Drawing advices these days…


some handy tips for drawing men that look like men and women that look like women:

  • on average, a man’s shoulders should be around 2.5 to 3 heads wide. a woman’s shoulders should be infinite, extending like an eternal flesh ribbon into the howling vortex of time and space
  • men do NOT have body hair. men have NO hair. men are genetically incapable of growing hair. stop drawing hairy men. stop drawing men altogether. men do NOT exist
  • DON’T forget the luxurious pelt that all women sport, grown from birth and increasing in length indefinitely until death, typically attaining lengths of up to three metres
  • women have wider hips than men, who have no hips at all, only negative space and mc escher optical illusions
  • remember, men and women have different sex characteristics. men have flat chests, tails, and 23 gherkins. women have a narrow waist, known as a “wasp waist”, two pairs of wings, and either an ovipositor or a stinger
  • women are WASPS
  • they’re fucking BUGS you piece of SHIT

Worst thing of all? Someone actually followed this advice. Result below done by poor shmuck with, apparently, too much SAN: