End of world is coming…

As everyone should know, world is supposed to end at 21 December 2012. I wonder about exact hour, by the way. What is time zone of God?

I have for you bad news. Very bad news. End of the world will not happen. Nothing will change. No Rapture for chosen, no worldwide catastrophe. No Judgement Day, nor Singularity.

If you think otherwise, feel free to give me all your money. You will not need it, after all.

The SCP Foundation.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

SCP Foundation is powerful organization that finds, hide, research and protect world from Bad Things. Anomalous, defying known laws of science, scary and mysterious objects, both living and dead (and those that either do not apply or blur line). Foundation is very dedicated to its task and will protect Earth by any means neccessary, up to and including genocide (only proposed, but still).

Objects themself are very varied.  Humans, in particular cursed. Animal. Especially if it looks harmless. Stuffed toy. Place. Equipment. Furniture. Machine. Abstract concept. Nonsensical absurd in small dose. Something that can and will destroy world, or potentially entire universe. Objects, in fact, can be literally anything. Including those that cleverly mixes various human fears in just right proportions. Oh, and one that tackles old “how far you will go to save world?” ethical problem.

There are also… untypical SCPs. Self-replicating is just most obvious. Take those that pose infohazard. Cognitohazard. Manipulates probability. Something that is NOT SCP at all. That messes even with SCP description itself. And meta. Oh, so much meta.

SCP Foundation Overseers are certainly interesting bunch. They do not believe in “it cannot be contained”. Certain very, very popular overgrown lizard? Over and over and over, again and again… Incredibly creepy something? Just provide it toys to have fun with and pray it don’t leave somewhere else – contaiment just slow it down. God? Well, we can at least try!

One of the most lovely things about SCP is their danger assesement system. Safe, Euclid, Keter. Pretty straightforward, right? Except not. According to SCP, atomic bomb is Safe. Casually sociopathic cartoon clown that teach children to be little murderous cannibals is Safe. Best part? It is justified! See, danger assement system is based more on “how easily it can be contained“, less on “how many people it can maim/convert/kill directly or indirectly”. Of course, something uncontainable that is harmless still get Safe. On the other hand, something that can cause literal end of the world will be classified Keter even if contamination procedure is very easy. Stakes are just too high.

Unfortunately, not all of Foundation lore and stories are so good. Some certain things seriously hurts suspension of disbelief or shows SCP Foundation in light that not necessairly was intended.

For example, basic competence. What is with so many breaches, is Foundation that incompetent? Not that this matter – in Foundation universe you cannot fart without hitting some anomalous object and universe should ended already zilion times due to bothed contaiment of some Keter class object or, more probably, activation of previously unknown Keter. Remember, you have to be successful all times, but these things have to be successful only once.  But I can forgive this, after all authors have to write about something.

I doubt anyone wanted Foundation to seem like bunch of mad Mengeles running around in North Korea concentration camps. Monthly mass execution termination of Jews D subjects? Really? I mean, really? While it is understandable that little details like morality or value of human life are just thrown away when faced with dangers to our Reality, this practice just serve no purpose and is very jarring.

These problems prevented me to fully enjoy SCPs, tales and other related things. Still it is good read and certain SCPs are geniuely unsettling, scary and terryfying. Like TvTropes, you will find yourself reading SCPs one after another, with experiments, logs and tales. If you have a lot of time to waste, go.