Mad Father walkthrough part 1: prologue.

So, you want to know what actually happened at Drevis Residence? Look no more, as we start newest walkthrough for yet another horror game featuring cute female protagonist in cursed place! Do I like madness or what?

This prologue will cover beginning of game up to place where you actually can play. Flashback-heavy, functions as introduction and setting presentation. It can be a little… long.


After running game we see main screen. Hit F4. Ah, much better.

Welcome to Mad Father. Enjoy your stay, while you still can.

Game don’t use mouse. Move highlight with arrow keys to NEW GAME option. Z/Enter/Space key is used for interacting with game. Click Z. Credits rolls. Already?? That was fast.

Did game already ended? Wait, no.

To skip credits, press Z again. Same for conversations.

Northern Germany – Drevis Residence

Knock, knock.


Knock, knock.

Father, are you in there?

Door opens. Awwww shit, some suspicious guy in lab coat and mask. RUN BABY RU-

Father? Father. Father!

This will end well, I can tell already.

Faceless guy. We are screwed, aren't we?

Sorry, father… but… um… I’m too scared to sleep on my own…

Aya… Don’t worry. You’re never alone. Your late mother is always there at your side… she’s always looking after you, Aya. Okay? Now please, get to bed.

Yes, father…

Good girl.

Aya walks away, but stops.

Father, tomorrow is…

Yes, the anniversary of her death… we’ll visit her grave together.


Now, back to bed, please. I’ll be resting too shortly.


Dad is back to work. Aya don’t walk away very far before…

S-Stop! Nooo! WAAAAAH! Help me! HEEEELLLLLP!!

…some screams and sounds almost like revying chainsaw are heard. Charming.

I know father’s secret. My father is a sciencist. He loves researh and is always locked up in the lab in the basement. And I’ve always heard things from that lab… animal and human screams… Even at a young age, I knew what my father was doing. So I pretended I wasn’t looking. That I didn’t know or hear anything. I feigned ignorance the whole time. Because I loved father.

That’s not the only secret I know. When mom and I weren’t around, he and his helper…

A fine sample…

I shall dispose of the remaining materials myself.

That can wait. Come, Maria.

Yes, they are hugging.

She’s aware of our… relationship.

Hm? What does it matter?

I don’t believe she is fond of me. That is the problem.

The girl will be 11 soon. It’s a troublesome age, to be sure… be kind to her, please. Make sure she is never harmed. She is my most precious…

Something flickers… did I seen some other person next to them? And what is with that tick-tock? Aya wakes up.

It’s midnight…

In her room.

Mom… sigh I can never sleep when I think about mom…

Aya’s room.

YoYou are here, not there.u are in control now! Finally. At bottom left is current location. In this case, 2F (second floor), Nursery. Obviously, you can move character around with arrow keys. Aya will refuse to get out, so explore room instead. You interact with things by facing them and pressing Z.

First, that thing at middle left is your pet rabbit, Snowball. Search bookshelfs at upper left – you will find something interesting… no, not “The Red-Eyed Stranger”.

Time to indulge in traditional hero cleptomania! Wait, it is YOUR home. Way to spoil fun.

Walk to it and press, yes, you guessed it, Z.

What’s this…?

Woop woop we have... GEM!

During walkthrough, I will show how to get rest of gems – there are 21 of them. After helpful comment from game we are back to exploration. While teddy bear get just passing mention, that beloved doll…

A doll I got from father… It’s so old and worn.

…triggers flashback.

I brought you a present, Aya!

Awww, Aya was even cuter then.

Thank you, father! What a pretty doll… (it’s almost like it’s real!)

Brace yourself, it is not end of flashbacks. Next one is when you check up that table with portrait of mom.

Mom… what should I do, mom? I do love father, but… she scares me… she’s always… looking at me with those eyes… I hate her. But I know father likes her. If father and her got married, I guess she would be my new mom… I don’t want her to be my mom. I don’t need a new mom.

I can't help notice fact that mom is very well... equipped.

Mom… why did you have to go?

End of flashback. During exploring rest of room, Aya feels uneasy.

The room feels cold all of a sudden… I’m kinda scared… I should get back to bed.

You heard her. Be good girl and go to sleep.

Good night…


Even without mask he looks creepy.

Father, would you look this way?

Give me a moment. Just put this there…

Yes! It’s finished!


Does it look good on me?

Yes, I think it suits you well.

Yaaay! jumps Thank you, father!

I’m sorry I can’t always play with you.

Father… it’s alright! I’m glad I could play with you today, father!

Mom comes.

Helloooo... yes, your eyes are up there...


Aya runs to mom and jumps excitedly.

Look! Father made me a flower crown!

That’s wonderful! It looks great on you, Aya. So you played with him all day?

Yeah! We should do this again, father!

Y*cough*es, we should. Next time, your mother should join in.

Well, I look forward to it… Cough! Hack!


Bad health... we can see where it is going.

Hack! Wheeze!

Don’t push yourself if you’re not feeling well! Come, get some medicine from Maria. It should help you get better.

No… I can get that myself.

Seems like mom don’t like Maria too.

Mom, are you hurt? You’re okay, right?

Sorry to worry you, I’m perfectly fine… don’t look so anxious, please! Aya, your smile keeps me going best of all! If I can’t see you smiling, it only makes me worry…

Mom… okay!

Now, let’s get back for dinner. I made hamburger steak tonight! Your favorite, Aya!

Hooraaay! I love mom’s hamburgers! Right, father?

Hahaha, of course! Her hamburgers are best in the world!

We were so happy then. There was Maria, but… even so, the three of us were a happy family. But then mom passed away from illness… And the happiness we had then, well…

Dead are walking, hide while you can.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…  and night’s silence is breaked by scream!

Huh?! That scream… Father? Something must have happened… I’ll go check on father!

Well, he deserved this, if you ask me. Anyway, get out.


Aya runs through the corridor and stops, clearly frightened.

What’s this sound…? Is it a voice?

AHHH what is this?! Something red just splattered wall! Blood?

Screaming out and running mindlessly around like headless chicken would be more realistic.

Suddenly, zombies.


Nooo…! No… don’t…

This way!

Who’s that?!

Yeah, great idea turning back to living dead.

Come this way!

Is there somebody there…?

Girl runs away in direction of voice, to East Hall. You regain control. Aya obviously refuse to go back, so continue right and up. Aya notices strange boy with yellow hair and golden eyes.

! Who are you?

Huh, yellow hairs = foreigner. Wait, we are not in Japan!


Stay with me.

Aya understandably don’t want to go with stranger just like that… EEP!


Oh no, no, no.


Girl runs back only to encounter same zombies again.


In fit of genius, she runs back into her room. Only that someone is already here! Great idea to get to dead end, huh?

Who’s that?!

Do you like books, my dear?

Who are you?!

Now, don’t be so aggressive. I’m merely a salesman.

Yeah riight.


*bow*Red-eyed stranger takes off hat and bows.

Call me Ogre. I hope to get to know you, young lady.

Who is this fucking creep?

But it’s quite troublesome… to think that corpses loiter around the house…

Corpses…? Those monsters back there? They’re like monsters from a story… Why would monsters like that…?

Well. It is a curse. What you saw were the corpses of your father’s test subjects.

You are well informed for a “salesman” that just accidentally strolled into room of 11 year old girl during zombie attack. I can bet my spleen that you are something… more.

Overcome with anger, those decased have been brought back by the power of curse. To take revenge on your father… of course.

What?! So father is in danger…? I have to save him!

Why is that?

Aya, about to go out, is clearly surprised.

To achieve his desires, he has killed so many people as part of his experiments. This is his retribution. You must have realized by now… your father’s true nature… and yet you wish to save him?

Youngest Drevis family member exits room.

My, my… perhaps she cannot yet understand their sorrow…

In meantime Aya in hall is doing denial excercises.

Father was always kind to me. He’s the only father I have… and I promised mom, too!

Crap, another flashback?!

The red-eyed stranger gave Jack the power to curse others. And Jack said, “Thank you, red-eyed stranger. Now I can get my revenge.”

Hey, mom…

Yes, Aya?

What’s father always up to down below?

It’s a very difficult job… you will understand when you’re older, Aya.

I wanna be older soon, then…


Is everyone here complict in father's crimes?

Mom… what’s the matter? Of course I wouldn’t hate father!

…I see…

Mom, do you not like father?

No… nothing like that. I’m just like you, Aya. I love your father just as much.


He can be a bit… unpredictable. So let’s support each other no matter what. Promise?


Now, back to the story…

End of sepia flashback.

Mom, whatever happens, I love father… so don’t worry… I have to go save father!

Save point.Something black appears and lands on table in hall.

A crow?

These crows are used as save points. Don’t ask me how this works and who cleans after those birds. Go to crow, look deeply into it’s red eyes, click Z, select data slot and confirm by pressing Z. You can close window by pressing X.

Incidentally, you can press X also to bring up your inventory. Currently of course there is only gem. We will talk about using items later.

Hopefully, we will be spared from collecting body parts.

Click X again to hide inventory.

Real adventure just begun (at last). See you next time, in part 2!


2 responses to “Mad Father walkthrough part 1: prologue.

  1. ahhh! it just dosent saves..i have to play it again n again TT~TT how am i gonna get to the ending if i have to start over again? help me with the saving..its not working (i tried the “Z” and “X” ) please back to the start =_=*

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