Deadland Wonderman or something.

Deadman WonderlandDeadman Wonderland – Making a better world with proactive philanthropy.

IJust your usual day.n near future one kid, named Ganta, gets wrongly accused. For what, you ask. Why, extermination of entire class at once in rather guresome way. Real perpetrator, Red Man, of course vanished without trace. Society goes “okay, send this brat on death row to titular Deadman Wonderland”. And this is only beginning of journey through absurdity and madness both of this place and of this anime.


DHave fun, because I sure as hell won't.eadman Wonderland, only private prison in Japan, is curious mixture. On one side we have concentration camp staffed by paramilitary (and at least one Mengele-sque mad scientist, this being anime, it is of course female). On other side is deadly, deadly circus. Beside containing  inmates and providing entertainment for mindless (I mean, MORE mindless than usual) masses for profit, it holds also secrets that are hidden even to certain important people inside prison.


BaWho needs sanity?sically only reason to watch this anime is fact, that everyone – heroes, villains and not-so-innocent bystanders – seems to suffer from complete brain atrophy and acute state of more or less visible madness, often with appropriately crazy smiles. That goes doubly for hidden fun stuff.

Sure, there are various “cute” moments, like eye operation, introducing new guys (with backstory, even) and then killing them literally minutes later or that one guy announcing I AM NOW SANE and then starts murdering everyone around. Elementary school aged psychos and yangire in general are given, of course.

It is like creator tried too hard.


In conclusion, this is pretty average show, watchable only if you turn your brain off completely and enjoy self-admitted absurd premise, retarded violence and rather sudden end.WE ALL ARE PUPPETS

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