Mad Father walkthrough part 7: normal endings.

We are at end. Entire adventure through cursed mansion reached point, where you are faced with ultimate choice. You can grant mom’s wish and let her take father away. Or, using Ogre’s Magic Water, save father.

Grant mom’s wish

Aya backs away, shaking.

I’m sorry, father… mom… she loves you more than anyone… I can’t take you away from mom…

A… ya…

I’m… sor… ry…

This is last time Aya seen father and mother in this variant of reality.

Undetermined amount of time later… Aya finds herself in some kind of room.

Uh? We weren't here before...

Did I make it back…?

Girl looks around.

It’s just me…

NoAh!thing more happens. What? It is not end? Am I still in control? Hmm. Check around, there is a lot of dolls and other things to see, including covered tank. Doll in right upper corner looks suspiciously familiar, by the way.

Ok, nothing more to do here. Walk south.

Strange, it is first crow that does not sit on table.

Hm, strange room with mannequin. For some reason you are forced to interact with flying crow before it allows you to move further. South door cannot be opened easily and you must force our way in in most uninspiring QTE ever. Next corridor don’t have anything interesting, continue south. Another corridor have red lever. Pull it to unlock door at bottom and go there.


Aya runs to assistant.


Maria sits, still in haze.

There you are.

She looks around, waking up completely.

Mistress? ! Where’s the doctor?! What happened to him?! Mistress! The doctor!

Aya hangs head.

N… No… He…

Maria falls on knees.

Aww, how saaaaaaad.Screen fades to black.

What now?

We find ourself in shrine. Left door is open. It probably leads to hidden lab with blood tank.

Appropriate place, in fact.

And father’s gone… I’m sure this is for the best. Now no one will be hurt by father’s experiments anymore. You’d say the same thing… mom…

Moment of silence.

But… now what do I do? I don’t have a father or mother… I’m alone… No, I shouldn’t say that… After all, I have to live alone from now on…

Girl walks away and stops, remembering something.

Good question!

You can’t just stay here. Since father’s gone…

But if you have nowhere to go, then…

Aya walks away. Maria suddenly stands up and run behind her.

Uh… Maria?

Slap and scream in darkness.

What the hell?

Maria enters lab and stands over Aya.

Doctor… you are with us no longer… but please, take heart… I shall take on the duty… the future you wished for the mistress… I shall see it out. So please, rest in peace.


I love you.


What… was that about?

Save father

Despite everything that girl learned, she still wants to save father. I am sure NKVD and SS had families too.

I’ll save father…

Perspective changes. Mother teleports away from daughter, surprised by what Aya is doing.


I’m sorry, mom…

Hey, wanna one magic trick?

Mother is obscured by flash of light.





…YA… … A… YA… AYA…

No! Don’t go!

We will meet again.

Mom’s ghost vanishes completely.


Back to mansion.

Wait, we know this room. It is same as in other choice, only this time father is present. Aya notices him.


Girl runs to lying body and shakes him.


Oogh… hmm…? Was I… saved? Aya…?

Daughter hfather_hugugs dad.


Aya… I’m sorry, Aya… I worried you so…

Father… Mom…

Yes, I know… she must have been lonely. We’ll visit her grave tomorrow so her spirit won’t be…

O… Okay…

Behind them, Mom’s ghost materializes.

Hey! Didn't we send you back?

But with the last of my power…

Mom’s ghost wents into Aya’s body.


I hope it is not Groundhog Day, gore version.

This… looks familiar. In fact, it is scene from first flashback.

A fine sample…

I shall dispose of the remaining materials myself.

That can wait. Come, Maria.


They hug.

Again. And again.She’s aware of our… relationship.

Hm? What does it matters?

I don’t believe she’s fond of me. That is the problem.

The girl will be 11 soon. It’s a troublesome age, to be sure… Be kind to her, please. Make sure she is never harmed. She is my most precious…

I think we ended here flashback previously. But this time it continues.

…doll of them all.

Wait, what?

Indeed. Huh?

What. The. Fuck.

A doll…? Me?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now everything falls in place. Everything is clear. Why dolls are under curse too… what dolls are… FUUUUCK. And bad ending is now obvious.

F… Father?

Vision moves to outside of laboratory.

Completely surprised.

Was that… ! Huh? This is… now what?

Steps can be heard in distance. Mom comes in.


Girl runs to her, but mother walks through her. Aya is ghost. Or astral projection or whatever.

He’s always spending all his time down in the basement… don’t tell me he’s with that girl again…

Eavesdropping, classic style.

And to think, she always used to tease you and bother you…

Hahaha… indeed. Just a little more, I think… A little more until she’s ripe.

You are fucking insane, doctor Alfred Drevis.

I want to make her into the most beautiful doll I can.

What… was that…?

…at least mother is not complicit in THAT too. Small solace in all of this madness.

She shall be the masterpiece of all the dolls I’ve made.


Mother is extremely disturbed by this. Hey, you didn’t opposed dad’s extremely unethical experiments. Why do you think father was conducting them?

Some people notices problems only when they are personally involved.Make her into a doll?

Mom? What is this?

Did your brain fried or what, Aya? Or maybe you are in shock and cannot think straight? Meanwhile, father and his assistant returns to work.

I shall clean up the unnecessary materials.

Please do.

Mother is completely enraged.

I’ll never forgive you… you’ll never make our precious daughter into one of your subjects!


Mother enters laboratory. Aya peeks after her.

You! What’s the meaning of this?! Are you planning to experiment on her?!

So you overheard…

What are you thinking?!

You could think about his other victims, too.

She’s our one and only treasure!

Exactly! She’s a wondrous daughter! I want to make her eternally so! And yet, she… will someday be dirtied… That I cannot bear to think!! So I will make her a doll!

I don’t believe this…! I’ll never let you do that! I’m leaving!

What are you saying?

If you want a doll of her so badly, just make a replica!

And someone else would have to… participate… in that, I guess.

Wait. Are you planning to take her away? That. I cannot allow.

Let go!

I won’t let you do what you will with her!!

Strange noise is heard.


Aya, or rather her projection, runs into laboratory.

What he holds in his hand?

FNot in presence of kids!! Think about children!ather stabs mom.

Ah… aah… h…

Mom falls on knees.

M… Mo… N… No…

Aya screams. Maria enters room, completely surprised by scene of murder.

Why so surprised? That was bound to happen earlier or latter.

Maria shakes mom’s corpse.

Milady! Stay with us!

Assistant faces father.

Doctor! Why did you do this?!

It had to be done… for Aya’s future.

B-but…! Milady…

Don’t speak of this to Aya.


She was already feeble. Say she passed away from a fit.

I can’t tell her…

Are you refusing my order?

Or, in other words, do you want to end up like Aya’s mother?

N-no… that’s not what…


WConspiring at scene of murder. Nth one, in fact.hatever happens, I am loyal to you, doctor…

Because you are my assistant.

Doctor walks for a moment, thinking.

Now, how shall we dispose of the body… natually, Aya must not see it.

They goes somewhere, presumably preparing for disposal. Aya is completely crushed by this reveal.


I have bad and bad news for you...

Am I just having a bad dream?

And then corpse speaks.

It’s no dream.

Aya jumps back with scream, as mom’s ghost rises up.

This is reality!!


I’m sorry, Aya… your mother… still loves your father even now. So… I didn’t kill him… but… I should have…

Don’t say that!

Run away… away from him…

This is madness

We are back in hidden laboratory. Dolls and mannequins watches with dead stare at half-conscious father and terrified daughter.



Aya steps back.


Father stands up.

Aya, what’s wrong? Why do you look so afraid of your father?


Aya steps away, knocking down cover of tank. There is no blood inside. Only something way worse.


Hi mom, why you have big hole there?

No… mot… her?

Dad moves closet to Aya.

What I just saw… was it the truth…? Father…. you…

Very well…


...and yet again, sanity is overrated.

Aya backs away.


I suppose it’s a bit much to take in… I wanted just a little more time, but…

Father… you’re going to make me a doll?

Don’t be sad, Aya. By making you a doll, your beauty can last forever!

DObligatory gloating.octor spreads hands with mad smile before his dolls.

Look at these children! Beautiful, yes? Preserved just as they were when alive! This is fruit of my research!

(None of them are moving… am I going to be like that?!)

Dad continues his mad ramblings.

You can hardly even tell they’re dolls, can you? But their heads, eyes, torsos, hands, legs… they were gathered from a wide array of people! I find it quite fascinating! Combine a dog with human if you so desire! Isn’t that incredible? What would like to be, Aya? Alas, I can’t make many changes while preserving your loveliness…

Father… stop…

Ah, yes… perhaps I’ll dress you up finely! Tell me whatever you wish to wear!


Aya finally does what she should have been done long ago – run.


Aya stops at the door.

Where are you going? Come, be by your father!


Then why you stopped in first place?

Are you refusing your father?

I’m sorry… but… I…

But... but... you will be so beautiful... forever.Aya runs from hidden lab and stops in familiar small room with doll and crow in way.

nothing happens.

Run baby, run!

Hmmm, are we supposed to… oh, damn. Run to crow and save. We have to GTFO ASAP. NOW. South.

It won’t open?!

Oh right, that QTE. Wait, this means…



Suddenly doll moves, blocking entry.

Open the door, Aya!

(The mannequin blocked it…?) Thanks!

A Y A ! ! !

Girl bashes door.


Amannequin_chainsawedyaaaa…. cooomeee baaack…

You hear revying chainsaw. Oh, no, no, no. Not THAT. Aya watches with horror as door and mannequin are splitted in half by chainsaw.


GNow that's entrance.otta run!!

Dad slowly comes for you. Mash Z as fast as you can to break through door and run, run, RUN. Don’t stop, run through corridor. Next one is tricky, as you have to pull lever. Run down to last part of corridor and wait for dad to come closer. When he stays still for while, revying chainsaw, run past him to north. After pulling lever run to door at north. Girl will protest. Father will again stand still for a while (another revying), giving you opportunity to run down past him.

You will probably die repeatedly.

Why I feel this is familiar, why it reminds me of something else, that I don’t want to remember? Nevermind.

In meantime in room below…

…hnn… where is this…? Was I returned…? Doctor?!

Aya runs into room.


Now father enters. Chainsaw buzzes.

You are on run, girl.Aya runs past surprised assistant. She shouts after her.


In next room…

Think, girl, think!Girl  goes to left, squeezes by sand bags and ends up in hidden hall.

These endless rows upon rows of shrouded corpses will haunt you.First, save. These shelves have nothing interesting, only some shady drugs. Go into north door, closing it. Run south.

Door won’t open?! What do I do…

Again? Man, this girl is damn unlucky. Did you noticed one table at left without corpse? Hide there. You hear door opening and steps. It is assistant.

Mistress, where…?

She looks around. Father appears in hurry.

Where did Aya go?

I apologize… I lost sight of her.


Seems like doctor did not take it well.

! I-I’m terribly sorry!

Maria faces south door, with back to maniac with chainsaw. Not wise.

I-I am certain she could not be far… let us search elsewh…


YDeserved end.ou hear scream of chainsaw and Maria, steps, another chainsaw work and steps far and far away. Looks like he destroyed south door in process. You cannot leave by this door, as father wanders somewhere there.

Check Maria.

Oogh… Doc… tor…

She is still alive?! Damn.


Girl sits next to her.

What do I do…? So much blood… is there anything here I could use?

Save and go to north door. Aya will hesistate.

Maria’s going to…

You can choose again.

Help willful assistant and accomplice of insane loon? Wow, how hard choice.

If you choose to Help Maria, you will stay in room.

Choose wisely.


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  1. In my game, When I go to see Maria Aya just says “…..” no matter how many times I try to interact with Maria. What did I do wrong?

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