Mad Father walkthrough part 5: puzzled me out.

Is Aya saviour of damned? Or angel of darkness, protecting insane madman? Or just both, or just neither – simply very confused young girl in horrific situation? You can, as usual, start from begining or check last part.

Tricks and traps

We ended up in shrine of unclear function. At north are two doors. Left door is locked and right was used by someone not long ago. Go right. This place is familiar, this is where Maria had first meal in mansion. What cafeteria does next to shrine anyway? I guess necromances and mad sciencists between dark ritutals and frankenstein work need some snack after hours too. Go north, where kitchen supply food for cafeteria.

Who left open flame on stove?

We have there hanging piece of meat, pot, active stove and crow. Use it before going further. When you step on narrow place in middle leading to kitchen stock, pot suddenly breaks and ghost descents from nowhere, proceeding to choke Aya.

HuI hope you saved game.h?

Ah… gah… Ugh…

(I can’t breathe…)

Let… go… Gh… hah!

Yep, quick time event again. Gotta love them.

When ghost lets Aya go, she falls unconscious on floor. You hear some steps and noises, like dragging something somewhere.

Fat… her…

Aya slowly regains consciouness. She is back in shrine.

Hm… mm?

You’ve come to?

Aya alerted stands up.


You should thought about bandage way earlier, mister.


Sorry I gave you a fright earlier. My apperance must have surprised you.

… That wound on your face… was it from my father?

Don’t worry about that. That’s in the past.

Everyone has it out for father… you hate him too, don’t you?

Because of our hate for your father, we can’t be saved… so I’ve come to save you. Let us get away from here together.

BLet's go out of this Hell together!oy takes her by hand and moves. But Aya stops.

I can’t… I have to save father!

You are still at it?? Even after all that was shown to you? Aya runs up. Boy shouts behind her.

Don’t go! Some of these corpses will try to bring you into death as well! If you stay here, they will take away your life.

But I can’t leave father!

Boy runs after her and takes her hand rather… forcefully, visibly annoyed by her stubborness.

Uh, you probably want to be gentler...

No! I’m going to save him! *struggles* Let go!

Listen to me! She asked me to do this! She asked…

Suddenly shurikens flies offscreen, hitting boy and sending him down. Scared Aya falls on her butt.



Ooookay, nurse ninja maid torture technician. Is there anything that you cannot do, Maria? What about compassion?

Don't worry, he was already dead anyway.

Maria… …

Mistress, why will you not escape?

Because father…

Leave the doctor to me, please. You have my word I will bring him back. So please, mistress, you must flee somewhere safe.

Maria walks away, stepping on body on way.

Maria! Let me go with you…!

If anything happened to you, mistress, the doctor would mourn… and what lies ahead, well…

I know it must be difficult. I shall go ahead alone.

Some strange noise can be heard.

Hoho… it would seem that she’s coming to meet me. Milady… you shall not do as you please. I shall settle this…

Maria exits scene, leaving shocked Aya behind.

YWhat ghosts live on? Ectoplasma?ou are in control. Return back to cafeteria – you will notice there is someone now sitting by table. Move closer and ask him. You will hear him whisper.

So… hungry…

Only food present in cafeteria is hanging piece of meat in left corner of kitchen. Use chainsaw to cut off and take Raw Ham. Giving him this will fail, as ghost will complain that he do not want it raw. Can he really afford to be so capricious? Apparenty he can, as we obediently go back to kitchen and fry ham on open flame at right corner of room. Note: despite ham being white item in inventory, you have to use stove, not item. Take plate with fried ham and give it to ghost.

Um, do you want this?

…ahh, smells just like my favourite fried ham!

GNOM NOMhost starts to happily eat it.

Mmm… so good…! Tastes just like mom…

I damn hope you did not meant it literally. Ghost finished eating.

And of course he still fuss about it. Figures.

I ain’t had a bite to eat since I was locked up here. I was starvin’!

Maria always brought food down to the basement… didn’t you have that?

Everyone else was getting food, but me… I was always unwanted… no use and just pissed people off, so I was abandoned.

Aya is clearly crestfallen hearing that.

Have this. As thanks for givin’ me good food. Ehh… well. Um… thanks. I guess.


Ghost vanished. What Aya got? Napkin? And why exactly I would need something like that? For some reason, from this moment Aya will refuse to go back to shrine. Only one way to exit is steel door in kitchen storage.

Enter T-Corridor. After a few steps up Aya will notice something is not right. Check door – they cannot be now opened. Well, we don’t have choice. Go north. What it is in distance…? Oh shit.


It is this ghost again! Run back to door and broke in back to kitchen storage. Yes, yet another quick time event, goddamn it. Return back.


In upper part of corridor, you will meet Ogre. Talk to him.


The passage was a little cluttered, so I cleaned it up a bit.

After this mysterious comment he walks away. Two doors leads to two parts of Trick Room.

Classic puzzle here.

Going further, both doors lead to small room.

Mr. Ogre, it is unsightly to teleport around so much.

If you ask him what the hell he is doing here…

Hohoho… I truly appear in unexpected places. So, did you solve the puzzle to open this door?

Not yet, smartass.

So, what is with this Trick Room? You are supposed to make them both identical. Below is list of things to do:

      • In small room: move king statute through right door.
      • In right room, move statute to same place where is statute in left room. You will hear click.
      • In right room, cut off head of statute (with chainsaw) that you just moved. Head will vanish.
      • In right room, move suit of armor to left.
      • In right room, fix painting.
      • In right room, take spear from right brave soldier mannequin and attach it to suit of armor.
      • In left room, use Z twice on flower vase to get Boquet. Obviously, you must put it into right vase.

This is how solved trick room should look:

This is not last puzzle.

If you lend ear to Orge on your way out, he will warn:

There are many mysteries to come…

More puzzles? Sigh. Enter large door. Private Room looks inconspicuous. Walk to doo- AAH JESUS! Head fell from sky!

Now we know where that coronated head vanished after sawing it off with chainsaw.

This will be room where you can return back if you make any mistake in puzzles to reset it. Enter door. Now what?

As everyone knows, title is half of book.

Use this book. “My Diary”, oh my. We are another step closer to truth. Whose diary it is anyway? It is same person as that note in Archives about killing bird? Go to next book.

It begins.

“Xuary Xth

I was born. I slept cuddling up against my mother.”

After reading that, book will teleport up, blocking exit. What you see in this small room are sculptures of woman and baby. You have to push baby closer to mother. Only then book will vanish, allowing you to go further.

“Xuary Xth

I killed an animal for fun. Then I got addicted. There’s always dead cats and birds in my room.

Mother gets mad when she finds them. Whenever mother is out, I hide the corpses in the dresser.”

What a wonderful kid. I think it is by now easy to guess, who he is.

It will get worse.

You must push out sculpture of mom and take both dead animals to hide them in dresser. Duh. Note: if you try to get out with dead animal, Aya will speak in tongues.

“Xuary Xth

Mother found out I was killing animals. Mother scolded me.

Shut up.

I stabbed mother with a knife. Mother fell over, all red. It didn’t suit such a pretty face. So I wiped mother’s face. Her dead face was very pretty.”

As we can see, it gets better and better.

What a mess. Bloody, bloody mess.

GIsn't that symbolic in some way?et knife from kitchen table and give it to kid. Clean up face of mother with napkin. Onto next memory, next step into madness.

“Xuary Xth

I killed mother. I was scared and ran away. Far, far away toward the ocean…

I wanted to forget everything. But I couldn’t forget mother’s pretty dead face.

I killed another.

I eventually got addicted to seeing people’s dead faces.”

There is one person left alive on scene below – terribly frightened little girl, can’t be older than Aya.

Reenactment of crime scene.

One left alive… fix that with chainsaw and exit.


We are finally out of these nightmarish puzzles on stairs to even lower level. Save. It is wonder that mansion does not drown in crow crap.

Descend to darkness.

ACollapsed.ya slowly descends and feels on knees, all strength drained.

I can’t move my legs… I have to… save father… fat… her…

She loses consciousness again. Ogre looks at her orderal without surprise.

Helping young girls is against his principles, you see. He can at most take them to bed. Wait, it sounded better in my head.

Ogre comes closer and screen darkens.

In flashback young Aya runs around mother. After a while mom calls her.

Uh, we were just wading knee-deep in dead memories of insane murderous loon. What a mood wishplash.

They hug.

Mom, you’re warm…

Close your eyes, Aya.

MAw.other kisses her on forehead.

May you be smiled upon…

Mom, what was that?

A good luck charm.

A what charm?

I charmed you so you’ll always, always be happy from now on.



Mom… you smell nice… the perfume mom always used…

Wait. Something is wrong here.

Who noticed dog first?

That girl looks familiar.

Eek… ! YOU smell like mom… why do you smell like mom?

Ghost shows something in her hand.


That’s mom’s perfume! No way… when did you?!

When you lost light after retrieving lighter oil with help of nth clone of Snowball, obviously. Whoa, Aya suddenly jumps out of bed.

Give it back! That’s my mom’s!

Ghost runs away. Now you are in control. That dog is stuffed, in barrels nothing interesting, get out. Second room is inaccessible. Only way left is to south. But save again first.

Goddamn bats. Er, RATS. Yes, rats. There was never any bats. What bats?

Straight Room is very dangerous. Just run straight down to item on floor, take it and GTFO up. No, you cannot survive all way down. Rats will dogpile and slow you down, killing you pretty fast. Now you have Door Key to locked room. Enter.

What she is doing?

C’mere… don’t be scared…

Rat runs away to one of barrels. Ghost girl pouts.

Guess this scent is no good. Animals seem to hate it.

Aya pounces on her.

Give back mom’s perfume!


Wh… what is it?

They struggle.

Huh? You don’t have it? Where did you put it?

I dunno. Look around?


Girl runs away… again.

What was with her…

IIt has bone, unlike stuffed version in left room.n room there are only two interesting things.  Shelf that can be moved to left (destroy barrels first), uncovering crack and drawer with photo of dog holding bone. Almost certainly it is same dog, now stuffed, in previous room.

Widen crack with chainsaw and enter small passage. At end you will find mom’s perfume. Take it.

There! Mom’s perfume! Thank godness…

ZGTFOombie jumps out! You must run away to Curved Passage. Zombie will beat on door for a while and go away. Use mom’s perfume on yourself aaand we are on way to rat-infested room. Wait, was there message on wall before?


Avomitting_manequint least rats avoid you now and you can go through Straight Room without problems. In passage, when you pass mannequin, it vomits blood. Eek. There are only two doors, and only door next to mannequin is not locked. Enter Guest Room. Looks more like prison cells, but ah well. In this madhouse there is no difference.

Wall behind one of beds looks strange.

Middle room have crow – save. You have also access to room right from crow. Rest of them are locked, but last room seem to be openable from inside. Prepare mentally for action.

GKnock, knock.o right – fourth door wil close by itself, but is still unlocked. Open it again. Continue right and up. You will hear roar.

Something’s coming…!

Run away ASAP to fourth room, as vicious and VERY fast monster enters corridor. After few failed tries, it starts wander aimlessly around. But you cannot get out! Interestingly, crow flied to new place, suggesting running away here was proper course of action.

Time to get some more rest in bed, maybe this ugly zombie will go away. What, bed moved by itself, uncovering hole. Enter, obviously.

HShe can do that?! It would be handy earlier...idden passage obviously leads to last room, but have interesting trick – pot that is movable both ways. We will need it. For now, push it right and go down, to fifth room. You cannot exit room and run away to right, you will just get killed.

So you should get out of passage, open door, run back and block passage with pot again, pulling it back. You must do it all as fast as possible – it may take you few tries, as this goddamn girl does not make it easier, behaving like deer in headlights.

You survived? Excellent, but it is only half of job, as monster still can get out and kill you. Go to crow to save (bed will move back to previous place). Another fast, but simple sequence: get out and close door to fifth room (just walk like you want to get into room – Aya will close it by herself). Man, it is very noisy. Finally you can safely continue.

There is one doll and that doll is all dolls

Next room is Outside Laboratory. Only thing of interest are door and chair with sitting doll. Look at it closer.

Dolls are creepy, period.

Try to open big door. Something will throw you back.

Why can’t I go through there?


Oh man, it’s that doll. Look at it again.

You must be keeping me from going in.


Why are you getting in my way?!



Monotematic, aren’t we? Suddenly mom’s perfume thief materializes.

Why do you help me? Who you are anyway?

Burn it up real good and the spirit inside it will burn real good too. And then bam goes the invisible barrier around that door!

Doll screams.


Mischevious girl runs away. Doll asks.


Aya comes to decision and take doll off chair. Ugh, I wouldn’t touch this kind of cursed thing with 10 meter pole, let alone taking it in my pocket.

Will girl manage to destroy doll? We all have feeling story is closer and closer to end, but we will part for now. Saga continues in part 6!

8 responses to “Mad Father walkthrough part 5: puzzled me out.

  1. Lol, saw this site today. started playing yesterday. Part 6 is where i am now….damn! i have the doll+scalpel….but oooh what to do with those? …hmm

  2. I can’t figure out how to give the suit of armor in the right side of the trick room a spear thingy. I’m so frustrated! DX Please help me!!! .>0<.

  3. Do anyone know why the thirdroom (there is a crow in it) in guestroom bf3 is locked? I tried to open it..but it won’t open and say •J••••• Am I missing something before? Or it just a bug?? Helpppp TwT)

  4. Im gonna take that dog, but i didnt know how to take him..So i found a page where it stood : take the dog with the scalpel ….but i dont have any scalpel ????? Where do i find it? :–. Pleas someone help me out…btw sorry for my bad english );

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