World is a little less saner place now.

Embrace it. You know what you want. You know that sanity is overrated. Always was, always will be.


“I just read gay Strelkov porn so you wouldn’t have to”

Piece of propaganda or political trollfic? YOU DECIDE.

Natalia Antonova

Note: After I wrote this post, I made the decision to insert a bunch of gifs with hot men in them. It’s not for you – it’s for me. To preserve my soul.

When Heather McRobie alerted me to the fact that erotic gay fan fiction featuring Igor Strelkov (Girkin), former (?) separatist leader in eastern Ukraine (and he’s actually from Russia, btw), was for sale on Amazon, I knew I had to take one for the team. Kind of like Batman – if Batman sat at home in a bathrobe and wrote about porn.

bale is amused

So here are some essential facts about “Sucking Strelkov”:

– Great title!

– It’s all downhill from the moment you read that great title!

– And it’s almost as if this story, which is 5,7k words long, was written specifically for a journalist to discover it and start shrieking about it on the internet. Immediately, from…

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Today is sham “referendum” that already has known outcome – annexation of Crimea by Russia. But for me, most interesting thing is comments under various articles about Ukrainian crisis on news portals. They are truly fascinating.

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Sanity is overrated. Always was, always will be.