True Art.

Of paintings and dolls and roses.Rules of the Art Gallery: No loud conversation. No photography. No food or drink. No touching the displays. No fountain pens. No leaving ever.

Lady in red

IGuertena's Gallery in our reality.b, main heroine in game named Ib just entered art exhibit of Guertena Weiss (apparently famous, if decased, artist) with her parents. Allowed to explore gallery on her own, she eventually finds very large, unusual painting in part of gallery that seems to be not exactly… there. If you make map of gallery, you will understand.

After checking that painting, her journey through world of Guertena begin.

Your Dark Figure

YOne of many, many places in... uh.... that other Gallery.ou find yourself in alternative version of gallery. It’s warped, very strange and dangerous place, but artworks still have prominent place. Sadly, Ib often cannot completely understand titles, being only 9-year old. You should look at pictures and sculptures anyway, if only to admire mad genius of Guertena.

Game is not too long or hard and uses standard keys (Z, X and all that jazz). Puzzles are easy, unless you have worse math skills than average nine-year old. During game, you will run away from portraits that came alive, meet two other people that also want to escape this place, debate about meaning of “Untitled” title and discover a few rather unsettling things.

And remember, observe rules (well, except last one, of course). Gallery does not take kindly to someone that break things.

Forgotten Portrait

Did you ever been in art gallery? After playing Ib, you may never want to step in any art gallery again. Especially if light starts to flicker and suddenly there is no one here…

??? World awaits you.

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