lost fragment – Standstill Girl.

lost fragment - Standstill GirlFragment was lost. She has neither past nor future.

Can you do anything when Time itself stops?

Outside normal time and space there is mysterious, small pocket of reality called “Land of Time”. Inside is mechanism represented by great clock placed by God to move time forward in Land of Living – our universe. Beside strange but friendly black blobs (called shadelings) two humans live there: boy named Tiska holding proud title of Warden of Time and main protagonist, white-haired girl Alice.

NTiska explains what it is all about.othing here happens, as this place has no past nor future… until that fateful day, when hands of great clock went missing. As Tiska is busy with repairs, it is you that have to recover parts of clock’s hands from Land of Living. You will have to combat strange entities called Time Scars and destroy colorful Cogs. During your travel through standstill human world you will get to know more about Alice’s past, as recovering fragment means gaining her memories – and you will not like it. Not at all.

WAbout to attack this... angeloid... thing.hile sound and graphics are average, story is emotional, beautiful and very, very sad. Fights are unfortunately somewhat bland, despite slightly different combat system. It can be noticed especially in second half of game, where you basically can spam one certain skill (named… interestingly, to say at least) in almost all normal encounters. However, boss battles are certainly challenging and interesting, including extremely hard bonus bosses.

This particular game seems to be even more obscure than usual, but probably it is because it was relatively recently translated by vgperson. Nevertheless, it is worth a few hours of your time. Play! Now with walkthrough.

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