first time in game, you are not alone. You are with someone you love and someone that loves you.

We won’t be able to do much damage like this…

Tiska casts some spell.

I’ll take care of them for you… so Alice, you watch for a chance to attack Order… it’s okay. We will have a good ending to this… I’m sure of it!

Skills: Dream of Electric Sheep, Innocent Rain, ?, Sanctity Sky (heals), Legalitat (weak)

Skills: Epimedium, Centifulword (heals Alice during second phase)

Tactic: Your spells do minimal damage against Order. You have to survive until Tiska casts Epimedium (three rounds). That will remove these guardian angels for few rounds, bringing back power of your offensive spells (in this case Self-Holocaust). After that Tiska must charge again.

At beginning eat Maneater Gerbera, later Guard 2x. Tiska casts Epidemium, you cast Self-Holocaust twice.

If you die in this battle…

Choosing “Give up” returns you to main screen, “Don’t give up” allows for changing skills/accessory and restarts battle. Unfortunately, you cannot spend Force.

Second phase

But she refuses to acknowledge it.

…No. The power of man… cannot overturn the world…!

Skills: E. Horrid, Flam Shout, Angels’ Repentance (drains LP), ?

Tactic: Note that this wounded angel do not have hp visible. You have to attack it until it dies with Self-Holocausts (three-four times if you have max 999 damage). Tiska sometimes will heal you and cast other spell that makes Order pulsate. It is not clear for me what it does.

It is relatively easy battle.

…The outcome has indeed been changed. All meaning is lost from sin and punishment… no trace of either of you being sacrificed remains.

But… All that remains is a world that lacks God’s promise. It will flood with fatal contradiction and soon fall to demise… You will come to deeply regret what you have done…

Defeated Order rises away.

I apologize, for I could not protect the world… Now… …I go… to your side…

Avatar of Order vanishes, leaving our trio.

Now, we…

He is interrupted by earthshake. View pans though Land of Time, where every Shadeling explodes.

The Shadelings are vanishing…

The world’z Order is gone. We who were turned to shadow by Order are going to go back to our rightful formz… maybe I can’t say rightful. We Shadelingz were never rightful to begin with…

Gulinello becames half-translucent.

Gulinello, your body…

God gave mankind hearts to color the world. When people know sadness, they chase after happiness. When they know happiness, they seek more of it… you two juzt wanted an ordinary happiness like any other humans. The problem waz, happiness was outside the garden. Hopefully that stupid, lazy, still-sleeping God takes some responsibility for the rest.

He almost completely faded.

Don’t forget your happiness.

Thank you…

After this farewell, Tiska and Alice face each other.

…Boy, this is strange. Right now, I feel like… I’ve finally been able to meet you.

Alice hugs him and finally speaks for first time.

…And I finally found… happiness.

Credit rolls. At end another password is revealed: Alices’s “Backyard”.

The end of the world… all life that exists will return to God and become one. This garden full of sadness is going to be reborn.

…Goodbye to our world.

This is almost everything. Last part of our walkthrough will deal with bonus bosses.