the white chamber – walkthrough part 5

In part 4 we finally discovered that crew of station was murdered by no one other than Sarah – girl that you are playing. Now she is cursed to repeat life on damned station forever, unless she will show true regret for what happened.

After receiving message from Arthur’s corpse, we can only go back.


Whoa, it is completely different now. Is it how real station looked?

Now we know what this room is for. It is life support.

Warning, unsolicited flashback incoming!

Traditionally no OSHA compliance whatsoever.

Look at Fan to know more.

I threw Dr. Goodwin into the fan. I didn’t even need to do it, but I felt sure he was on to me. He kept asking the Commander to eject the artifact.

Not very nice, Sarah. At least we know what exactly covered grinder before you entered white chamber. Go down to workshop.

Oooh, shiny!

Again, down.

Now this looks like place that actually is habitable.

We are taking scenic route, we are in no hurry for life-pod. So take a peek into quarters.

Wonder what REALLY is behind this door on left...

We found eyeless head in water there, after all.


Look at Shower to get explanation.

Commander Trent gave me little choice. It was just me, him and Arthur left at that point. He didn’t trust the spy, but he didn’t believe he was the killer. I think he saw it in my eyes… so I took his.

Return back and go to medical.

Looking out of window so longingly...

Let’s go to navigation room now.

There will be blood.

Remember first hallucination that “killed” Sarah? That was this poor bastard, apparently.

That was accident, I swear!

Dick Lee was the first. He was my research assistant. He thought the artifact was too dangerous to work on alone. We were arguing because he wanted a support team. I told him we could handle it. I didn’t mean to… I knew they’d never understand.

Computer lab is on left. Go.

Computer room in former glory.

Cadaver in cyrogenic tank explained.

Good ol' crowbar.

Wyles was checking the video logs when I got to him. It was obvious he’d found Dick’s body in the Nav console by how he was acting. Dick had been an accident, so I guess this is when things went out of control. I was so trapped. All I could think about was the damn artefact.

As we can see, body that we constructed earlier was not single person – everyone that got killed contributed. Considering number of body parts, seems like Sarah herself participated in this noble endeavour in more than one way. Only thing that does not match is leg from freezer. Maybe it has something to do with fate of person that Arthur was replacing? I doubt Lee was one to be replaced – string of murders from first to last seems to happen in very short amount of time.

Finally, let’s go to storage room, where unlocked life-pod awaits.

Let's get outta here!

Click on escape pod and… pray.


To determine ending, game takes in account Sarah’s karma. Current amount is shown on chalkboard in workshop. You start with 1 free point. Below is list of all events in game that influence karma:

  • IfState of chalkboard, when you have maximum karma. you regret what happened and say “yes” when panel in coffin room asks for it, game gives +1 to karma.
  • In second nightmare sequence you encounter body in tank. If you show compassion and try to free him with axe (unsuccessfully, but it is intention that counts) before flushing him out, you gain 1 karma.
  • In freezer you meet somebody dying from cold. Try to use blanket first to show compassion and get another 1 karma point.
  • After playing Frankenstein, you should cover assembled body with blanket, if you want to show respect and get +1 to karma meter.
  • Last, but not least, you show care for others, if you say “no”, when asked second time in quarantine unit. You gain one karma.
  • Breaking analyzer by cutting override wire costs you 1 point of karma!

How ending is determined?

  • Zero (minimum) gives you tormented ending. Chalkboard is empty and ominous.
  • 1 – 2 gives you damnation ending.
  • 3 – 5 gives you redemption ending. Game is relatively easy!
  • 6 (maximum) gives you comedy ending. Marks on chalkboard looks like very simple artifact sketch.

Tormented ending

If you are selfish bitch, you will get what you deserve.


Damnation ending

This bad ending shows various rooms on station changing from clean state to grim and stained look that you know so well. At end this message shows:

You lost!

Redemption ending

If you have sufficient karma, you will be able to run away.

GTFOThis beach looks very familiar... no, it is not artist laziness.After Sarah's salvation, Arthur have no reason to exist anymore.Fanservice as prize!Sequel hook. Too bad it will never happen.

Comedy ending

This particular ending starts just after leaving white chamber.

What the fuck?

Party moves to living room. Noticeably, Arthur for some reason looks… unhappy. He probably knows how it all is retarded.

Dick Lee looks like his namesake.

Commander Artemis Trent: Ho Ho… Well I like the candles. Ho ho ho…
Officer Richard Wyles: Yeah! Yeah! Candles!
Assistant Dick Lee: I have brought a protractor with which to scientifically requisition the cake.
Dr. Goodwin: Like Japanese ninja.
Commander Artemis Trent: I’ve never been to Japan before. Ho ho ho ho ho…
Officer Richard Wyles: Frack me! Cut the cake! Cut the cake you frackin’ nad sack!
Dr. Goodwin: Like Japanese Samurai.
Commander Artemis Trent: It’s a shame no-one showed up for my birthday. Ho ho oooooh…
Assistant Dick Lee: Well my fool. This is because your birthday fell on day which was not divisable by the value of pi.
Officer Richard Wyles: It’s not a frackin’ pie! It’s a frackin’ cake! You frack-head! Yo’ momma!

Um, I thoght this station had bigass solar panels?

When already inberiated idiots are partying like no tomorrow, some asteroid from nowhere explodes station and go on without even one dent. You can spot some guy riding it.

Kill me right now.

There will be no tomorrow.

Easter eggs and other details

YWooden?...ou already know comedy ending and MES game trap. The white chamber have a few other, not yet seen easter eggs.

If you hit F10 key, you will get different “Use” and “Look” options, shown on right. To return back to standard style, click F11.

Clicking “Home” (on keypad) will move you to debug room.

Dear God it is ugly!

If you try to use color code before you could possibly know it, this view from camera will be shown to you:

No need for eyes, indeed.

2 responses to “the white chamber – walkthrough part 5

  1. Just wanted to drop a thank you for both making me discover this awesome game, and providing a very helpful guide to it.
    Thanks, you are awesome!

  2. I have a theory about the white chamber. See the tormented ending? This ending made me think that the station is infested with hostile ghosts or demons capable of biokenesis. Biokenesis is known as manipulation of biomass. These brutes used their power to gut, skin, tear Sarah limb from limb, killing her.

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