Codex Seraphinianus

There exists world, where copulating pair can change into alligator. Where trees uproot themselves and migrate. Where dead people are packed into glass coffins that are used as garden walls.

Welcome to madness of Codex Seraphinianus (Luigi Serafini), alternate reality with its own laws.

Whole book is divided into chapters describing various topics and things, every next one more outrageous than previous. Text is written in unknown language, but fortunately Codex is heavy on pictures. While many of them are relatively “normal” (if strange looking), other are… likeable. From simple ideas, like plant that water itself, through things like eye-fishes or entire family of two-legged… something, ending up in rainbow flying car. Aw yeah, I always wanted to drive something like this.

Finally we are going in full blown disregard of any physical laws or sanity – how else you can describe behaviour of Codex’s alien writing system? Talk about meta-abstraction.

Speaking of natural laws, fourth chapter apparently describes rules of this universe, in consequence becoming most abstract and enigmatic. Strange pictures, curious machines (experiments?) and unreadable descriptions of things that make no sense at all. Now I want book in same style about atoms and quarks. No one will notice any difference.

A few things in particular catch attention. For example, some games in tenth chapter looks like fun (if impossible to reentact in our reality). Clothing section should give ideas outshining even most extragvant convent cosplays (provided you will not kill yourself during wearing those). You can also try at home ingenious solution for annoying table breadcrumbs or wonder about deer head in flower pot.

This was nice journey in wonderland, only without Alice. Try it for yourself.

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