Mad Father walkthrough part 2: what is happening?

Hello! In first part we got background of story and got bored out from zilion flashbacks. Time for some real action! Well, as much action as can be in game that basically is adventure with small element of agility.


Okay, so we are in cursed mansion where living dead walks around. How quaint. Aya wants to save her unworthy wannabe Mengele. On other hand, we meet this horribly maimed boy (all signs points to him being another dad’s victim, only more sentient in his current state) that wanted her to go with him. Well, choice is obvious. Go right. East hall is empty, maybe he went to attic?

Why every attic must be like that?

Noisy here, this constant squeaking grates on my nerves. No trace of one-eyed boy, though. More dissapointingly, ladder is broken. Only tantalizing hint of something up there – probably gem – is visible in distance. Ah well, time to go back: down, left, lef… wait, next to your room (left from crow) is another room that we did not yet visited. Mom’s room. Enter.

Who is here...?

What is this, another uninvited guest? Walk closer to reprimand hi- AAAAH!

It is not very healthy, miss.


Aya whimpers and wisely runs away from ghost. Uuuuh. I’m not sure if it is good idea to return back, but… what worst could happen? Horrible death? Whatever.

But no one is here now. Just pool of blood and Archives Key. Very good, archives should give us some information. I wonder, maybe they have Necronomicon? Explore room. Nothing much to do, and safe with Mom’s personal effects is inaccessible. Normally Aya would not even think about breaking in, but clearly it is not normal situation. Still, we need to know code. Leave room, this feeling that someone watch me from window is unsettling.

Okay, after all of this go left to finally reach entrance hall. What are those scrathing sounds? Why something looking like health bar is on upper right corner of screen? Look carefully down…

Ew, his lower body is gone.

Zombie attack.See? In fact, there are two of them, randomly moving around. If you get too close, they will leap at you with surprising speed. On very bottom of hall is mansion’s exit. Of course Aya don’t want to run away from mansion, so no way to end game early and leave father to his fate. Booo. At least you can find gem there (now you have two). Swipe it under nose of zombies and run away back to upper part of screen, exiting stage left. You probably will take some damage, but it gets reset when you change places. Don’t let them surround Aya in corner, it will ensure your death.

You are now at West Passage with two doors. Closer one leads to… archives! How lucky. Now it is probably good moment to talk more about inventory. Call it up with X. You will see that inventory have in fact two tabs: ITEM and KEY ITEM. Currently you have Archives Key in gray font. This means item is used automatically. White font would indicate item that have to be used by hand.

Okay, since Archives Key is used automatically, just go to door.

A lot of books around. What forbidden knowledge dwells here?

Beside crow (save point), there are countless bookcases and mysterious door marked as “???”. It is unsurprisingly locked. Time for metodic comb of bookcases, starting from upper right from crow. First one is diary.

“Xuary Xth

This is a nightmare… how could this have happened…

I… killed a bird… just like…”

What the hell? Whose diary it is? And why this book on table in right upper corner moved by itself? Try another shelfs – fourth from crow will yeld “Data on live experimentation”.

Sounds dark… and exactly what we need, even if Aya do not want to know anything about her beloved daddy.

Egh, this handsome guy will never woo another girl for sure.

Girl will get Code Memo. Click Z to close book. Huh, I thought this game will be harde-


What the-

You, you. Don't get closer...

H E L P . . .

Ghost embraces Aya. Suddenly you are in lab. Small girl is strapped to table. Maria stands unhelpfully next to her, and…


I wanna go hooome! I wanna see mamaaa!

Don’t worry. I shall take you to her. Once this is all over.

Nooo! I wanna go now! Mama! MAMAAA!

Father walks to table with syringe. I have bad feeling.

Don’t fret. Everything will be fine. We just wish to test this medicine. It may hurt a bit… but not much. You will soon feel such relief.

I always had needle phobia.


Father injects “medicine”.

Nn… ah… ahhhHHH!

Stop! I don’t want this!!

Ah… gh… gah…  …gghh…

Aw, you don't like when Dad's working?

Vision ends, but ghost remains in archive room, lying on the floor.

Mama… ma… ma…


Ew, let’s get outta here. In West Passage, check out Code Memo. X, Z (as memo is already selected).

1 Barrels in 1st floor east hall

2 Chandeliers in entrance hall

3 Red dolls in doll room

4 Paintings in reception room

Hmm… I don’t know what language this is, but I think I learned a little of it once… let’s see if I can remember…

Gee, riddle. Seems like amount of given things is needed digit to safe. You vaguely remember there were four chandeliers in entrance hall. We will need to look for rest.

Safe riddle.

For now, check other door – it is locked. Wait, what it is?

This crawling zombie is unexpectedly shy.

After noticing you, it runs away. If you enter West Passage again and make sure crawler does not see you, it will slither all way down, seemingly vanishing in wall. Walk there to discover down there secret room with gem.

This screenshot was done later, when Aya acquired light source.

It is very damn dark there, but you will have no problem with moving and taking precious stone. Count is at three now.

Walk north to Doll Room. Excellent, time to count red dolls.

As anime Another teaches us, every and each doll is inherently creepy.

UTheir smile is, they are watching me. With their dead eyes. They looks so realistic. Like they were alive… shudder. Six of them are red. Wait, there is someting on throne (for whom?). Fourth gem.  You should also check that curtain. Two more red dolls?! Why I hear crying noises…? Leave this accursed room at once!

So in fact there are eight red dolls. Okay, that takes care of two digits of code. Let find rest. Move back to entrance hall. It have three doors at lower floor, requiring Benny Hill with those two zombies. At left, door leads to West Hall, at right to East Hall. Central big door leads to cafateria, but it is currently locked.

For now, go down to left door – if you are fast, zombies should not even spot you. You will find yourself in West Hall, first floor. Door at right leads to Reception Room, where we have to count paintings.

What a cosy place, with sofas, fireplace and all.

Well, we have one crow (good moment to save game now) and two paintings. Still, better to check out room just in case there are hidden some additional paintings, like these damn dolls. If you get close to fire, you will hear something, creeping out Aya. Other interesting thing is Mona Lisa painting that visibly shakes, when you are close. Check it in more detail with Z key. Suddenly-

Ah, good old quick time event.

Some monster bites on poor girl! As you can guess, you have to hit Z button like monkey on speed. If you manage it before health drops to zero, girl runs away. Okay, taking in account previous experience we should be able to safely return. It takes nerve to use Z again on painting – now with big hole in – but you manage to move it. Enter inside.

Nice little garden.

In I am not short!! I am just height challenged.well you find fifth gem instead of Sadako. If you want to bring this bucket on bottom to pond (presumably to put out fire), bad news – it have hole. Maybe we are supposed to fix it?

Anyway we have last business (for now) here. You noticed this inconspicuous stool? It is movable. Push it with Z key. Don’t worry, if you made mistake, after leaving and returning to this room stool will teleport back to its usual place nearby crow.

You are supposed to move stool to cabinet at left upper corner – it will stay there even after leaving room. Now you will be able to reach upper shelf (Z to jump on stool) and take Cutting Knife. Well, it is not same as, say, chainsaw, but better than nothing, right?

Time to go to door at left in West Hall – to Bathroom.

Uh, that liquid in bathtub is not water...

Door to porcelain throne is sadly inaccessible. But we have here something more interesting – neglected cardboard box! Walk to box and use Cutting Knife on it, as it is closed with a lot of duct tape.

OkaHow to use items 101.y, this is last time when we will explain it in detail. Pull up inventory with X key. As you can see, both owned items are white. You can use either of them – find it on list, ensure highlight is at it and push Z. Code Memo will show again this riddle (three digits already known, good work). Using Cutting Knife on box will give you Empty Lighter.

Wait, that’s all? Just damn lighter?

NowEW. time to get this intriguing item on bathroom floor. AH! Something horrible and bloody jumped out and… lies on floor? It don’t seem to move… even walking over it does not anything, but it is disguisting anyway. Uegh.

So take item in corner – it is Cafateria Key. Now walk down to exit.

Who expected that zombie suddenly wakes up when you leave and try to horribly murder Aya? In retrospect, it was better to leave to right from key than going bottom… anyway, we are out and-

It... moves... by itself.

It walks away. Girl is obviously nonplussed.

Why was that doll mowing? Is that part of the curse, too…?

Time to go to right side of first floor! Leave West Hall and go up to avoid these two zombies (I probably have to name them). If they notice you, just leave screen and return back. Enter right door in same way as you entered left. Now Aya is in East Hall. Oh, another crow. Locked “???” door. And barrels that we were supposed to count. Save game.

At least it looks safe.

Seven barrels. See, I told you it was not hard. While we are here, enter right bottom door. Aya descends on long stairs down. Some strange sounds can be heard.

There’s something here…

Jesus Christ!

What IS that?!

Indeed, what is that horrible abomination, with shivering body,  flailing limbs and screaming, disorted faces? Aya obviously cannot go through here, as things stand now.

How we will go past this thing? What is in safe? Will we be able to know what happened here? What is nature of curse and why it animates dolls too? Here is part 3!


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