Deadland Wonderman or something.

Deadman WonderlandDeadman Wonderland – Making a better world with proactive philanthropy.

IJust your usual day.n near future one kid, named Ganta, gets wrongly accused. For what, you ask. Why, extermination of entire class at once in rather guresome way. Real perpetrator, Red Man, of course vanished without trace. Society goes “okay, send this brat on death row to titular Deadman Wonderland”. And this is only beginning of journey through absurdity and madness both of this place and of this anime.


DHave fun, because I sure as hell won't.eadman Wonderland, only private prison in Japan, is curious mixture. On one side we have concentration camp staffed by paramilitary (and at least one Mengele-sque mad scientist, this being anime, it is of course female). On other side is deadly, deadly circus. Beside containing  inmates and providing entertainment for mindless (I mean, MORE mindless than usual) masses for profit, it holds also secrets that are hidden even to certain important people inside prison.


BaWho needs sanity?sically only reason to watch this anime is fact, that everyone – heroes, villains and not-so-innocent bystanders – seems to suffer from complete brain atrophy and acute state of more or less visible madness, often with appropriately crazy smiles. That goes doubly for hidden fun stuff.

Sure, there are various “cute” moments, like eye operation, introducing new guys (with backstory, even) and then killing them literally minutes later or that one guy announcing I AM NOW SANE and then starts murdering everyone around. Elementary school aged psychos and yangire in general are given, of course.

It is like creator tried too hard.


In conclusion, this is pretty average show, watchable only if you turn your brain off completely and enjoy self-admitted absurd premise, retarded violence and rather sudden end.WE ALL ARE PUPPETS

From the New World with side dish of mass… love?

Shin Sekai Yori aka From the New World.

What if…

WNo, this smile is not mad at all.hat if… paranomal powers starts to wake up in humans?

What if… reality ensues? Riots, world-wide wars, deaths of milions?

What if… fate of world was in past long time held in hand of mad god-emperors?

What if… there is something even worse lurking in dark?

Now, thousand year later, we seem to be at more peaceful time in history. We witness group of kids from one of many enclosed communities starting to learn about their powers in school. But we already can feel something dark here. Disturbing mysteries, strange happenings and suspicious vanishings. In fact, nothing is as it seems and these kids are about to discover some things better left alone for peace of mind.

Can you…

ThSquealer, one of tale have three parts. In each one main characters are older, some of them are noticeably missing and new pieces of puzzle are revealed. Nature of village, truth about history, possibility of nightmares from past coming back and ancestry of human servants, called queerrats, among other things.

This is dysutopian (yes, this spelling is deliberate) story of future, but not one of overcrowded megacities in perpetual smog, insane rogue AIs or corporate dictators opressing mindless masses. At first blush, it is happy, sinister society of free love and brainwashing, where undesirable elements are unpersoned with extreme prejudice. Um, what?

AWith great power comes great danger.s story unfolds, description of how it came to be start becoming disturbingly convincing. Most unsettling, perhaps, is inevitable logic. Just think about it. In society where anyone can instakill anyone with mere thought, how people can coexist? How you deal with bad people? Every societal structure before awakening was built with assumption that single human is relatively weak. What is new equilibrium today?

There are things, that just must be done, to prevent even worse things. Atrocites are commited and sacrifices are made to ensure survival of what left of mankind.

And even that may be not enough.

All in all…

I will not spoil the story. It even for once have ending that does not suck! I will be succinct and sum up entire From the New World in one sentence.

Geneva Convention cries somewhere in corner in fetal position.

Say hello to this child. Say hello to your worst nightmare.

Flowers of Evil.

The flower bloomed.

The flower, the flower bloomed.

It was terribly afraid of the wind.

Nobody had ever seen it before, and it seemed to bloom.

The flower, the flower bloomed.

The flower, the flower bloomed.

No one had seen it before, and it seemed to bloom.

“There’s no flower. There shouldn’t be a flower.”

Some were convinced it was so.

But they were wrong, and it was there.

No one had ever seen it.

It should be harsh to listen to.

A flower bloomed that should not have.

There it is, yes, there it is.

There it is.

The flower bloomed.

The flower, the flower bloomed.

It was terribly afraid of the wind.

Nobody had ever seen it before, and it bloomed.

Aku no Hana

Mirai Nikki

Let’s play survival game.

You were seen many games (not being actual video games). Psychotic plays in Saw franchise, for example. And one most deadly and serious game that we all forced to play, called life. Why not one more? This is story of our most known and liked (from safe distance, of course) yandere of all times, Yuno Gasai. Obviously I had to review it here.

We start with typical social outcast that as only hobby have diary in cellphone (who would want to identify with someone like that is beyond me… however it was done properly a few times). He have only two imaginary friends – god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, and his chibi servant. One day he finds out they aren’t that imaginary – and in hindsight it was not happy day.

You see, god is real (in itself it would be very, very bad news for literally everyone and everything in Reality) and bored. Very bored. So he created game, where diaries of 12 owners gain prophetic properties, being capable of predicting future. In turn, owners can change their actions based on this and change possible outcome. And they will have reason to it – avoiding death, as god sets up battle royale between all of them. Diaries themself aren’t omniscient – they have their own strong and weak points, making fights between owners all more interesting. If diary became damaged, owner vanishes in puff of logic. There is carrot in game too – winner (lone survivor) will became new Deus Ex Machina.

I liked simple fact that for half of diary owners stating rules of game was enough to start killing each other. Deus did not forced directly to do it (at least at beginning) – you just kinda have to participate, when a lot of people try to kill you.

Owners themself are very various and some of them outright deny any participation, and even forms alliances, like one of most outrageous duos that I ever seen – dweeb and psychotic stalker of said dweeb.

So, if you will meet eye to eye with bored not-so-imaginary god bathed in gratuitous purple light, fear. Because a lot of shit gonna happen and a lot of people will die. And if you happen to be pupil of said god, you are truly screwed.