Sousvelliance time.

I think there is time for sousvelliance package. Inspiration for this post should be obvious.

Google Glass or equivalent, internet connection, streaming live, copying on fly to network of p2p servers all around world to make it impossible to delete or censor it. Destroying recording device would not help in this case. Specialistic websites dedicated to cover live certain events (like protests) could be set up, all options including choosing particular person to follow.

It already can be done, it is just expensive (Google Glass goes for 1500$). But prices of gadgets fall, and open source software is for free… everyone will be able to transmit everything, if price of thing like Google Glass will be 15$. And it will, it is just matter of time.

What will be response of law enforcement? They cannot ban these devices (at least in USA) or arrest everyone, right? Right?

I can’t wait for police cellphone jammers, as they will be inevitably deployed into use of USA, China, Russia and other pseudodemocratic and authorianian countries. Of course, it will be to prevent terrorist communication or something. Not for preventing transmission of evidence about police brutality, nooo sir, not at all.

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