Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club

Welcome to Literature Club, where four beautiful girls awaits protago- you. They happen to like poems, so whip up one to impress girl that prot- you like most! Hang out with Sayori, spend weekend reading books with Yuri or playfully banter with Natsuke.

Ahahaha. Who I am kidding. Since you read about it here, you already know there is more to this story, if multiple warnings on website and in game itself weren’t sufficient hint. Totally “fantastic, fun and wholesome slice of life visual novel”, that. Riiight.

Well. There is problem with certain kind of games that I like. They are inherently hard to discuss without spoilering it. So let me just say that cliche beginning is just that, beginning. You will end in very different place, both literally, mentally and metaphorically.

I found poetry minigame original and intuitive – I had no problem with selecting appropriate words (from rather… eclectic set), especially when you got to know girls better. Except Monika with her enigmatic smile that never leaves her face no matter what. She is special case. Oh so very, very special.

Girls’ poems also are worth serious treatment. They speak to you and will be very familiar to anyone that dealt with problems that this visual novel touches.

This game is pretty short and free – certainly worth your time. Play it. And remember, game does not end until credits roll.


Just Monika


One response to “Doki Doki Literature Club

  1. I have to thank you for suggestion. It was really nice experimental game.
    I also recommend to listen to “Komm, susser tod” after credits.
    It was more relevant that I though initially.

    And hurry up with Standsill girl.
    I seriously though you were dead or something.

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