Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 9: bonus bosses.

So it came to this.

You may stand still and witness your love punished – transformed – killed before your eyes and suffer.

Or sacrifice yourself, saving him and hurting him, for he loves you to.

If you are desperate and insane, if your relationship is more important than entire reality, you can also raise hand against avatar of Master, personification of Order itself that looks like younger version of whoever sees it. If you win, you both, finally together, can witness reality itself falling apart. This is true ending.

…yeah, this is that kind of game. There IS reason why it is covered on this site. Relive it from beginning or its last moments, if you wish. Before we go in eternal darkness while Master sleeps soundly, we have some last things to do.

Alice’s Backyard

You should drop in at least once. To do it, access menu, choose fourth icon (one with book) and on next screen move to third entry from bottom:

After pressing enter pick letters for… yes, you guessed, “Backyard” (capital B, rest letters small) and use <Done>.

Reflection upon the true ending. Be careful when destroying world.

Huh. Enter to… well…. enter. Screen pans to show…

Huh. Looks like Avatar of Order in true form is scolding our trio. Alice have only one reply: No. Gulinello stays silent. Tiska does not understand.

Uh, got the happy ending?

Order hits table with tremendous force, making everyone jump.

You LOST the happy ending!! Think with your puny brain! You DESTROYED THE WORLD?! Left all humanity to die, you INCLUDED?!

She is so indignant she shakes.

Are you heroes or villiains?!

Alice simply responds Neither. Order just hits table again.

It better be ONE of them!!

L-Lady Order, calm down…

There’s NOTHING to be calm about!

Look, just think about it. If it were either me being a Shadeling or Alice dying forever, the world’d have to be destroyed.

Another hit. Poor table.

That’s WAY too much of a leap!!

I have to agree with Order on this.

You accept punishment for doing something really bad! Because you disturbed Order!

This all just goes to show you the triumph of the human heart. God’ll understand. You agree, Gulinello?

Our favourite shadeling seems to be surprised, suddenly being under spotlight.

Eh? Oh, uh, you bet, Tisky.

This time it is Tiska that abused table.

You’re not even listening!!

Alice, however, decided to Sleep. Order bangs on table that probably is on it’s last legs.

AND you’re sleeping?!

Cutscene ends and you are in control of… some shadeling?

Walk around. Let’s ask Tiska.

Welcome to Bar Alice!

I thought it is Alice’s backyard, not bar…

If you’re here, that must mean you beat the game. Thanks for playing! The longuing Shadelings there can tell you some things about development. Take it easy!!

Why everyone seem to scream lately? Pester him again.

What’ll it be? I have beer and juice.

You can choose between Japanese sake, Apple juice and Nothing.

If you order Japanese sake, Tiska moves to shelf while quipping:

Japanese sake? As opposed to American sake?

And he is back by counter.

Here you are.

Shadeling that you control seems to ask something.

…Huh? About me? Well, let’s see… I was the biggest hurdle when it came to making characters.

Oh fourth wall, we barely knew ye… wait, this whole place is pretty much just elaborate dev-notes. Nevermind.

I ended up unpopular, not very manly, and subject to cruel treatment… Geez, I’m the poster boy, though…

Don’t whine, I am quite sure you are very popular with at least one female out there.

If you cheered for me anyway, though, I’m glad.

In immortal words of Alice, you betcha! Unfortunately, ordering apple juice gives you same dialogue (only difference is his comment about loving apple juice). Boring! Ah well, let’s move onto first red Shadeling at counter. Wait, there are three of them here!

The Seraph’s Six Wings item was actually originally meant for another ending split… You’d get the true end if you had them, but… after that long final boss? So yeah, it was scrapped. Now they’re just a semi-hidden item.

Second Shadeling sits happily on couch.

Each dungeon has a “strongest Shadeling in the area”. If you beat them all, there’ll be a slight change in Shadeling Town.

Gather courage to talk with Avatar of Order herself.

I am Order, the proxy of God who governs reason.

Wait, now it is God, not Master? I blame translator.

And you are… “Planter Girl.” You’ve harvested all the plants.

I am that gardener? Is this hint about why you became shadeling? Curious. Last Shadeling next to piano jumps in place.

Thought this game was never gonna get done!! Development hell is scary.

Last but not least, Alice. You can ask for Cheery or Gloomy music. Last choice is Backstor-y (also with separate music track). Now Planter Girl is the one to speak.

I’m glad that I was able to put in that her real name was “Chronola”. She’s like wild black cat, thus “kiro nora”… la.

So… it is lame Japanese pun? *groan* And I thought it is kuro neko whatmasitit?

It also includes “chrono” for time, so I like it. Though it barealy appeared. By the way, there isn’t any real romance between her and Tiska.

WHAT?! Then what point it was to all of this omnisuicide business?! I call bullshit.

Affection, if you insist. Love is all you need.

Uh huh. I know better.

…aaand that’s all for Alice’s Backyard! You can leave simply by walking out same way where you appeared.

Grinding hell

Let’s kill bonus bosses. Before you even can think to attack bonus bosses, you have to grind up yourself in Garden of Creation. Suggested loadout (note that only Self-Holocaust will be used, rest is for bonus bosses except accessory):


  • Self-Holocaust: EC-1 / LP-40 Inflicts damage (A)
  • Guard: Halves damage taken
  • Aura: EC-2 Heals wounds (C)
  • Constellation Shield: EC-1 / LP-15 Prevents status aliments
  • Element Wall: Blocks attack next turn


  • Circlet: Earn 1.5 more Force

Tactic… for grind? What tactic? By now you know what to do. Again name of this skill hits me as well-named one. Endless holocaust to yourself. Forever. Well, almost. Grind is boring, after all.

Oh, by the way, if you lose boss battle now, you will wake up in your home.

Last tidbit: remember that “Do nothing” action from tutorial, back in the very beginning of game? Turns out there is very low chance that it actually does something.

Not that it does anything crazy, just low damage spell. Disappointing, considering visuals.

First boss

We will start with easier boss (not like you have choice). You should have grinded out those stats:

LP: at least 400

PSY: at least 200

AGL: at least 125

Loadout was given above, only change is accessory:

  • Dream Circuit Breaker: [Price of Soul] PSY-20% Take 1/3 less damage

So go to Farsdale Mental Hospital, make sure you read job poster outside at left of door and agree to part-time job.


Glad to see you. Alright, go inside. It is simple job, really.

Enter double-winged door.

Ask shadeling what is up with this woman.

This patient became pregnant with a demon child, and it broke her mind. We need to give her treatment to kill the child inside her, so please assist us.

So we are participating in abortion? I can’t fucking wait. Let’s talk with patient.

Nnno, I am not insane, I’m very much sane. Take a look, Doctor. My baby is dddoing very well. He’s here worrying by my side. Let’s return home soon, ssshall we? Father and Mother are anxious.

Yeeeah, very sane, that one. Shadeling comes closer.

She doesn’t have parents or her husband anymore… Only the monster he left behind.

Woman responds:

It’s not a hallucination. He’s here. Why do you have a syringe? Why are you looking at me like that?

Shadeling is next to her.

Alright, hold her down.


Oh dear.

Apparition Mother

Skills: Zig-Zag Trap, Earth Spider / AGL Down (weak), Physic Reverse, Fetal Movement / Star Fade, Dogra Magra

First skill, Zig-Zag Trap, is standard attack. Physic Reverse is similar.

Use of Fetal Movement moves you both… somewhere else and allows for Dogra Magra (she does not necessarily uses it right away). It is very powerful attack and you have to be able to survive it without Guard.

Tactic: You will need Self-Holocaust her 4 times (assuming you hit with max 999 damage), in meantime taking care of your health. Use Constellation Shield as first move. Self-Holocaust when you are able, Guard after Fetal Movement and heal yourself with Aura.

After that…

Please, wait. Wait… Very well, maybe I am insane… But please, don’t kill the child… He’s only thing I have left to treasure… Please…

Hm, seems she’s calmed down. But her baby is half-monster. It’s clear he’ll be unhappy, and live a life of sorrow. For her sake, it’s best to avoid a fate worse than his death.

Even if he’s enemy to all, I’ll protect him to my dying breath. I’m sure, so sure he’ll be happy… Please… Don’t kill him…

…If you insist, miss, then I won’t do it. Let’s return you to the asylum.

She vanishes from chair, presumably teleported away by shadeling.

…My best friend Tiscolet was the same way. Why did they have to leave me? Will I have to hear my daughter-in-law’s wailing again tonight…?

That’s it for first boss. Right now, receptionist will brush you off telling you they are busy.

Second boss

When you are ready (you CAN kill him with current loadout, just remember to heal up… but battle will be easier if you load up on LP), return to hospital and read poster on wall again. It is now slightly different.

Urgent Part-Time Job Offering

Just need to keep the patients calm. Experience preferred! Details inside!

Enter hospital lobby again – you will notice guy is nowhere to be seen. Receptionist will again ask you about part-time job.

If you are experienced, you’ll be fine.

Walk inside that little room of horrors.

As expected, he is here. Ask shadeling for guidance.

This patient is a decomposing corpse with no hope for life. We’ll try to do some things for him, so please knock him out.

Uh huh. Do it.

I’ve no hope for life… There’s no need for hope. All I am is not dead yet.

Shadeling comes to side of patient.

He was a former hero, but he’s decayed on both the outside and inside.

Just leave me alone.

Do you feel you’ve lost everything?

…What if I haven’t lost anything?

Then you just don’t know it.

Commence boss battle.

Long-Dead King

Skills: Chained Kringla, Touch of Death (weak), ?, Bloodthirst, Grimpgraphy / Sure Hit

On beginning he likes to cast Touch of Death that deals 10% of your LP damage every turn. Chained Kringla is double-attack (presumably with scythe). Bloodthirst will heal him by small amount.

Tactic: pretty much like first boss. First Constellation Shield to protect from Touch of Death and them shoot at him until he dies. Um, Self-Holocaust him (five times), but same idea.

During battle he will speak at certain moment (when you hit him for second time).

It hurts my heart so to see person like my daughter. I have killed man and beast to protect my lord, yet those eyes have ever haunted my dreams.

Screen flashes.

If I am to be honest, I must save her… The one my lord so loved!

End those delusions of grandeur. Next part happens when you defeat him.

Huh…? It can’t be… How could a little girl break my bewitched scythe…?

A corpse in cell doesn’t even know it’s rotting.

Don’t give me metaphors! Sigh… That was a thousand years old…

The more the world despairs, the more hope brims in your life. You should take notice. For my daughter-in-law, especially.

Yeah, sure. You gonna fix my scythe?

Well, let’s take you back to prison.

When shadeling teleports him away, one final message from hero turned criminal flashes.

Hey, hey…! You can’t just break it and run, I got that scythe from my lor-

A hero even now, isn’t he.

After dealing with this hero-turned-criminal you are back to lobby.

Good work. Your payment is a password. Standstill Girl “Music Room”. We hope to have your assistance if we ever need more help.

There is no poster outside anymore.

Music Room

You activate it same way as Alice’s Backyard – go to menu, select book icon and move to last entry. Click enter and write password (as space you can use empty character at left bottom).

Enter to go.

Lets see description of every song.

Land of Time: Time Core

Lurching Doll / SILDRA COMPANY

A song that represents Standstill Girl’s world. There’s a clock sound in it, but… You absolutely can’t let yourself notice it.

Land of Time: Shadeville Town

Gentle People / SILDRA COMPANY

It’s the only townlike town, so I used a very warm and snug song.

Land of Time: Mr. Shadeling – Shop/Battle Tutorial


Dumb, a little gloomy, a little black. Those Shadelings get this music.

The Hand Guiding Alice – Time Primer

Good Evening in Moonlit Woods / SILDRA COMPANY

I picked all my favourites for the town… Lot’s of 3/4 songs, huh?

Rotten Longing, Distant Home – Tukur Town

Sound of a Weather Vane / SILDRA COMPANY

The first dungeon, for most people. I hope it properly evoked an aimlessly drifting sorrow paired with this song.

The Cradle of Slavery – Departure for Malis

life stream / SILDRA COMPANY

A train going over water for some reason. Ooh, that sprinting feeling is good.

Shackled Affection Doll – Malis Residential District


I had a heck of a time making the map. You get lost easy in a big city…!

The Brunt of Seething Love – Magnolia, City of Scholars

Rusted Ramparts / SILDRA COMPANY

Claims to be a scholar-made city, but there’s not a single building to that effect, is there?

Farewell to a Broken World – Pit Beyond Town

seadragon / SILDRA COMPANY

The cog positions and the memory points don’t match up for the Pit ’cause I made the map first. Oops!

Passage for the Passing – Garden of Creation

Infinite Corridor / SILDRA COMPANY

The Garden of Creation was, in fact, created so I could use this song.

World’s Beginning – Magnolia, City of Scholars

032-Church01 / RPG Tool XP

From the RPG Maker XP RTP. The solemness of the pipe organ made it a perfect fit.

Farsdale Mental Hospital – event

Dream / Ongaku Banzai

The two patients had only their consciousness drift in from another world… is a dumb detail I was going for.

Normal Battle


A battle song I couldn’t imagine using anywhere else, it fits so well. The piano in the back owns!

Powerful Shadow – Blue Cog/Mr. Shadeling battle

Battle 6 / Ongaku Banzai

I only made special AI for the Shadelings, last boss, and bonus bosses.

Boss Battle – Hand Guardian battle

Metempsychosis / SILDRA COMPANY

Like fighting in a sea of stars, I’m a fan of how the background changes along with the intro.

Mad Farsdale – Apparition Mother/Long-Dead King battle

I won’t look back / Extra Ocean

A lunatic mental hospital battle. I went for a difficulty that’s too much for normal play, but I admint defeat.

Last Battle – Order battle

Last Battle 2 / Ongaku Banzai

Second forms are such a thrill!

Memories – Flashback

sweet / Ongaku Banzai

I was really surprised how well a cheery music box song fit. A warm song for a cold past – just right!

Time of Judgement – Event


Now it’s Tiska’s turn. It just screams finale!

The Worst Hypocrite – Land of Time (Endgame)

Red Bird, Blue Bird / SILDRA COMPANY

When you start to see people’s true colors. Full of criminals, that Land of Time.

Change the Outcome – Event

Contemplation / Ongaku Banzai

Maybe it’s the scene I used it for, but oddly, it sounds both sad yet positive.

Dream’s End – Game Over

lullaby / Ongaku Banzai

Actually planned it to play in the ending. Would it stick with you if you saw “END” with this song playing? …No?

Goodbye’ World – Ending

mirror in the sky / Extra Ocean

Song full of hope with the world ending in the background makes heartrending! Maybe.

Standstill Girl – Title screen

Heaven’s Ring / Extra Ocean

The ol’ title music for the final boss trick.


That’s all. You can now fulfill your destiny and destroy entire reality. See you next time.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 8: end of everything.

Now that we got to know it all, I can see future only with dread. Click here if you want to remember how it all began.


Chronola/Silla/Alice stand here, unsure what to do now. Save game, since we are close to end and about to explore all possible endings.

I guess we have to give Fragment to Tiska. Go under Great Clock.

Tiska retrieves it.

Thank you, Alice. Sorry you had to do my whole job for me… Well, I just finished repairs. Let’s get them on right away.

He walks closer to Great Clock, but stops.

…Hey, Alice?


I know, everyone knows, that you’re a really kind girl… but kindness can be a sin in the Land of Time. Alice, you… can’t let yourself end up like me and Gulinello.


Both Alice and Gulinello comes closer behind Tiska. He raises hands and Clock’s Hands fly out. Nonexistent wind ruffles his clothes.

Hands, now you must turn once more. Breathe life into the stagnant earth!

Hands unite and in flash of light appear on Clock.

Deep bell sounds. Then something snaps. Another bell and another snap. More snaps, each new more quick than one before. I… don’t think it is supposed to happen. Tiska is concerned too.



That being, disturbingly similar to child-like Alice… descends. And speaks.

I am Order, the proxy of God who governs reason. I come to point out sin. Now is a time of repentance. Confess your sin to God. Then by way of Order, you shall be dealt punishment.


Tiska faces Alice.

How did you and I meet? You remember now, right?


That was death fated by God. Something unescapable.

Tiska performs resurrection ritual.

Except… I saved you, and invited you to the Land of Time. That created a contradiction: a girl who accepted God’s fate of death is alive.

Murder, fraud, adultery, theft… Those manmade sins aren’t considered sins to us.

Sin is contradiction.

Those who defy God’s laws and create fatal contradictions are the greatest sinners.

You already perceive your sin as sin. For your eyes forever remember the sight of a man with the same sin and same punishment.

Gulinello speaks for first time.

Did you stop time and reveal Alice’s past juzt for that?

The absence of guilt invites relapse. Indeed, have you not already repeated your sin? You know of this, first warden.

Look, I’ll just ask… what’ll happen to me?

Body. Mind. Memory. All will succumb to darkness. But have no fear. If you can earn God’s mercy, you may once again take back your form…

Personification of Order rises again.

For now, a long rest. I shall permit you to say your temporary farewells to all those you know.

And with those words, avatar of God vanishes and room with Clock returns to normal. Well… beside fact that new door appears.

Tiska falls on his knees in despair.

A long… rest.

After some amount of time, we are back in control. Only Gulinello is present here.

He… went to Shadeling Town. He’s stupidly cheery, but he seemz pretty shocked.

So, what Alice will do?

Ending 1: Tiska

Try to go through door. Gulinello is a little surprised.

…Wait. What do you need with Order, Alice?

There are your choices.

If you select last answer, nothing happens.

But we are here to deal with Order. So Take punishment myself.

Don’t be stupid. You want to hurt hiz heart more? … You can’t get too upzet. He just saved you for the hell of it.

Try again to enter door.

… …If he’z important to you, go meet him now. That’z all you can do.

You cannot do anything more at this time – Gulinello will prevent it. So let’s follow his advice and find Tiska. After getting out first shadeling (that one nearby stairs) will tell you where Tiska is.

…Looking for Tiska? He went through the info hut.

Other shadelings in town also have new comments about current precarious situation.

Tiska’s getting… judged? He’s going to be all empty like us? He… won’t be Tiska anymore…?

No one subject to Order’s punishment has ever kept their former selves. Their original form, heart, memories… No going back. Just look at me. Past and future, heart and body, they’re all empty now. I don’t know who or what I was. Just a whole lot of nothin’ now.

Oh dear. I mean, I suspected something for a while now, but we now have confirmation what shadelings actually are – punished sinners for past transgressions against God’s Laws. Gardener shadeling states it even more bluntly.

A Shadeling means a former criminal. I heard we’re given this form so we won’t do any more crime. I guess it’s the same for me… Must have done something there was no taking back, huh?

I guess that Order’s promise is a lie, then? Moving along to Info Hut…

Looking for Tiska, aren’t you? He’s out staring into space through the door on the left.

Well, go there.


They both look out into that swirly, cloudy mess.

I’m the same as you. Gulinello saved me from death. He lost his mind, form and memories as punishment… and he chose me as warden. When I saved you, Alice… I meant to atone.


I couldn’t live with myself for taking everything from Gulinello. A girl who lost love and chose death… by saving someone like me, I thought I could save myself.

…It was foolish. I’m the worst kind of hypocrite. You see before you a huge idiot who tried to use a girl’s sorrow for his own selfish purposes.

…I’ve let you down. That’s fine. I’ll sink forever into darkness. You discarded your feelings for me, so you don’t have to worry. You can live peacefully here… that’s the happy ending.

He seems to finished. Ask him again.

The long-awaited time of punishment. No need to think anymore… so then why… why can’t I stop shaking…

Return back to Info Hut. Macaroni has new line.

Gulinello is the one and only criminal to receive God’s mercy.

Doesn’t seem very merciful.

But even then, he’s not able to get everything back.

Return back to Great Clock. Tiska will stop you just before entering.

… There’s… Before the end, there’s one last thing I want to ask.

Tiska walks forward.

If it’s with eyes of despair, fine. But please, watch over me in my final moments. …I don’t know really how why myself… but I think I’d regret parting with you here and now. I’m sorry… that it had to be like this.

Tiska walks up. Shadeling nearby stairs has last comment.

…Tiska’s left. We’ll never see him in that body or with that mind again.

Go up stairs to door at Great Clock. Gulinello is nowhere to be seen. Enter door and confirm.

Passage for the Passing

– Garden of Creation –

You are now in strange realm full of floating islands with white stone and green outcrops, connected by stairs.

Here you will meet all Time Scars from previous levels. There is exactly one way to deal with them all – Self-Holocaust them all way down. Or up. Or to side. Who knows with this Escher-like plane of existence. Don’t forget to wear Circlet. You will need all Force you can get later, when you get into extra bosses and the like.

Walk north until seemingly dead end.

Beside stairs, there are also jumpers – Alice stands next to one on picture above. They look like pair of pulsating shadows on ground. Run into it from correct direction and you will jump to second jumper from pair. We will talk about gray cog visible at right after we can actually get to it.

So, how to walk through entire level? Actually, we are already at place with first fork. Run west to jumper and jump. Go west, jump, north, jump east, go east… aaand we have first gray cog.

Use it like countless previous cogs.

I really don’t want to, you know.

After that cog vanishes. Go back: west, jump, south, east, jump twice and east/north to end of island. Jump north twice, go west, jump, north, then again west, south. You will find second gray cog.

He ended up finding his own happiness in you. But it was too late, he said, and this is the happy ending he found.

Return back to fork – north, jump east and east. Now jump east again and go north. Another fork. West, jump, north, east, jump south, east.

In a world without him, you’ll be all alone. That idiot convinced himself you’d be happiest that way.

West, jump north, west, south, jump east. Ugh, these meaningless random fights starts to seriously annoy me. All way east, north, west, jump, fourth gray cog.

…Hey. Where’s happiness for you?

We are almost there. Jump east, south, north, jump north and south all way up.

If even a trace of him comes to mind when you think about happiness… then reach out to him. Once “I” lose my memories, I’ll need you.

Like previous cogs, this one also vanishes. Enter building.

World’s Beginning

No more running around.

Just straight up…

…to the very end. You will see Tiska, Gulinello and Order’s avatar.

…Yes. Uh, about Alice…

She need not answer to your sin. But without a warden, balance will be lost and the world will end.

Pretty shitty design of world you have there, Order. You see, in our reality things that are not allowed are… impossible to do. There is no punishment nor need for it, because you simply literally cannot break laws of physics in first place. Maybe your Master should return to preschool for Demiurgs or something.

For the world’s sake, she, the lone human, shall become the next warden.

Thought so… She’ll take my position.

There’s no need to worry. I’ll watch over her this time to ensure there’s no further tragedy.

Big Sister watches you!

Warden Tiska. Now I shall enact your punishment. Close your eyes. Open your heart. And repent to motherly God.

Pulse. And choice. Last one.

Watch over him.

Tiska faces you.

…It’s goodbye, Alice. Soon, I’ll forget all about you, the world, everything. I’ll lose myself.

He nods to himself.

By now, I’ve realized. What made me tremble with fear was having to leave you. And it’s not you who was being saved, but me. It’s not for redemption or anything. It’s just my heartfelt feelings. Thank you.

Everything becomes black-and-white. Tiska disperses into nothingness. Everything is back, except… instead of Tiska, there is shadeling. Cat-eared cape lies nearby.

…v…aa… a…

Alice hugs that new thing that once was Tiska.

It’s uzeless, Alice. That’s not Tiska anymore. He lost himself as punizhment. He’s a hapless, stupid Shadeling.

Gulinello comes closer to newling.

He doesn’t have a shred of his form, memories, or mind left. We juzt have to accept it…

Screen darkens as Gulinello says these words. Credit rolls. And after those…

… This iz his “rest”. If you can… Try to believe in the miracle of him being Tiska again. …Good night.

Title screen welcomes you back.

Ending 2: Alice

Wait a moment. What gives? Didn’t we intended to take his punishment?! Yes, but we will have to lie to Gulinello. Load game and when you try to enter Clock’s door, choose middle response.

Ask to forgo punishment

…That punishment is the essence of our world’s reason. Unless the Master just wakes up and talks down Order, there’z no way. If you’re really hoping, I won’t stop you, but… Juzt don’t do anything that’ll only hurt him.

Oh, I believe you. Rules of this world don’t care about human law and all of that. Sorry, Gulinello, that we have to deceive you. You wouldn’t let us in otherwise.

Before you enter, Gulinello has some new words to say.

When I was in his position, he waz in yours… how ironic. I saved him from death, and now he’s going to accept a fate worze than death…

Enter Garden of Creation. This place is same, except cogs don’t do anything beside vanishing – their lines show only if you meet with Tiska. You still have to remove them, otherwise last cog won’t vanish. You can always return to Land of Time and talk with Tiska behind Info Hut, making it Tiska Ending. Only difference appears when you finally get to end of road. Alone.

Avatar of Order appears, clearly non-plussed by arrival of Alice alone.

Chronola Hartin.

Hey, we didn’t heard her surname before!

You exist in this world now as a great contradiction. However, it is the warden who has made it so. You need not answer to his sin.

Alice gets closer to edge.

… What seek ye?

Another Choice.

If you say Nothing, this will be reply of avatar of Order.

I see. Then go now. Your role is to provide him a final comfort before his end.

You will be forced into Tiska Ending. So instead you have to reply I want to save Tiska.

… So long as his contradiction exists, his sin will not be rid of. Indeed… Chronola. It is your death that is key to solving the contradiction. Time does not flow in this world. Death is eternal here, with no reincarnation. Do you still mean to protect him?

You get non-choice. Why you would say “No” at this stage? Presumably only to allow Tiska Ending.


…Indeed. You should not choose death. Even if it were to save him, it would deeply wound him…

Order vanishes, leaving these words hanging.

That is how you must save him.

That leads to Tiska Ending. But if you choose otherwise…


…I see.

Apparition of Order comes closer and closer.

If you, source of the contradiction, will it, I must respond accordingly…

Everything vanishes.

May you rest in peace.

Meanwhile (not that it means anything considering nature of places where it all is happening) in Land of Time Tiska walks up to Clock door and Gulinello.

She went inzide.

To see Order…? …Why…?

Tiska enters Garden. You are now in control of him and find yourself already at last part. Go straight up. Poor Tiska.

Tiska comes closer.

Um, look. I’m finally ready now. To accept Order’s punishment. I had trouble getting my feelings in order and preparing… but I’m fine now. So I… it may be the end for me, but I wanted to tell you…

Alice’s body collapses. Order, you have pretty assholish timing.


Screen blackens, showing only small, silver-haired child. After montage of backgrounds we are back to Garden and child falls again.

…What… No… Way… Order, why… Why did she…!

…this is why Order in eyes of Alice was so similar to herself as child. Everyone sees younger version of themself. Such is nature of Order.

She wanted your sin rid of, and took death in exchange.

Surprise, surprise, Tiska does not take it well.

I… I don’t want that. I don’t. Alice… WAKE UP!! I’m the one who should be judged!! You shouldn’t have had any of it! But… but you…

Tiska is crying.

…Then I… all I did was push you down into despair, didn’t I… Alice…

Credits roll.

An eternal sleep. Freed from the cycle of rebirth. Perhaps that’s what the girl who lost love desired… But if he had the slighest affection for her, then it was a great mistake.

…Goodbye, standstilled girl.

Ending 3: Order

Well, that didn’t worked out well. There is one other way out of this: defiance. First we must prepare, for messing with entity that bears Order of Reality is serious business. Your loadout:
LP: at least 180
PSY: at least 180
AGL: at least 100
Skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Aura, Maneater Gerbera, Pleasure Fruit
Accessory: Berliner Vice (2x PSY/AGL when LP is less than 30%) or Seablue Necklace (LP+50%)

You can win with less, but it will be significantly harder. Don’t forget to recover HP, if you used Seablue Necklace. Garden of Creation is nice for farming with Circlet, one fight can reap north of 750 force. Change it into Garden of Self-Holocaust.

When you are meeting Order with Tiska and Gulinello, instead of Watch over him, choose . When he confesses love to you and everything gets white, Alice has enough of it all – and jumps in front of Order, pushing her away from Tiska.

Order is unamused.

What are you…

Alice shakes head.

Do you mean… to defy Order, and God’s law?

Wait, Alice…! Do not, do NOT do that! She’s the foundation of our world. So much as hurt her and it’s all lost. There won’t BE a world for you to peacefully live in!

Alice shakes head again.


Gulinello interjects unexpectedly.


Gulinello! Stop Alice!

…Alice has something she doezn’t want to lose, just like you.

…You mean…

Alice now watches their argument, while Order floats over them, unmoving.

You want a world where Alice sacrifices herself?

Of… Of course I don’t.

And Alice doezn’t want one where you sacrifice yourself. If it can’t be either of those, then deztroy it all. I was too much of coward to do it then, but Alice… you’re brave enough for it. You can change the outcome.

Well, that was unexpected indeed.

First warden… so that is where your sin originated, is it.

If wanting theze guys to be happy is a sin, then call me sinner.

It appears showing you mercy was a mistake.

Order pulses.

This time, I will have to send you into eternal nothingness.

Tiska, Alice and Gulinello stand together in defiance of Order.

Stop… I won’t let you do that.

You defy me?

Alice… I’m sorry. With my selfish thoughts, I nearly went and left you all alone. I hope you can… not hate me for that.

Order. I stand by my sin. You think I’m going to vanish without saving someone so important to me?!

I see… so this world overrun with Shadelings still has those who entertain such thoughts.

Maybe it is hint for your Master that He designed this reality pretty… badly.

Very well. Show me your resolve.

Order sprouts four wings and changes her look. She seems to be really, really not pleased.

Order, made to last eternity. …the outcome shall not change.

Final battle

All people are in frantic search for happiness in an unequal garden.

Yet invariably, happiness is nowhere to be found there.

So it came to this. For first time in game, you are not alone. You are with someone you love and someone that loves you.

We won’t be able to do much damage like this…

Tiska casts some spell.

I’ll take care of them for you… so Alice, you watch for a chance to attack Order… it’s okay. We will have a good ending to this… I’m sure of it!

Skills: Dream of Electric Sheep, Innocent Rain, ?, Sanctity Sky (heals), Legalitat (weak)

Skills: Epimedium, Centifulword (heals Alice during second phase)

Tactic: Your spells do minimal damage against Order. You have to survive until Tiska casts Epimedium (three rounds). That will remove these guardian angels for few rounds, bringing back power of your offensive spells (in this case Self-Holocaust). After that Tiska must charge again.

At beginning eat Maneater Gerbera, later Guard 2x. Tiska casts Epidemium, you cast Self-Holocaust twice.

If you die in this battle…

Choosing “Give up” returns you to main screen, “Don’t give up” allows for changing skills/accessory and restarts battle. Unfortunately, you cannot spend Force.

Second phase

But she refuses to acknowledge it.

…No. The power of man… cannot overturn the world…!

Skills: E. Horrid, Flam Shout, Angels’ Repentance (drains LP), ?

Tactic: Note that this wounded angel do not have hp visible. You have to attack it until it dies with Self-Holocausts (three-four times if you have max 999 damage). Tiska sometimes will heal you and cast other spell that makes Order pulsate. It is not clear for me what it does.

It is relatively easy battle.

…The outcome has indeed been changed. All meaning is lost from sin and punishment… no trace of either of you being sacrificed remains.

But… All that remains is a world that lacks God’s promise. It will flood with fatal contradiction and soon fall to demise… You will come to deeply regret what you have done…

Defeated Order rises away.

I apologize, for I could not protect the world… Now… …I go… to your side…

Avatar of Order vanishes, leaving our trio.

Now, we…

He is interrupted by earthshake. View pans though Land of Time, where every Shadeling explodes.

The Shadelings are vanishing…

The world’z Order is gone. We who were turned to shadow by Order are going to go back to our rightful formz… maybe I can’t say rightful. We Shadelingz were never rightful to begin with…

Gulinello becames half-translucent.

Gulinello, your body…

God gave mankind hearts to color the world. When people know sadness, they chase after happiness. When they know happiness, they seek more of it… you two juzt wanted an ordinary happiness like any other humans. The problem waz, happiness was outside the garden. Hopefully that stupid, lazy, still-sleeping God takes some responsibility for the rest.

He almost completely faded.

Don’t forget your happiness.

Thank you…

After this farewell, Tiska and Alice face each other.

…Boy, this is strange. Right now, I feel like… I’ve finally been able to meet you.

Alice hugs him and finally speaks for first time.

…And I finally found… happiness.

Credit rolls. At end another password is revealed: Alices’s “Backyard”.

The end of the world… all life that exists will return to God and become one. This garden full of sadness is going to be reborn.

…Goodbye to our world.

This is almost everything. Last part of our walkthrough will deal with bonus bosses.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 7: revelation.

We now know suffering of Alice. If you do not know what it is about, start from beginning.

As usual, when back from real (even if time-stopped) world, gather plants from garden, see Gulinello and Tiska and all of that.


Tiska is busying himself with tinkering around some black box. His comment is slightly more helpful.

Are you geting any new skills? If you want better skills, try using the old ones more.

Whatever you say, pretty boy. I’ve talked to him just to hear his voice…

No need to rush. It’s totally fine if you take this at your own pace.

*ahem* Enough distractions.

Pit beyond Town

Time to enter last door!

– Farewell to a Broken World –

Wellll. Is this what I think it is?


Before we jump down – again – let’s review monsters here.

Bmonster_bumpinthenightump in the night– Bat. What else can be said?

Tactics: You should know already by now.

Skills: Guard, Supersonic wave (Dizzy), Bloodway, ?

Smonster_shovinghandhoving hand – Brown hand rising from ground and hiding something sinister in palm.

Tactics: Only thing to do.

Skills: Trip Up (Invert), Shock, Charge, Whirlwind (Invert)

Cmonster_chaoshaos – Looks like some Lovecraftian spawn from hell. Pretty slow.

Tactics: La le doo…

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Deadly Venom (Weak), Nervous Breakdown, Earthquake (Invert)

Mmonster_midnightidnight – Some kind of winged generic demon. Ehhhhhhhhh… It can cast only Dark Mist without Guarding.

Tactics: Derp herp derp.

Skills: Guard, Evil Flame, Nightmare, Dark Mist (Blind)

Dmonster_darkmatterark matter – Living flame or something. Does not matter.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust Self-HolocaustSelf-Holocaustselfholocaustselfhosloacusyttttttt

Skills: Concentration, Angelight (Dizzy), Stray Sheep, Anti-Pain

As you can see, at this stage combat with enemies is pretty much reduced to endless spam of Self-Holocausts. While obviously fitting for mood of entire game, it is just… boring. Use Circlet, there is not much need for Alluring Perfume and we will have to grind. As usual, pump AGL up until you always start first without Perfume with any monster here (around 120).


First deal with green cog. Maybe this will be your reward?

  • Tree Necklace: [Dread] AGL+50%. Well, ain’t that decent artifact.

There is nothing else to do except jumping down in marked place. Except something, or rather someone, does that for you, pushing Alice down.


Alice falls down and stands up to discover there is no way up. Ask shadeling below what gives.

What’s the matter, Alice? Tripped and fell? I can take you back to the Land of Time if you want.

How nice of him, but I’m fine. If you want to get back, though, use Please do.

Alright, hold onto my back. Oops, don’t have one…

Either way, while you are here, walk west all way to end and then south.

You know where stairs down lead, right?We will check out that cave entrance later. Continue south to end and then east. You should encounter first blue cog.

That was nice stroll.What is hiding there?

FFound Youound you– Four-handed evil being with mean attitude floating on some magical golden contraption. Pretty slow. Mainly useful as measurement of your power – you have to kill it with one Self-Holocaust shot (about 155 PSY, have a nice time grinding it), then you will be half way to be ready for boss.

Tactics: I don’t even care anymore, just kill it.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Southern Cross, Lacrimosa, Summer Rain Strike, ?

Now backtrack a little to that cave entrance. Nothing interesting left here anyway.

Another hole. What are odds?!

Inside we find ladder leading to lower level.

Moar holes!!!111

Down there is another shadeling.

Deeper and harder.

Looking for Fragments here too? Must be rough, Alice.

You don’t even know half of it. Go through bridge.

I am tired of crappy double entendres.

On your way you will encounter next blue cog. Do what you must do and continue journey to another cave entrance. Enter.

Again and again.

Go slightly north and east through bridge to get another green cog.

  • Full Moon Necklace: [Hatred] PSY+50%. Another 50%, this time for PSY.

Later back on track to next cave entrance.

We will go down forever.

That would be like fourth or fifth level, right? Ask shadeling about it.

Feels like I’ve been here when time was stopped before…

Aren’t you ominious. That also confirms my suspicions that this kind of event already happened in past at least once. You cannot progress in west direction, as Alice apparently does not like to get wet.

I guess this is not best pool in world...So go east, then north through bridge up to long stairs.

Forever and ever.

Figures that people wouldn’t be comin’ down here.

Yep, I guess everyone noticed lack of people by now. Walk east to end, encountering another shadeling…

Some annoyin’ enemies can use strong attacks without even havin’ to guard first. But they’re sacrificing LP for it, so they’ll go down quick.

…something suspicious…

To switch or not to switch, that is the question.

…and green cog.

  • Beriner Vice: [Turnabout] 2xPSY/AGL when LP is less than 30%. May be helpful in boss battle, we will see.

Obviously, flip that switch. This will drain “pool” that you have seen before. Return there and get to other side. Surprise, secret green cog!

We now can reach it.Possible prize:

  • Colorful Corset: [Price of Life] LP-20% Additional EC each turn. Another pretty powerful artifact.

Now return back to entrance. There is one more thing to do before finishing cave. Do you see something suspicious in this screenshot?

This is single secret passage in entire game.Go directly south from where you stand. You will meet last Red Shadeling.

Pretty nice cave you have there.Of course we will Fight with him.

This dragon is pretty fatass.Black dragon with big belly. Just to swallow you whole, my dear.

Tactics: Two Self-Holocausts should suffice. He is really slow.

Skills: Concentration, Element Wall, Bloodway, Evil Javelin, Dark Mist (Blind)

As prize for defeating him, he will give you one little skill.

  • [Element Wall] EC-2 Blocks attack next turn. More useful than it sounds.

Also, this special. Me, teach you password. Lunatic “Diagnosis” Log. …You, remember it.

How to use password? Bring up menu and use fourth option from left (game help):

Game help and lore option.Move selection down to second row of “????”.

Help screen. I bet you see it for first time.Now just hit Enter and select correct password “Diagnosis” using most annoying input interface ever. Who thought about that?! Well, it could be always worse

Lunatic Diagnosis Log

Ageha Kajin: Hallucinations

Jihad Madri: Lethargy

These two deny treatment, so recovery is difficult. Permission to treat them at Farsdale. (Enter to go)

Farsdale? Sounds familiar… oh right, mental hospital at south border of Shadeville. click Enter.

I'M FINE FINE FINEFINEFINE f-i-n-e...It hurts a little sometimes, but… I know that this pain is so our baby can make its way out into the world. After this, the three of us will live a peaceful life together. So this level of pain is really nothing…

…Maybe that’s not quite true. But still, I’ll be fine. I’ll protect you, dear, and our baby… Hohoh…

Receptionist shadeling comments.

…That patient seems to have gone mad. Who is she even talking to…?

…Eh, guess it doesn’t matter.

After a while, you can hear strange sound, like a thud.

Mrs. Ageha Kajin? This way.


That was really unsettling. Exit help screen and go all way west and north until you see blue cog and cave entrance.

That running over whole cave starts to tire me.That was last blue cog, so pink cog un-pinks. Enter entrance.

When it will end?You already can see last green cog. Unfortunately, by now we ran out of artifacts and we will get generic prize like Force or Pleasure Fruit. Continue north.

Finally!It is finally over. Make sure you have sufficient amount of LP (180), PSY (155) and AGL (100). Grind more if you need Force. Now break cog. As expected, young Alice appears.

No, stop. I just wanted someone to love me, I don’t want to be someone’s replacement.


Welcome, Light Spanning the Sky. You are beautiful eyeless white dragon. And I am here to destroy you.

Go into light, child.

As with any boss, you’ll need to kill it ASAP. Fortunately, it is not as hard as previous ones.

Accessory: Alluring Perfume.

Skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Aura (just in case).

Tactics: You should be able to survive until you perform three Self-Holocausts.

Skills: Concentration, Spirit Thorn, Innocent Rain, Meltdown (Weak), Sky Drive (Invert)

After defeating Light Spanning the Sky, get out… there is nothing but darkness and pulsating, red pain.

Why won’t you face me?

You are doll made to accept my love.

From now until your life is exhausted, Silla, I will etch my love for you into your body.

LOVEis what

you want, isn’t it?

Cruel red flash. Cruel sounds.

Someone had enough.Child arrives to hole.

First time.Child jumps inside.

May the new love you find be genuine.

Bright flash. Unknown amount time later there is only Clock’s hand. But then, two familiar figures appear.

It's them! Tiska i Gulinello!Never been a warden who deztroyed the clock hands and all before, y’know.

I-It’s a little brittle sometimes…

Tiska takes Hand.

Alright, we’re done.

Gulinello starts going back.

Let’z get it back quick.

Yeah… …Hm…?

Ticka apparently notices something. Or rather, someone.

What’z the matter?

There’s someone down below…

Tiska jumps down.


Gulinello jumps after Tiska.

Someone is very, very dead.Suicide…? I smell a man’s blood on her. There’z a story here, to be sure.

Tiska starts casting some spell.

Resurrection spells never are easy.Save her.

Save her and what? She took her life out of hate for the world.

She can live in the Land of Time. Lose her past, future, name.

That’s againzt the rules. You know what’ll happen if they find out you dizobeyed Order?

And didn’t you save me from death knowing the same, Gulinello?


…Fine. See if I care.

End of flashback. You are standing in last chamber. Clock’s Hand is before you.

And so we know how Alice came here.Take it.

Memory Get: Farewell to a Broken WorldWas it worth it?…

Why not?My…

My memories were sealed in the clock the very moment I found happiness.

So I’ve been waiting so long.

To know everything about myself…

About when I was Chronola, when I was Silla, when I was Alice.

Small girl gets closer to bigger girl.

And finally, I can be one with myself.

They unite.

Welcome back.

Don’t forget the hand that reached toward you on the brink of despair again.

Because there is where my greatest happiness lies.

Girl runs forward – and we are back in Land of Time.

I have bad feelings about it. Let’s see what happened next.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 6: love.

We are coming closer. Not yet here, but what we already seen is sufficient to understand where it is leading. If you are confused, best to start from beginning.

We are back in hall. Walk around, harvest plants, read news.

A Word From Tiska There’s something eerie about the Time Core… I don’t really want to be here today…

A Word From Tiska Huh? …No, no, I’m guy! Really!

A Word From Alice ……… …………………. ………………………… …………..

How delightful. Ok, no point in lollygagging, we will have to face it sooner or earlier.


Go back to hall and enter fourth door.

– Magnolia, City of Sholars –

We are welcomed on bridge by your servants.


Shame they are time-stopped. Ask shadeling what gives.

Look at these streets! Heard this is a city of scholars.

Okay. And what Time Scars roam this place?

Cmonster_coldglareold Glare – Very, very distant cousin of Beholder – just yellow-skinned eye with strange brows. Nothing interesting beside that.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Nightmare (Dizzy), Charge, some shit that he never uses.

monster_meltedmindMelted Mind – Well, right, it looks indeed like something melted. Mind? Maybe. Anyway, it likes to Guard, and later hit with Brain Blue. Shame (for him) that at this stage you should be almost unscrathed by this.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust again.

Skills: Guard, ?, Deadly Venom (Weak), Brain Blue.

Gmonster_gossiperossiper – What this gnome does here? Never mind, get rid of it. Relatively slow. This one could be actually dangerous thanks to Dead Spell, if only it had chance to use this skill first.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust yet again.

Skills: Crunch, Trip Up (Invert), Dead Spell (Death), Stray Sheep.

Nmonster_necrokissecrokiss – This duo looks like they don’t like you. Some kind of black angel and deathly pale guy with red eyes. Pretty fast. Often uses Dark Mist as first attack. If Guards, it will use Evil Flame. Blind causes 50% chance of missing (normally you always hit). At least if you miss, you do not pay LP price for skills that require it.

Tactics: For a change, we will use… ah, screw it. Self-Holocaust.

Skills: Guard, Dark Mist (Blind), Angelight (Dizzy), Evil Flame.

Umonster_unbelievablenbelievable – Mage? Scholar? It is unbelievably weak, in any case. Concentration allows for more powerful skills.

Tactics: Can you guess?

Skills: Trip Up (Invert), Concentration, Evil Flame, Nervous Breakdown.

As you can see, currently to-go skill is Self-Holocaust, taking place from previously used Brain Blue. It damages you for 40 LP, but on this area you should be able to afford it without batting an eye. If you can’t, invest Force in LP. Make also sure you are faster than any monster here. Remember to use Alluring Perfume until you get something better. It is really powerful.

You can also get additional skills:

  • [Anti-Pain] – EC-3 Heals Wounds (B) and cures aliments. You must use Aura a lot and get LP 60 or more.
  • [Stray Sheep] – EC-2 / LP-10 Inflicts damage (B) + Blind. You must be victim of that spell and get blinded. Best way is to Guard a dozen of times against Gossipier.
  • [Lacrimosa] – EC-2 / LP-10 Inflicts damage (B) + Death. You must use Nervous Breakdown, Stray Sheep and Nightmare.

Magnolia is not one big map, like Malis. It is set of relatively small maps. Interestingly enough, you cannot enter any buildings. We will start exploring counter-clockwise. Move east, since nothing else interesting is here.


Shadeling whines:

I suck at studying…

Hey, look, Blue Cog.

Wmonster_instonearning in Stone – Stone giant. Pretty slow. Pretty strong. Plenty of LP. It can actually survive Self-Holocaust! Uses Pleasure Fruit, if hurt in battle. Not that it will help him, mind you. Warning in Stone is pretty useful as benchmark – you have to be able to kill it with Self-Holocaust in one hit, if you want to survive challenges ahead. That would be about 100 PSY, by the way. Grind, baby, grind!

Tactics: More Self-Holocausts.

Skills: Guard, Dark Mist (Blind), Charge, Earthquake (Invert), Pleasure Fruit.

Now go north.


Here is another shadeling…

Must be nice to be human. You can study to get smarts, and you can train to get strong. ‘Cept some still have nothin’. That really gets me steamed.

…and Green Cog hidden behind barrels (from your point of view, Alice can see it very well) with random monster and treasure. Example:

  • Seablue Necklace: [Vanity] LP+50%. More powerful version of Coral Hairpin. Still won’t be used.

It is just me or these streets are pretty empty? Walk to north.


Whoa, three, count them, THREE interesting things! Remember Pink Cog in entrance to something (presumably univesity or similiar place, this is city of scholars, after all) and Red Shadeling – we will deal with them later. Destroy Green Cog. Example prize:

  • Espadrilles: [Price of Freedom] AGL-20% LP consumption halved. Useless.

We are still going counter-clockwise. Go west. Destroy Blue Cog convieniently placed just by road. Going further you encounter Green Cog behind trees and shadeling.


You can just live in the Land of Time if you wanna forget all the world’s hardships. ‘Cause there, everybody tosses out their past and future.

Enough of moving like clock. Move south. This place has most people. For some reason you can’t talk to them, though.


Another Green Cog, another doubtful loot.

  • Dream Circuit Breaker: [Price of Soul] PSY-20% Take 1/3 less damage. Hmm… no. May be useful in certain circumstances, though.

Go south again.


Lemme see, suspicious guy standing on bench, mother with two kids and yet another goddamn Green Cog.

  • Insomnia: [Termination] Prevents all ailments. No, just no. What it is with all of that vendor trash?!

Walk west to end, but then go north again.


Deal with Warning of Stone (now you should have all needed Blue Cogs destroyed) and talk to shadeling.

Some Shadelings will challenge you to show off their might. Those Shadelings won’t get any stronger as you train, but… Some of them are just stupidly strong, so be careful.

Well, I thought Red Shadeling on different levels were same person. Whatever, go north.


This place has only shadeling – and way to get to Green Cog that we seen previously. Just walk above that tree on right of screenshot. But let’s see what this shadeling has to say first.

I saw a Hand Fragment in a big plaza. That plaza should be… Uh, east from here?

Thanks, I would never, ever find it without your help. Get Green Cog. It now gives just Force, so I guess this level ran out of accessories to give… meh, all of them were shit anyway.

Ah well. Return to where Pink Cog was and prepare for two battles. As first it will be Red Shadeling.

Whale out of Nowhere

This battle is actually challenging for a change, due to certain twist. Yay!

Preparations: First, equip those skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Lacrimosa, Shock, Aura. Ensure you have equipped Alluring Perfume – it is absolutely critical. You many want also to harvest plants in garden and grind a lot (eqiup Circlet in that case).

Now you are ready to fight with Red Shadeling. Confirm your desire to fight.


Wat. Is this… some kind of unicorn whale?…

Tactics: Damage him to sligtly over half of health (maybe as low as 1/3) with combination of Lacrimosa and Shock. Then finish him in one shot with Self-Holocaust. Otherwise he will use Meaningful Double Suicide (MDS) and that means you already lost battle, as in this state you will automatically miss him. Mr. Shadeling will then blast you with large amount of damage.

Of course, if you have sufficiently high PSY, you can just fire two Self-Holocausts and be done with that nonsense.

Skills: Charge, E. Horrid, Angelight (Dizzy), Whirlwind (Invert), Meaningful Double Suicide.

Let’s go into details: damage dealed by MDS seems to be exactly 999.

  • No protection: 999
  • Only Guard: 499 (half of damage reduced)
  • Only Dream Circuit Breaker: 666 (1/3 of damage reduced)
  • Both of above: 333 (combined 2/3 of damage reduced)

To surivive that you would have to do A LOT of grinding. If you win that battle, you will get skill:

  • [E. Horrid] – LP-30 Inflicts Damage (C) and sucks EC.

That would be all about our Allahu Akbar-loving Red Shadeling. Time for main course!

The Brunt of Seething Love

Preparations: This boss battle will be either nasty, like previous ones, or easy, if you prepare well. Skills: Guard, Self-Holocaust, Shock, Anti-Pain. Wear Alluring Perfume. Make sure you have at least 100 PSY and at least 122 health.

Use last, formerly pink, cog. Alice already expected her past self, but steps back anyway.


A rope around my neck. I choked, but I endured.

Because I was told it was love.

Yeah, this is Warped Affection, looking like some imposing demon surrounded by magic and suffering.


Tactics: Rule same as always with bosses – kill fucker ASAP. Perform three Self-Holocausts in row. Yes, that’s it. First one is free thanks to Alluring Perfume, and after second one he will either Concentrate or use up Pleasure Fruit. Does not matter, as third Self-Holocaust will finish him. If not, Shock him in submission. Heheh.

Skills: Concentration, Brainwashed Neglect (Weak), Stray Sheep (Blind), Pentecost, Pleasure Fruit.

After winning, go through gate.

Father gave you those wounds, didn’t he.


…He’s insane, isn’t he?

Once he’s destroyed one, he finds a girl to replace her and does it again.

When the only preson he really loves isn’t with us any longer.

Two “Silla”s have been bought and killed before this.

Those girls were never loved.

They were just sacrifices for Father, becuase he saw Mother’s phantom in them!

Second girl gets off bench.

I can’t do anything about it. And I don’t dare to. Because I’m only here now thanks to his tiniest bit of sympathy.

I can only tell you the truth. You can do what you will now.

After this flashback, we return to our senses.


Take Hand.


Somewhere else…

The Hand Fragments…


There’s only one person who could be doing this… So that’s it, huh…

Ticka turns back to his mentor.

I warned you then. Told you it waz unlawful. Once Alice gets all the Fragments, it’z you who will be regretting.

Tiska denies it.


I always knew what would happen.

We are standing next to gate to Magnolia. While we know, or rather are sure, what happened to Alice back then, we still have unanswered questions. Can it get worse? See you next time!

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 5: Cradle.

Last acquired dark memory tell us about Chronola’s destination – slave market called euphemistically “Cradle”. Go here, if you want to read from start.

Finished travel.

Walk to our favourite duo under Great Clock. Wait, not duo anymore. Tiska is nowhere to be seen. Ask Gulinello about him.

Tiska? He’z doing errands in town. Hazn’t been back in a while… no doubt he got sidetracked.

I thought broken Great Clock is most important right now? Ah well. Time to search for that good-for-nothing around. In your home, Shadeville Magazine has new ad.

Seeking Challengers! Training in Land of Life. Bring good fight! Me red Shadeling, so you’ll know.

Among other messages, Gulinello has this delightful advice:

A Word From Gulinello. Pay attention, will you? That’s not a comedy, it’s a tragedy!

Ok, let’s go from your home to east. Oh, it is Tiska! He seems to talk with shadeling (one that said Alice would be better Warden).

I bet he is reprimanded.

I was just buying some ice cream from Teresa here. *whistles* Let’s eat it together!

I figured you weren’t doing warden work… Guess I was right.

Tiska jumps in reaction.

S-Sure I am! Just… not making much progress on repairs, is all!

If you say so.

Tiska and Alice move a little.

How about the park here?

It is very nice park, with very nice view. View of… uhhh… some… brownish, swirly… er, um. Nevermind. Forgot we aren’t in standard reality.

Another Fragment, another memory.

 …Thanks. I’ll take that.

Tiska takes Hand Fragment. For a while both of them look into what here passes for outside.

Hey, Alice?


…You already know, right? It’s something in your past that ended you up in the Land of Time. And now, you’re doing your darnedest to look for those Fragments… even though having the Clock take our pasts might be the happiest thing for us.

Hm. Did Tiska also had bad past? Anyway, he lowers his head for a moment.

…I’m really anxious. What if a Time Scar gets you? Or if your own past hurts you? It tears my chest apart just thinking about it…

Another moment of silence.

…but I am a little happy. About how you’re taking it upon yourself to face your past… and how you’re so willing to help me out.

Now it is Alice that is silent. Still, it looks like she is saying something to Tiska.

Um… huh? Er… false assumption?

Seems Alice is a little upset.

W-Well, even so…! I’m glad for you, really… Tell me if there’s anything bothering you. I’m sure I can help.


Angry Gulinello is angry.

Both of them look at left.

How long’z it take you to do a little shopping?!?

Yeowch… Gulinello’s furious. He’s always so protective, y’know…

Tiska makes a few steps.

Sorry, yeah, I better be going. See you later, Alice.

After next few steps he faces Alice once again.

Hope it can be leisurely next time.

Alice looks after Tiska, as he scampers off.

Half-Eaten Ice Cream.What?

  • Half-Eaten Ice Cream: For when you want to be happy.

Oh my. You really enjoyed that little outing, huh? Ask Teresa about him.

Always slacking on his job… What’s he gonna do if he gets fired? N-Not that I care about him or anything.

Meh, tsundere act will not help you. While we are in Shadeville, let’s go where we weren’t previously – at very bottom.

This is Farsdale Mental Hospital. Sounds like puppies and sunshine. Next to door is poster.

Urgent Part-Time Job Offering

Just need to keep the patients calm. Beginners OK! Details inside!

Go through door inside.

I don't like this place.

This is off-putting place. What is with these very weird noises? And here are two humans! Actual humans! Ask receptionist shadeling here. If you didn’t read poster, he will tell you off.

We’re a bit full at the moment. Please wait.

If you did read poster, he will ask:

Here for part-time job?

You can respond That’s right or That’s wrong. I think it is obvious that you should answer with latter. That “beginners OK” thing is bald-faced lie. I am sure we will pay visit later. Way, way later. Check out those two patients.

Guy: The patient’s body and mind was ruined, and so madness took them… they’re resorting to drastic measures.

Girl: It’ll be born soon. Our precious child… hoho… hohoh.


Shackled Affection Doll

Go back under Great Clock. Undoubtedly Gulinello will have some choice words about Tiska.

Yeezh… what a hassle of a warden.

Shush, our date with him was awesome. As Tiska is busy, we have nothing else to do. Time for next stop – in east wing, third door from right.

– Malis Residential District –


Time for tour around Malis!

You can go back to Land of Time by going down (or any other way out of district). Question visible shadeling.

This is the city of Malis. It’s so big, they got a residential district and a business one.

Time for Time Scars haunting this place.

Smonster_selfishelfish – Gargolyle-like, mean looking being.

Tactics: Guard + Brain Blue all the way!

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Bolten Light, Whirlwind (invert).


Smonster_sumofpartsum of parts – Four-legged ant.

Tactics: It is slow. Guard, Brain Blue. In case you want to try some other tactics, remember that you should Guard when it Guards.

Skills: Guard, Deadly Venom (weak), Scissor (EC2).

Gmonster_greedbeastreedbeast – Big ass-rat.

Tactics: Somewhat slow. It seems to always cast Crunch at full health. Guard, Brain Blue, Guard, Brain Blue, ta… da… daaa…

Skills: Crunch, Supersonic Wave (dizzy), Evil Stamp (EC2).

Mmonster_miscreantiscreant – Fancy name will not cover fact that is just animated skeleton with shield and sword.

Tactics: Miscreant can be surprisingly annoying due to Invert. Still, same old is enough to kill him: Guard, Brain Blue. Just cast Guard again if he inverts you.

Skills: Trip Up (invert), Bloodway, Summer Rain Slice.

Prmonster_prideide – Two floating purple heads.

Tactics: Can you guess?

Skills: Guard, Supersonic Wave (dizzy), Evil Stamp (EC2).

Remember to use other attacks – only then you will get new skills.

Explore Malis’s residential district: lower part

This map is pretty big! First building that you can enter is already visible. Just open door.

map_01_1st_floorDeal with Green Cog – it is guarded by random monster and gives you random accessory. For example:

  • Alluring Perfume [Surprise]: Start battle with full meter. Wow, this is actually pretty useful, as it gives you free round on start. If you are faster than enemy, you can use skill twice before monster has any chance to do anything. This will save your ass in boss battle.

Go up.


Shadeling here has some comment about Tiska’s guardian:

Gulinello, man, it all traces back to him. If he hadn’t picked up Tiska and brought him here, y’know…

Go even higher.


First Blue Cog! Soo…

Dmonster_dreameaterream Eater – This supernatural being looks pretty dangerous – small batlike wings, monkey’s hands, violet skin, yellow fur and torso ending in djinn-like bottom. And it is dangerous! If you can’t defeat him handily, grind up more force.

Tactics: It is fast and twice as strong as normal enemy – it can survive Brain Blue. Prop up AGI, if you didn’t already, to ensure you start first. Then PSY until you can kill him in two hits. Ideally, if you can kill him in one Brain Blue hit, you are barely ready for boss.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, ?, Evil Stamp, Whirlwind (invert).

After destroying Blue Cog exit building and go east. Just after bridge you can enter house.


Nothing interesting here. Walk to second floor.


What this shadeling has to say?

Everybody in th Land of Time, even the wardens, are bound by Order. You don’t wanna know what happend when you defy the Order that God laid out.

…and we will get to know anyway, right? This is how it always work. Exit building. Going further east, besides this guy…


…there is green cog in blind alley.


As usual, it has random enemy and random reward. For example:

  • Cat-eared Cape [Regeneration]: Recover 10% LP each turn. Is this what Tiska has? Who knows. Anyway, disappointing.

Let’s go west now. Reminder: you want to vary attacks to get new skills. Almost all enemies should be pushovers by now. At end there is house with Red Shadeling between flowers. We will try to defeat him later. For now, enter house.


Shadeling here is pretty late with his advice.

You gotta equip skills and items or they’re useless! … Always wanted to say that.

Har har, very funny. It seems to be impossible to get to room at bottom, so let’s take this Green Cog. As usual, it has random enemy and reward. For example:

  • Scholar Glasses [Erudite]: Items have 2x effect in battle. If only there was point to use items in battle in first place, huh?

After exiting house it is worth to visit Shadeling Town, reap flowers and plant new seeds.

  • [Fig of Loss] EC+2. Value: 150 force.

You can also take opportunity to rest in your home. While we are at it, where is Tiska’s home? In Shadeville Magazine you can get new articles:

A Word From Tiska

I hear “the cold” is really catching on in the Land of Life. Sounds like it’s some fad.

A Word From Gulinello

Tiska’s been slacking off on the clock, so tell me if you see him in town. Over.

A Word From Alice

Nope nope

Ah Alice, always straight to point. Return to place where you were and go north. We get tantalizing view of distant green cog and another house.


Enter inside.


Our hearts and bodies are empty, so we don’t know human suffering. Did people even suffer here, in rich town like this?

Oh yes, they certainly do. Now second floor.


Example prize for destroying yet another green cog:

  • Circlet [Incerase]: Earn 1.5x Force. Eh, just grind more. Not needed.

You can cross out this house from list. Now we are going to east, but through center of map. In empty area some shadeling loiters.


Sure feels like a city. It’s swarming with rich guys and all.

Explore Malis’s residential district: upper part

Walk north upstairs. In middle of park there is blue cog.


Spend Force on PSY and LP. You shouldn’t have any problems with dispatching Dream Eater. Going further in west direction…


I saw a floating cog in the bar. Wonder if it’s there to drink too.

No one asked you. Okay, maybe Alice asked. Eliminate green cog that you seen earlier. What it is this time? Bonus force? Bullshit! Ah well, enter last (not counting final one) building (left door).


Oh man, tons of shadelings here! And with varius doubtful comments and advice, too.

You oughta cure Weak quick! If you try to just endure it, the battle’s only gonna get tougher.

Why? These damn skills that cost LP will take more than Weak ever will.

I dunno if it was an accident or what, but I’m glad time stopped. It may only be temporary, but we’re finally free… to drink beer, especially.

And in nice company, too. Shame she is not saying much, huh? What about two shadelings admiring pianist?

There’s said to be heavenly wings that save you even if you hit 0 LP. That’d be some item, huh…

I hear most Time Scars won’t use their strongest attacks when they’re full on LP. So take that opportunity to do stuff!

Well, I guess Alice needs additional spells. Would you kindly wipe floor with that Dream Eater, would you?

I see red

Since we are almost at end, time for red shadeling. Walk to south-west corner of map, where he awaits surrounder by flowers.

There are some things to do before both red shadeling and boss battle. Ensure you gained new skills:

  • [Self-Holocaust] – EC-1 / LC-40 Inflicts Damage (A). You have to use Southern Cross a lot and finish battle at low LP. It’s name is very appropriate and fitting for whole game in general. You will not use it for now due to very high LP cost, but in future, you will use it in place of Brain Blue routinely. Let me admire it’s name once again. Self-Holocaust. Ssself-Hooolocauuust…
  • [Constellation Shield] – EC-1 / LP-15 Prevents status ailments. You have to use Southern Cross and Spica a lot.

For red shadeling, I recommend Guard, Innocent Rain, Aura and Constellation Shield. Start fight.

Mmonster_redshadeling_05r. Shadeling – I don’t even know what it is. Vaguely snake-like, yet aquatic looking. It is surprisingly weak and pretty slow. I guess Dream Eater was pretty good workout.

Tactics: Guard + Brain Blue all the way!

Skills: Guard, Crunch, Evil Flame (EC2).

You killed him? Yay! But wait… what the hell it is? He transforms into…

Mmonster_redshadeling_05_2r. Shadeling form 2 – Skeletal dragon. Aw, it is slightly stronger. Still, if you defeated first form with ease, you should not have any trouble with second one.

Tactics: Always uses Psychological / PSY boost at second turn. Guard twice and Innocent Rain.

Skills: Trip Up (Invert), Hook Claw, Evil Flame (EC2), Deadly Venom / Weak, Psychological / PSY boost.

Prize for defeating red shadeling:

  • [Psychological] – EC-2 Boosts PSY. Yay?

Now go to north-east corner and destroy last cog.

Boss battle

Darkness and silence. Chronola appears… again… and Alice backs off… again.


Out of many girls, a man takes my hand alone. I believe there is happiness here. Goodbye, Chronola.

Say hello to another abominable monstrosity. Physical visualisation of Abduction and Confinement, it looks like glass prison with bloodied brain on vaguely technological pedestal.


Preparations: This is another boss that is order of magnitude stronger than strongest enemy in this chapter. It has very nasty offensive skills, but at least it can’t instakill you.

As minimum, you should have LP 110, PSY 80, AGL 60. Grind up Force as needed. For Skills select Self-Holocaust, Joy Flower x 4. As accessory you should select Alluring Perfume, allowing you two rounds at beginning of battle.

Tactics: Self-Holocaust (SH) twice at beginning. Heal up. Later heal up as neccesary due to his attacks and try to find opening for last SH. After double Self-Holocaust you will have sufficient amount of health to survive one his Spirit Thorn, but if you see him Concentrating, be vary, it allows for very annoying Imprison. When you have full health, you should survive anything it throws at you and you need only three SH to kill it.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Concentration, Brain Blue, Evil Javelin (EC2), Imprison (Invert).

After defeating Abduction and Confinement enter small building.

Pretty generic house in sepia. Guy leads Chronola inside.


Girl that was tending flowers takes notice and comes closer. Chronola stands next to guy.

Father? Who’s she…?

I won the bid for her at the “Cradle.” Beatiful eyes, aren’t they? They’re a lot like hers.

Wendy’s father walks in direction of stairs.

Now, come this way, Silla.

They walk upstairs. Wendy stands there, deep in thought.

Silla… That’s… Mother’s name…

End of flashback.


Chronola’s apparition will vanish if you use Z. Go to second floor.


Is this Wendy? She looks older. This is first frozen human that gives different description than usual after Z.

The girl is looking sadly at the diary. …You may have seen this somewhere before.

Another inquiry results only in this now:

Time is stopped for the girl…

Let’s take look at diary itself:

“I could do nothing for those dying girls.”

Yes, Macaroni Info Hut in Land of Time had this terryfying foreshadowing. Finally, take hand of clock.


Nightmare only just begun.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 4: freedoom.

Last time we left Alice, she discovered first part of her memories. You can also start from beginning.

Well, let’s check if Gulinello knows more.


But sometimez sheer affection won’t get you anywhere.

Tiska himself is not particularly helpful either, too.

…Alice, are you really interested in your past?

It is obvious, isn't it? For me, choice between Peace of mind and Truth is always same.

Of course I am!

Then maybe you might consider this little incident a good thing. The Clock hands will forcibly show your past. So long as you’re prepared… I leave it all to you.

…Hey, take this.


It’s a charm for wardens. I hope it can protect you instead of me, Alice.

Let’s check it.

  • [Seraphs Six Wings] Grants auto-revive.

If you eat it during battle, you will regenerate your stats fully when defeated. Well, looks useful for boss battles and the like. More talk brings you only this:

No need to rush. It’s totally fine if you take this at your own pace.

Okay, Alice, I know you like to talk with Tiska, but enough of lollygagging. Onwards to second door!

Departure for Malis – The Cradle of Slavery


New area, new monsters, as usual.

Simonster_sightsseenghts Seen – Some guy made from water. Relatively fast. It can heal itself, but uses this skill rarely.

Tactics: Likes to cast Guard first, Stardust second. Obviously, counter-cast Guard in this case. Beside that, just Brain Blue him to death once.

Skills: Guard, Aura, Stardust.

Smonster_savantavant – strange name for something that looks pretty much like zombie. It is slow.

Tactics: Guess what two skills you have to use. If you guessed Guard and Brain Blue, congratulations! No prize, though.

Skills: Spirit Thorn, Deadly Venom (Weak), Charge.


Emonster_edgedge – as it is flying sword with mean attitude, name is certainly appropriate.

Tactics: It has only offensive skills, so you can start beating him up right away. You have to Guard once anyway, as Brain Blue will take care of him.

Skills: Shock, Spirit Thorn, Summer Rain Strike.

monster_deathmariaDeath Maria – severed head of Medusa… ISIS got into Cisthene or what? It is strongest regular monster here – it is capable of surviving Brain Blue. If this happens, time to incerase PSY.

Tactics: It always guards first. Kick her with Shock, on second turn guard, then wipe her out with Brain Blue.

Skills: Guard, Bolten Light, ?

Umonster_uneasenease – Big green rattlesnake. It is pretty fast, if he starts first, time to improve AGL.

Tactics: Guard, Brain Blue. You may start to think that combat system in this game is somewhat… lacking.

Skills: Shock, Deadly Venom (Weak), Crunch.


Basically, you would want to use anything else than Guard+Brain Blue combo only for new skills. Also try from time to time aliment-inflicting moves and the like.

New status aliment:

  • Weak – you lose 5% of LP each turn. No big deal, Brain Blue costs more LP to use!

New potential skills:

  • [Nervous Breakdown] – EC-2 / LC-10 Inflicts Damage (B) + Weak. You have to be victim of this very spell and suffer from Weak.
  • [Innocent Rain] – EC-3 / LC-10 Inflicts Damage (A). You have to use Brain Blue tons of times.

Let’s get back to business. First walk to west. You will notice bonus cog next to water tower.


Random monster guards prize.

  • White Charm: [Endurance] Prevent Death/Weak. Whatever.

Shadeling loitering next to couple has nothing interesting to say.

Boy, that’s one big train. Hey Alice, where’s it go?

To Malis, I guess. We will go too. Ask shadeling in entrance.

Comin’ aboard?


We’ll be off soon. Get on.

Train to destiny

Huh? Why train moves, yet humans are still frozen? And that view in window… seems like this place is partially in timestream. Is this guardian doing, I wonder. Somehow I doubt this train will ever reach it’s destination, if you do nothing.


Final cog is already here, taunting me by its very presence. Ah well. Shadeling has small advice.

If you wanna go back to the Land of Time, jump out that door there.

You can only go west.

Wonder who sleeps here?

This looks like sleeping car. Local shadeling is visibly distressed.

This place is uncomfortable somehow…

Green cog here is randomly guarded. Drop is random too, for example:

  • Greengrass Hairpin: [Anxiety] AGL +25%. Excuse me if I will still use Coral Hairpin.

Go west to next car.By now you should understand it is not a common train.It is just me or this whole train is almost empty? Shadeling by window wonders:

If we keep steaming on like a train, can we be freed from this living hell?

Second plays around.

Badump. Rattle. Rattle. Badump.

Near west end of car is partially obscured green cog. It is still relatively easy to spot, because it moves. Like previous one, is randomly guarded and drops randomly. Example:

  • Troll Fang: [1/4 Counter] Chance of countering enemy attack. Finally something decent! While non-boss monsters at this stage can be easily killed by Guard+Brain Blue combo, it still can shorten battle and waste less time. Useful for blue cog battles.

Next car has blue cog. Shadeling here has this unsettling warning:

Humans have these relationships where the low ones support the high. I guess that’s what’s goin’ on with the car next to this one.

Nice foreshadowing, pal.

You will not be back

Okay, time to take on blue cog. What Time Scar guards it?Hey, unicorns are supposed to be good!

One-way Ticket – This large, bluish unicorn certainly looks menacing.

Tactics: First do guard, but if it guards, guard again. You will need two Guard+Brain Blues combos. Counterattack thanks to Troll Fang may shorten this battle significantly.

Skills: Guard, Stardust, Nervous Breakdown, Charge.

After defeating it don’t forget to return to Land of Time and do some gardening’n’shopping. You may also trade this (provided you already found it):

  • [Delusion Cure] Cures status aliments. Value: 50 force.

Shadeling loitering south from shop has now different advice:

I hear some moves you have to learn from an enemy usin’n them on you.

In home, Shadeville Magazine has new headlines.

Limited-Time Land of Life Tour

“Time” to make some memories! Free-for-all ’till the Great Clock is fixed!!

Oh, you think you are so clever with this pun, huh. Time to back to Land of Living. Let’s see what is ominous fifth car all about. Go west.Oh dear.Huh. Prison car. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. Sadly, all prison cells are locked. We will deal with them later. Resident shadeling cynically notes:

With rooms this small, guess you can get a lot on.

As you cannot do anything here for now, go west.More of the same.Surprise, surprise, another prison car. Time for fourth wall advice from shadeling here:

You can’t Invert flying foes, nor Blind eyeless ones. You can usually tell what effects won’t work from a foe’s appearance.

Next car is normal. Still empty, though. Well, not counting shadelings and green cog.Shadelings seems to love train rides.Ask around.

Watch out for the Concentration move. It sacrifices LP for EC. You better fear it. ‘Cause an enemy can get ready to unleash a finisher quick.

It better be, because so far game is pretty easy. Ooh, next part of lore!

First, God made a little garden called the Land of Life. Then God put life in it. When changes in time occured, it made contradictions in the garden. So Order was born to correct things’ paths when they went astray. ‘Course we’re stuck without much freedom now thanks to that…

Funnily enough, this particular optional green cog is not optional at all. At least, not if you want to progress in game. I see what creator did here. Again, random guard, random drop. Like this:

  • Obscure Score: [Knockback] Reduce enemy meter on attack. While it can slow down enemy, Troll Fang is the best.

Go west.What these people think? It is just another day of job, right?Finally! That damn train is pretty long. Destroy blue cog. You already know how to deal with gray-blue insane unicorns. Note shadeling pretending to direct train.

I’m the one moving the train. Impressive, huh?

Yeah, sure you are. Move on. That fat guy below blue cog has Jail Keys. Take them and return back to prison cars in reverse order. In car closer to train head, in cells are two points of interest: green cog and red shadeling. With green cog you know the drill. Random monster, random prize, but this time it is common item, not accessory. Red shadeling is different matter. Should you agree to his challenge, you will meet with…

monster_mrshadelingMr. Shadeling – big, black, headless armor set with big sword.

Tactics: It is pretty slow. Shock, Guard, Brain Blue. Dissapointing, really.

Skills: Guard, Summer Rain Slice, Repose Seed, Flam Shout (Invert)

As prize for defeating him Mr. Shadeling gives you this new skill:

  • [Flam Shout] – EC-1 Induces Invert. Yes, it is only thing it does. It is basically useful only to dispel enemy EC (usually enemy will Guard to accumulate EC needed to strongest attacks).

In other prison car, you find shadeling in one of cells.

Ack! You found me!! Take this and leave me be!

He will give you random common item. Ask him again.

Leave me beee… I wanna know how it feels for the people put in here.

I think it involves fear not exactly about being closed here, but about what happens later. Anyway, lets tacke last blue cog here. As usual, One-Way Ticket is here. Kick it’s ass and return to car where you started. Do your chores (you know, allocating force, harvesting plants, selecting skills etc), make sure you have Southern Cross and return back.

We’ve arrived

Touch formerly-pink cog.

Hello again, Chronola. Or rather, you.

And yet when I close my eyes, her smiling face comes to mind. This is a nightmare… right?

Personification of child’s nightmare, Last Stop, Slave Market, looks like classic Grim Reaper.

Slavery is Freedoom.

Preparations: Grim Reaper is extremely strong. This sudden spike in diffculty can be irritiating, not to mention it shows more clearly how unbalanced is this game.

You will need significant amount of PSY to take Reaper down in practical amount of time. And you have to kill him fast, because he will kill you sooner or latter. As Skills select Guard, Brain Blue, Southern Cross, 2xPleasure Fruit/Joy Flower. As accessory you probably will want Coral Hairpin.

Tactics: You should start first with Southern Cross. Now you will have to fire Crosses as much as you can, taking in account your health. You have to survive not only Cross (20 LP is significant amount of your health), but also enemy attack. If you see Reaper guarding, either Guard or heal yourself. Finish Reaper with Brain Blue.

Skills: Guard, Spirit Thorn, Bolten Light, Nightmare (Dizzy), Death’s Sickle (needs EC, Death).

You will probably get your ass kicked. In this case you will wake up at Great Clock.

Alice, are you okay…?

For Time Warden, death is slap on the wirst.

If you are too weak to take on Grim Reaper, you will have to grind. Blergh. At least, if you get hurt and Tiska heals you, he has new advice.

Are you getting any new skills? If you want better skills, try using the old ones more.

We know that already, but thanks anyway, Tiska!

After defeating Grim Reaper, enter last car. Shard of memory incoming. Guards, Chronola between them, enter last car. Some guy with better uniform looks at her.

How much for her?

Rich guy in Malis has a thing for these. No doubt he’ll want her.

Guard lead Chronola to her cell. One moment later…

No, it is only you and voices in your head.

…Oh, there is! Good… When they took me here, I was the only one…

Girl raises head.

…You know where this train’s going?

Now she drops head again.

Well, I heard one of those men talking about the “Cradle” in Malis. Cradle… Hey, you know what it really means?

It means “***** market.”

End of flashback. You are in last car. Enter cell and take fragment of clock hand.

Cradle of Slavery

You are back in Land of Time. This is getting darker and darker, isn’t it? See you next time.

Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 3: world of life.

Alice, standstill girl without past and future, finally descends to Land of Living. Previous part here, start here.

Tukur Town – Rotten Longing, Distant Home

Well, that was underwhelming.

At last, we are here. Just like that. One frozen woman and some shadeling loitering around. Try talking to woman.

There’s no reply. Time isn’t flowing for this human…

Bummer, but not unexpected. At least shadeling should be more talkative.

Pretty lonely town. Think I like it.

In Tukur you will encounter new set of Time Scars. General note – Scars tend to stop using skills that hurt to use when LP is below 50%. Monsters that do not do that, cheat – their LP never falls below 1. You, of course, cannot use skills if those would kill you.

Wingsmonster_wingsoffarewell of Farewell – Is this harpy? Rather fast, but weak. Invest in AGL, if it starts first. Rest of Scars here is slower than Wings.

Tactics: If it guards, guard yourself. If not guard, attack – you may be able to snuff it even with single Shock, but why you would want that when you have Spirit Thorn?

Skills: Guard, Hook Claw, Bolten Light (2 EC).

Smonster_stingytingy – Gnome-like bearded guy with club that seems to be way too much chelated. It is pretty slow, but strong. Using Guard and Brain Blue advised.

Tactics: If healthy, Stingy will often use Shock. Guard, Brain Blue.

Skills: Shock, Trip Up (invert), Evil Stamp.


Lmonster_lonelinessoneliness – Just plain old mummy. Slower than you. At least it should be. It will use Dark Mist very often in first turn, trying to blind you.

Tactics: Guard, Brain Blue.

Skills: Shock, Dark Mist (blind).

monster_sillySilly – Yes, this mutated frog looks silly. Slow. Weak. What we are even talking about?

Tactics: Shock twice. Or whatever.

Skills: ?, Crunch.

Bamonster_badnewsd News – Deep violet fly, not at all dangerous, despite its name. Fast and weak.

Tactics: One Spirit Thorn should be enough. If it isn’t, invest in PSY.

Skills: Hook Claw, Supersonic Wave (dizzy).

You may notice that some monsters employ first skills that can cause status effects.

  • Invert – You lose EC’s and turn gauge.
  • Blind – You may miss! Usually you always hit with offensive skill.
  • Dizzy – You cannot heal yourself using skills.

After battle status aliments are automatically removed. You can also get new skills.

  • [Nightmare] – EC-2 / LP-10 Inflicts damage (B) + Dizzy. To get it, you have to suffer from dizzyness.
  • [Spica] – EC-1 / LP-5 Cures status aliments. You must be affected by status aliment other than dizzy.
  • [Southern Cross] – EC-1 / LP-20 Inflicts damage (B*2). You need to use Spirit Thorn many times and finish battle with LP below certain value. This skill attacks twice – after first attack enemy can act and just before your turn it attacks for second time. For now, it is way too costly LP-wise. Goddamn casting from HP.

If you want to leave Tukur to go back to Land of Time, just go north. Okay, enter building at east.

It is like you are eavesdropping.

Huh, blue cog already. Okay.

Young Illusion – Creative variation of Chimera. Lion, dragon and… sheep head? Shouldn’t it be goat? Snake as tail at least is correct. It can cast Brain Blue, probably unsurvivable at this point. Fortunately it is casted only when Young Illusion is heavily damaged (about 50%). Kill it fast, preferably in one swoop. Well, Alice should have skill that does just that.

Tactics: Guard, Brain Blue. Once should be enough… if not, you are probably screwed. Or not, as it needs to guard first to cast Brain Blue.

Skills: Guard, Hook Claw, Brain Blue.

Thats it for this house. Get out and walk south, through stairs.

Oooh, ooh, what this green cog at west contains? Bad News guards it, easy peasy. You will gain new random item! I will give examples of those that you can get on given level.

  • Black Charm: [Endurance] Prevent Blind/Dizzy.

I think I will still use Coral Hairpin. New house awaits.


Shadeling comments about state of barkeeper:

Can’t buy any items here. Go back to Shadeling Village if you want anything.

Looks like we cannot get behind counter and steal everything not nailed down in best RPG kleptomaniac tradition. Exit building and continue east. Next part of town has straight alley with two entrances in nearby house. Friendly neighbourhood shadeling helpfully answers your questions.

Nobody’s moving, you say? Well, ‘course. Time’s stopped. Not even the smoke moves.

Left door.


Door behind gal are closed. Shadeling here seems to like playing hotel keeper.

It’s 10 Gol a night. Will you be staying with us? Gotcha.

Use stairs.


Wow, pretty beds… but they barely look used. Not many guests, I suppose?

Bonus cog contains Stingy and…

  • Ceramic Veil: [1/10 Withstand] Chance of blocking enemy attack. 10%? This does not blow me away, for sure.

Now second house.


Huh, a lot of green cogs. This one is guarded by Loneliness. Maybe. Guarding monsters are randomly chosen from those appearing in random encounters, so do not worry, you won’t meet blue cog enemies.

  • Stardust Hairpin: [Jealousy] PSY +25%. Well, for once something decent.

I feel fourth wall damage incoming.

You know how damaging skills have stuff like (C) and (B) in their descriptions? I hear that indicates their power. C’s weaker than B, B’s weaker than A.

Dear shadeling, I already told it to player in previous part. Anyway, exit room and walk south.


Kids obviously are uninteractable. Shadeling here shares this lore fragment:

This world’s Life, Time, Order… they’re all gifts born from God. And once there was nothing else worth creating, God went soundly to sleep.

Road here forks. Go west for a change first. You will notice door under bell tower. Enter.


Shadeling at left seems to be praying.

O Lord, O Lord, please make me a human. I’d like to be a cute girl, like Alice here. Not so much like Tiska. He’s kind of a doofus.

Hey, Tiska is not that bad. Okay, I will admit that he broke Great Clock and worries too much and… uh, better to stop. Take good look at right part of hall.

Everything is better with Cerberuses

What is this red shadeling over here? I do not remember meeting someone like him previoulsy…

Me, the strongest Shadeling here. Fight me, and win, and you get, good thing.

He is not brighest bulb here, huh. Let’s see if he is as strong as he claims. Fight.

Good. Bring it, on.

Welp. Looks like we meet extra miniboss here.

Mr. Shadmonster_mrshadelingeling – Classic Cerberus, only all black, but no less vicious. I have bad feeling about it… Important note: you will not gain force for defeating him.

Tactics: Spirit Thorn (does NOT use up EC), Brain Blue, pray it is enough. He will always use Maneater Gerbera in first turn. His Crunch is actually deadly and if he catches you without Guard, you are goner.

Skills: Maneater Gerbera (PSY+20), Crunch.

If you lose, you will wake up inside Time Core.


A Shadeling found you collapsed on the ground, so… L-Look, so don’t go anywhere too dangerous, okay?

What it is, some not-quite-tsundere act? You can then return back, buy things, use Force to gain stats, et cetera.

If you manage to defeat Mr. Shadeling…

You, stronger than, me. Give you, good thing.

He gives you one Maneater Gerbera. Eh, I can grow it myself, but thanks anyway. Ask him what now.

Me, continue to train. Get stronger.

I have feeling we will meet again. This will be fun. Remember, if you are too wounded after this battle, you can retreat to Land of Time and either sleep in your home or get help from Tiska. For some reason Alice prefers second choice.

Alice, you look tired. Close your eyes for a sec.

He uses healing skill.cutscene_healing

Stay in town if you can, okay? You’ll make me worry too much to concentrate on work…

Oh come on, Time Wardens can’t die. At least by normal means.

Okay, after Mr. Shadeling’s distraction we can take care of blue cog, guarded by another Young Illusion. You should dispatch it without problem. Get out and go south. You will notice green cog hidden below almost behind building.


It is guarder by Wings of Farewell.

  • Crystal Blue: [1/12 Critical] Chance of dealing 2x damage. Geee, one crap after another.

Afer that let’s go east. Another shadeling encountered on way gets philosophical:


Wonder if we were humans like you and Tiska, who could… Laugh? And cry? And stuff?

Further way to east just leads back to Land of Time. There is other way, though. Noticed door on upper right of this screen? Enter it, as it is last building that you should search.


ANOTHER green cog? Whatever. Loneliness here. Now what crappy item we will got… oh wait, no. It is random small prize, like additional Force or two Repose Seeds. It happens when you get all available items on this level. Go upstairs.


Oooh, what we have here? Remember this place, we will be back. As pink cogs are indestructible, you have no other choice as going through west door.


Is this last blue cog? Only one way to find out. Destroy. Of course, yet another Young Illusion. Kill it. You will see that pink cog stopped being pink.

There are things that you shouldn’t know

Heal yourself, gather plants in garden, spend Force and write last will, as first boss battle will commence shorly.

When you decide to destroy blue cog, it morphes into young gray-haired girl. Alice backs off. Music stops completely.


She crushes my dreams. Mine. Her own daughter’s.

After that little girl vanishes and something appears… something horrible and ugly… monstrous blue winged elephant-like abomination, Pipedream.


This monster is first serious threat and without upgraded character you have no chance to kill it. Beware, as elephant has free first turn and during it uses Guard (most often) or Charge.

Preparations: ensure you have at least 60 LP, 35 PSY and 30 AGL without accessories. As accessory use one of Hairpins, preferably Coral. Then you will have sufficient power to kill it before it kills you. Grind for more Force if you need. You can kill Pipedream with less stats, but that requires some luck. As skills you must have at least Guard, Brain Blue and Maneater Gerbera (it really makes difference, especially that early in game). You can get also Joy Flower just in case.

Tactics: If it uses Guard, you should use Guard too. After that, Maneater Gerbera if you have one, otherwise Brain Blue. With Maneater Gerbera you should need only two Brain Blues to kill it. If it does two Guards in row, it will use Saint March (3 weak hits). Heal up before. After Charge you can use anything (preferably offensive skill), as he almost certainly will use Guard after that. And if not, well, you have a lot of LP, right?

Skills: Guard, Charge, Stardust (2 EC), ?, Saint March (3 EC).

After defeating him cog vanishes. Enter room with… great dread… in heart.

Dear Chronola,

It’s reached the point where I can’t raise you by myself anymore.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good mother.


Little girl, presumably Chronola, comes closer to letter and lying body.

Someone will come to pick you up soon.

You may feel lonely now, but please, endure and wait for future hapiness.

Goodbye, my beloved daughter. May the new love you find be genuine.

Someone knocks to door, girl turns back and entire scene darkens to nothing.


Well, here we are. Part of clock hands… but for what price? Take it.


After that you will be automatically teleported back to Time Core. We are sure off to good start, aren’t we? Go to Tiska – Alice will give him part of clock hand.


Gulinello comes closer to get look at it.

…You went and got one?

B-But…! It’s so dangerous in the Land of Life, with all those Time Scars… and there’s supposed to be a guardian protecting it…

Eh, nothing that double Gerbera-powered Brain Blue couldn’t handle. Tiska is pretty stunned.

… …Did you… beat that too?

Oooh, another pseudoquasinon-choice.


You betha!

Tiska sweatdrops. Even Gulinello is impressed.

When did you even get so strong…

R… Regardless!

I heard “irregardless” is all rage these days.

Thanks, Alice. That really helps.

Cat-eared boy takes clock hand. Gulinello turns directly to Alice.

Alice. You’re pretty strong. How about you keep uzing that strength to help Tisha out?

Tiska looks pretty panicked, jumping to Gulinello like that.


If she’s going to run off, we might az well ask her. Less burden on you, too.

Look, I don’t want Alice in any danger here. Besides… there’s…

…Scared about her memoriez?

Tiska can’t look Alice in eyes.

Alice… when you touched the Fragment… You saw something strange, right? A somehow familiar girl spoke to your heart… right?

Alice is silent. More than usual, I mean.

It could be nothing else but… your memory, kept in the Fragment.


No, not only there. All the places the Fragments went flying off to this time have to do with your life.

…Though of course, you wouldn’t remember anymore.

In the Land of Time, it’z forbidden to have a “was” or a “will be”.


Little girl walks to clock and everything vanishes.

As a requirement to live here, you lozt your past, future, and name. Never to be returned.

Except… the Hand Fragments. When you touch that which took your past, it comes back. Wheter it’s a happy past, or a harsh one… and when they’re all gathered, I’m sure you’ll…  …

He can’t finish and turn back again.

You’re under no obligationz. But if you’re interested in your past, then perhapz you should go.

You are back in control. That’s all for now. What happened to Chronola alias Alice? What memories will be uncovered? I guess we all can agree they will NOT be happy ones… so let’s look anyway. It is why you are here, playing this game, after all.