One year.

On this day, exactly one year ago, first post appeared on Sanity Is Really Overrated blog.

Time for recap in best tradition of anime fillers! Except there are no girls in bikini next to tank. In this year…

Also there was exactly one post completely out of character – I promise this will not happen again.

Future is murky and unpredictable, but I will do what I can to convince you that faith in humanity is last thing you should have.

Oh, and one last thing to all dear previous, current and future padded room inmates readers: as non-native english speaker, I appreciate any syntax/grammar comments in any of my posts. I will fix problem and remove comment to not clutter things. Thanks!


One response to “One year.

  1. I think your syntax/grammar is charming, actually. It’s one of the things I like about your writing-it’s clear and readable but also has that uniqueness to it.

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