Standstill Girl walkthrough, part 1: prologue.

Let’s know this girl better. Let’s see what story will unfold.

The lost fragment – Standstill Girl was already reviewed here. So, time for new walkthrough. Yet another game with female protagonist and perilous, dark situation. …I think I see pattern here. While it is not really a horror game, it fits here. You will know why eventually. Download here.

After running game you will see this title screen.

Simple, yet nice title screen.

On title screen, you can choose options with up and down arrow and select with Z. Start new game.


What is that dark, moving thing at right?

The world is built upon the mercy of Order.

If Order is not obeyed, the world comes to nothing.

Under great clock, small hooded figure with black shade-like companion comes closer to wall with pretty big clock, looks around…


…and is visibly surprised when clock rings powerfully. Clock’s hands start to roll fast and everything go into whiteness. Terrible noise, like something breaking, can be heard.


You do not understand. And that is why you died.

Fragment was lost. She has neither past nor future.

WQuite a cozy home.e see inside of someone’s home, presumably of girl in bed. Fire happily buzzes in fireplace. And girl sleeps… and sleeps… and sleeeeeeps.

Oh, looks like intro ended and we are in control. Click on arrow keys to wake her. Game helpfully will remind you that you are in Land of Time: Alice’s Room. Yep, all right, you are this white-haired, red-eyed girl named… guess what… Alice. Move around with arrow keys. To use things, click on Z while turned to face them. Try to use sparkling thing on table in this way. Shadeville Magazine, eh? May as well read it. First article will have fourth-wall breaking advice.

Basic Controls

Open the menu with Esc! You can hold Z to dash!

Other articles are various assorted advertisements, words from people around and other blurbs. Sometimes you will get new info from them, but generally they are less useful than you would thought. Ok, enough dawdling, time to get out (south).

You will be greeted by two of these black shapes.

Oh! Morning, Alice!

And more on edges of screen. How many of them exists?

If you go to the Time Core right now, you can see something neat.

Second thing jumps up with excitement.

Better be quick so you don’t miss it!

You can ask them for more information. Just face person and click Z.

Finally, some freedom. We better get ready to go too.

Go where, I wonder. Well, time to ask next blob of dark up there.

This is Shadeling Town. Not town-sized, but… this is Shadeling Town nonetheless.

Wonder where they came from?

Huh, so this is how they are named. Ask around more…

Yo, Alice. Tiska was runnin’ by here all hurried-like. If you wanna run too, just hold down the Z key.

Taking aside blatant disregard of fourth wall, try it. See, better. You do not get tired, so use it all you want. Continue asking around.

Still getting the shop ready, hun. Come by in a little bit.

Ok, will come back later. Another shadeling shares this advice:

Anything you’re not sure about, check the Dictionary in the menu. It might be good to take a look around the info hut too.

We will do it later too. Next one for once speak about in-game things.

Oh, NOW what did Tiska do? That blundering warden! Really now, don’t you think you’d do a better job at this point?

Me? Warden? Of what? Okay, who is Tiska anyway? Let me guess, that hooded figure from beginning. Well… I guess it is as good moment as any to tell you how to save in this game. Click ESC or X.

A little too much at once at first, but don't worry.

Ignore for now various other things and focus on hexagonal button with feather icon, second from right. Use arrows to move highlight to it and press Z. It will show saving menu. Select memo and click Z. Done! Return back to game selecting red arrow icon or clicking X.

Go south. You can spot shadeling tending to some flowers.

These rules are a bit... selective, don't you think?

Flowers and fruits remain beautiful for a lifetime.

At least no need for fridges in this realm. Go to west.

ThiTime to get a look at these books...s house is Info Hut. Maybe you remember spotting this name in Shadeville Magazine. Talk to librarian.

Hellooo! This is Macaroni Info Hut. Read around all you like! ♡

Below are all texts, beginning with upper left bookcase:

Acquiring Healing Skills

*ura – Use Gu*** in battle * times.

****tella**** Shield – Use S**** 3 times, and So****** *ross * times.

C**ti******* – ***… Argh, it’s all rubbed away!

Uhm, why some of it is unreadable? Don’t worry, when time comes I will tell what is this about. For now it is enough to know that these are recipes for defensive skills. Next bookcase.

Acquiring OHKO Skills

La***mo** – Use * different ailment-inflicting moves 2 times each.

S***-**loca*s* – Use **uth*** **oss *0 times and win with under *0% LP.

I******* **** – ***… Argh, it’s all rubbed away!

Yay, more obfuscated text. These looks like offensive skills. Time to move down to lower bookcases.

Someone’s Diary

“I could do nothing for those dying girls.”

What was that? Sounds very sinister… I have bad feeling about this.

Someone’s Poetry

Teatime in early afternoon

Thinking of you as I sip my cup


Time to set out on adventure…

Well, that was rather bad poetry.

Someone’s Words

I witnessed a strange death. From infant, to newborn, to embyro… all the way to fertilized egg, and then gone. A man who lost his life at the end of restoring his youth. Rather interesting if you think about it. Seems he’s getting bored of watching the Great Clock. Perfect timing. I’ll catch him and tell him about it.

Land of Time sounds like dangerous place, isn’t it? Okay, for now there is nothing more to do. Return back, as west door leads only to balcon. Last place here is at very south, and it is… Farsdale Mental Hospital? Um, uh… better to walk away… for now.

Time to find this mysterious Tiska. You must return back near your house and head north, through bridge. You will enter Land of Time: Time Core.

Inside Time Core

Grand entrance.

Move north, climb stairs and get closer to visible pair – familiar hooded figure and another shadeling. Alice will stand next to shadeling and listen.

At last we know now his face.

He (yes, despite name, it is boy) starts to turn around.

Gulinello, what do you th… ! Ah… Good morning, Alice.

Hello, Tiska. Alice steps closer, taking good, long view at Great Clock without hands.

Something is missing here.

Heheh… Kind of a problem here. …The clock hands went missing.

View changes.

Thanks, cat-eared Captain Obvious.

Which means the area it governs… the whole Land of Time is at a complete standstill.

Shadeling named Gulinello interjects.

‘Cauze you were slacking off, natch.

Nngh… 💦 A-Anyway. If we can just get the hands back, I can get the clock going. I’ll have to not only make repairs, but search for the hands, so… Alice, you’ll be fine waiting in Shadeling Town until it’s fixed, right?

We get first real choice in this game. And what it is?

For once, choices that you can stand for.

Atta girl. NOPE NOPE, Tiska! They talk for a moment and Tiska sweatdrops.

… B-Boy…

Alice iz at that iffy rebellious age. Don’t wazte your breath. But lizten here, Alice.

Camera moves to west, as Gulinello presumably points in this direction with its entire body.

Gee, thanks. Would never, ever found it on my own.

Most dangerouz place you could be now. Gonna hurt if you go headlong in. So juzt think about it, alright?

Tiska is rather stunned by this remark.

Just think about it…? Surely you mean “don’t go,” right?! There’ll be bad guys who’ll be all GRAAAR and attack you, Alice! If you came back to me hurt, Alice, I swear I wouldn’t know what to-

Gulinello cuts in.

Juzt get to repairing already.


Cutscene ends. Tiska is tinkering with some black box and Gulinello is doing… whatever shadelings do. Ask him.

Tiska here doez all the repairs. We Shadelings can’t work on the clock, ‘courze.

And what Tiska himself has to say?

Gotta fix the foundation, search for the clock hands, catch the wandering Shadelings… Man… When does it end…

He is quite likeable despite his sillness, don’t you think? I bet Alice do. We are done for now here. Descent stairs and go west. You will notice shadeling that weren’t there previously.

Asking about

Camera moves to east door.

There are Shadelings through that door who’ll teach you the basics. Check it out if you’re unsure.

Talk to him again.

Tiska tells us not to go, but nobody’s gonna listen. We don’t have any freedom except when the clock’s broken.

Well, Land of Living can wait. Go to east door then. Reminder – Alice will move faster, if you will press Z while moving.

How inviting green carpet.

Talk with moving shadeling.

One of the warden’s purposes is to gather the Hand Fragments.

Hey, this implies current calamity happened before!

Destroy the cogs, and bring back the fragments… But it doesn’t always go so well…

I’m sure this time will be all sunshines, rainbows and puppies. Anyway, ask shadeling next to door.

Through here is a virtual space created to teach you how to search through the Land of Life. Like a “tutorial,” y’know. Just knock if you’re interested. And if you wanna know about battles, ask the Shadeling over to the right.

Oh, this starts to get interesting, making this moment excellent point to end prologue, because I am nice like that. Heh, heh, heh. See you next time.

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