Mad Father walkthrough part 6: choice.

11 year old girl, Aya, travels through absurdly large mansion, carrying cursed doll. She already witnessed many horrible, horrible things. Nightmare started here, previous part is here.

There is one doll and that doll is gonna burn up!

Aya just pocketed cursed sentient artifact – perfectly reasonable and sane thing to do. Or not.

Return back through Guest Rooms to Passage, where was vomiting mannequin. Wait, where it went? Oh, those bloody footprints weren’t there before.

Bloody footprints, how classic.

Enter You. Do. Not. Kill. Cats!now opened south door. Hmm, caves again. Meeow? Did I heard cat? Move from right to left, on way you will see cat lying on ground. It looks at you with very, very dead eyes. Move on.

You will find yourself standing on dangerously thin ledge protruding from stone wall. Wind wails restlessly. What the hell? Does this mansion enter some other dimension or what? This is truly disturbing place.

Whoa, it's dangerous around here. What is at bottom anyway?

Be careful to not click down key again, or you will trip.

Hang in there!

After this brush with death dust yourself off. Save and enter cave at left.

! (There’s something there…!)

Time for hide'n'seek!

This place is largest doll lair so far and with multiple moving dolls. Below is route that you need to follow.

Wait for doll to move away. North, take Bone from bone pile in corner, west, wait, down and west.

This one is shortsighted.

Move this barrel right. Wait, when doll goes away, run behind it (north-east) to small cavity. Wait, run east to end. North.

Who is there?

Aya suspects this lying body next to barely visible hole is probably inactive doll. West. Careful, doll will jump out and start running.

While it is good moment to go down (right passage), get this gem first.

Wait, go west to end and south to get gem (19/21). Wait, go east to cavity, wait again (doll must be up left, not down), go south. You are back where is barrel. Push it all way down, creating nice shortcut. Continue west, north. Careful, rotating doll here. Wait, move behind it north (left side of doll). Exit Big Passage.


Huh?? I thought we closed him in cell! Or maybe it is other monster of same kind… you must risk it. Go in his line of sight. Aya will notice him, hide away, monster will leave.

Did it not see me? Maybe its eyes are bad…

Save. Go north. You will hear screams. One of voices are familiar.

Ahh! What’re you doing?!

Sounds are from behind of this door.

Save her, and we won’t be able to go back to normal! Why not drag everybody here? That’s way more fun!

Stabbing sound.

Yah!! Stooop!!

Stabbity stabby stab – and silence.

Enter door. In middle of room, surrounded by dolls standing under walls, someone lies in pool of blood. Whoa, it is that perfume thief! Take off blade from her chest.

So this is why she helped Aya.

Poor girl vanishes. Is this how she died, dissected with scalpel? What she wanted to achieve, joining family of psychos, like Maria?

Closer and closer…

After wittnessing second death of little, mischievous wanna-be sister, try to continue north. Big door is closed, of course. Return back to tunnel – did something moved in that bloody bag over there?

In tunnel, move east. In new passage, you can see shiny item, where something resembling clothes lies on blood-stained floor.

Another key to retrieve.

There’s a key…

Just as girl was about to take key, loud growl can be heard.

Something’s coming…!

Aya runs away, remembering about key a little too late.

Oh no… the key…

Girl hiAt least it is better excuse than dog eating your homework.des behind rock. Familiar-looking giant zombie dog comes, sniffs around, eats key and walks away. Bummer.

The key’s gone…

Continue walk to east, where tunnel rough walls change into bricks.

Something creepily crawls in dark.

Wait a while to check what causes that noise. See that ladder? You have to run to it and climb up, when monster starts to walk away from you. Now you are safe and can plot monster’s demise. Yep, it is another puzzle. Aya hints at it, if you move nearby chandelier.

Yeah, no cutting off chandelier with mini-chainsaw from here.

Obviously, you have to drop chandelier on head of this monster. First, move that plank at right. Don’t move on plank to chandelier yet, unless you want to fall to your death.

You forgot counter-weight.

AWhen you should cut off rope.s cOne notch on... on... uhh... chainsaw?ounter-weight use that sandbag on left. Now take out chainsaw, position yourself on plank at very end and cut off chandelier at correct moment. You have to be precise, because monster will notice you up, if you miss it with chandelier – and it CAN use ladder.

Yay! Isn’t that first time we actually get to kill anything in this game?

Leave doors for later (first one is locked anyway) and move east. This is dead end, where zombie doggy mindlessly and restlessly moves around.

Why zombies always mill around, when they have nothing better to do?

That shiny thing on ground is hammer, take it. Don’t try to pet dog, he will not like it. Return back and use door at left. It leads to Cultivation room.

SaSave early, save often!ve gaSmall rooms with only one piece of furniture are with help of crow. Door to main cultivation hall is locked for now. On right there is side corridor with small room at end blocked by barrels. Clear obstacles and enter it. On table there is puzzle – picture showing Aya.

Left - unsolved, right - solved.

You have to move dispersed pieces (left image) to proper places (right image). It should be easy. Start with eye, both side of mouth below and continue around with border pieces As last are two hair pieces. Click!

I heard a sound somewhere…

Now door to main cultivation room is unlocked. Go there.

What is inside these tanks? Is it plant or animal?

TiDon't be that to look around. In one of pots you can find gem (20/21). On bookshelf you will get information, what exactly is grown here – mandragora. Apparently, “when uprooted, it gives a hellish scream that brings death to those who hear it”. Hmmm, I wonder, are zombie dogs resistant?…

One of pots seems to have plant inside. Take it. Note that game will ask first if you want to uproot plant, obviously refuse. Then you will have option to take pot. Now we have to find way to survive scream. Look at bottom right – there is broken pot. While chainsaw for some reason cannot break it, hammer can. Smash it into pieces.

Anything I could use in here?… I think this is about it…

Earplugs? How convienient.

Well, this is all. Go back to dead end and use Mandrake Pot in closest place behind rocks. Earplugs will be used automatically.

This will be second notch!

Whoa, even with earplugs that was horrible scream. Now mandragora walks on its own, but fortunately don’t seem to be hostile. Use scalpel on dog (it apparently only fainted…? well, it was undead to begin with) – you will finally retrieve that damn Incinerator Key. Return back – you will hear commotion from cultivation lab. Some of mandrakes broke out of tanks! On top of that, they tends to walk in your direction. Well, it is of no concern to you. Save game and head back to incinerator. On your way you cannot use door next to ladder, as something terrible is inside… and Aya wisely don’t want to know what.

Inside Incinerator Room, enter through big door to… abyss?


I hope it is not gate to Hell itself.

Who knew this was down here…?

Aya remembered words of girl that never was to be her sister.

You’ll have to destroy that doll if you wanna go further. Burn up real good and the spirit inside it’ll burn real good, too. And then bam goes the invisible barrier around that door!

Walk to ledge and use doll.

You are screwed, miss doll.


Aya already decided whom to trust.

We’ll have to see about that.


! M… Mom?


Stop! You’re not my mom!


Stop it!!

Aya throws doll away into abyss.

Burn, BURN! Begone, you cursed doll!

If yAgain, don't be that gal.ou go back to area where you killed monster with chandelier, you will notice that door next to ladder is invintingly open. If you enter, well. You will die offscreen and only blood bursting from slits in door will hint about nature of your death.

Instead of this, head back. Big passage – as with previous passages with cursed dolls – now is safe to move, as all dolls were destroyed. Exit to abyss and walk to left, pass cat (did it move?) and finally enter proper mansion.  Follow bloodsteps again, only in opposite direction. Nice to see imprisoned monster is still there in one of guest rooms. In last room, where you took doll, now you can enter through big door.

Nice portal you have there!

That will take you to the other world.

Ogre comes closer.

He’s up ahead…

Are you truly going? A reality too harsh for such a young lady may be awaiting you. Will you still go?

Aya silently nods.

YThere is distinct possibility he is NOT snakeoil salesman.ou seem adamant. Then let me give you this.

What’s this, mister?

Magic Water, a product of my company.

Magic Water…? Sounds made-up.

You sounds awfully sceptic for person that witnessed plethora of paranormal activities lately, Aya.

Please take this with you. The power kept within the water shall no doubt be of help to you.

Can I save father with this, too?

Of course. The water has the power to seal the power of the curse.

So I can stop the curse… mom… she must be in pain… so I have to save mom too! Will mom be able to rest once the curse is gone?

What do you try to peddle there, mister Ogre?

If your love reaches her, I am sure your mother can be saved.

…okay. Thank you, mister.

It was nothing, madam. I pray for your safety.

You are in control. Save. Ogre can teleport you from lab to East Hall (nearby first save point in game) and back. You can use it to retrieve any forgotten gem. Oh, speaking of gems, we lack exactly one gem now.

Hmm, what to do? In inventory is last one thing that was not used up by now – bone. Return all way to room with stuffed dog and give him bone. Last gem will fall out. Wait, who is in other room?…

Dogs and bones, blood and birth.

Skip this gem if you want to see standard endings first. Return to final laboratory and jump into portal.

Another World

Ogre looks at portal. Forgotten chainsaw lies on floor.

So she went… what will she choose, I wonder… hoho… I shall see this to the end.

Meanwhile, Aya wakes up in… different place.

Where we are?

Girl stands up.

This is… it’s like some storybook world… better move on…

This floating thing is savepoint. Walk to north – path will be created for you. At end is another portal. Jump.


Hi there, Mom. Why you look so... dead?

So it’s really you, mom… MOM!

Aya runs to mother, only to be thrown back by some supernatural force.

This is how you treat your child?

You shouldn’t have come.

Why… why did you do this?

You’ve seen it on yor way here, haven’t you, Aya? The atrocities this man continues to commit?

I am with you on it, but you cannot treat your child like tha-

I don’t want any more victims of his!

…you lie! If anyone understood father, it was you, mom! It’s Maria you don’t like, right? She loved father, so you didn’t like them getting along… I know how you feel! I love father too, so I feel like Maria took father away… I was so scared, I couldn’t breathe…

Haha… hahaha… I know that. Yes, it’s all as you say. I couldn’t stand to see your father and Maria together…

So you still love father, don’t you? So then why are you making him suffer?!

I don’t want to make him suffer…

Mother sits next to father.

I don’t want to give him to anyone. So I’m taking him with me.

Daughter shakes head.

You can’t… without father, I’ll be all alone! I don’t want that! I just wanted to live with father and you!

Aya comes closer.

Mom… take me with you, too!

Another step.


I can’t possibly to do that. I want you to live and be happy…

I can’t…! I’m happy when I’m with father and mom… so don’t leave me alone!

Aya leaps again. And is pushed away – again…

I guess it is too late for counseling services, huh?


Now, honey, let us go…

Portal opens next to parents.

Fat… her…

Alfred Drevis raises his head a little.

A… ya…

First time we see his eye.


Girl runs in parent’s direction. She is pushed away, but manages to drag away father with her.


Aya… why won’t you listen to your mother?

Don’t take father away!


Mother changes form.


Mother teleports closer.


Mom, stop…

Now mother’s ghost is next to Aya and father.


Aya shakes head. And remembers what Ogre gave her.

I can save father with this… but what about mom?

Words of Ogre echoes in her mind.

If your love reaches her, I am sure your mother can be saved.

Really? I’m really not sure… what… should I do…

You now have choice.

Choose wisely.

What you – what Aya will do? Will she choose father or mother? Reveals and ultimate truths will be known soon.

3 responses to “Mad Father walkthrough part 6: choice.

  1. You miss two gems:

    1 Grab bone from any skeleton in Big Passage and use it next to stuffed dog
    2 Use pendant in mom”s room on place where you “sense someone”

    • Thanks, I planned to get around to find last two and add instructions in appropriate places later. I released this part already, as I wanted to show in part 7 endings without all gems anyway.

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