Circle of Hell: mundane forever

You will eventually die. And go to Hell (obviously, as this is only possible result of Pascal’s “Believe in Unicorns, or one might kick you in the nads!” Wager). No, we will not talk about sadistic fantasy of early christians, nor lame excuse (being far from God, really?) of late christians invented when people started finding previously mentioned sadistic fantasy offensive.

What Hell awaits you? Let’s get glimpse on one variation from infinity. Hell have many names, shapes and possibilities, after all.

This particular Hell looks like your general life at the moment of your death. If you worked, you still work (having mindless, repetive job with retarded boss, cretinous coworkers and insane rules  is not strictly neccessary, but it helps). If you went to school, you will still go to it to learn useless shit that no one cares about. If you are retired, you will sit on couch, stroking one-eyed white cat, watching Jerry Springer show on TV.


It is place… no, instance… no, best term is circle of hell for:

  • Jerks that go to express, ten items limited checkout lane with three full bags dripping with suspicious brown substance. Includes old ladies with 25 cans of cat food for beforementioned white cat(s).
  • Assholes that talk loudly to cellphone in middle of movie.
  • Annoying fangirls that cuts into line for newest yaoi doujinshi. Or anything in high demand, really. Why you are in line for something like that in first place anyway? You buy it for your sister? Yeeah, likely excuse…
  • Obnoxious brats that latch on you, rants about evils of capitalism in general and money in particular, only moments later trying to sell you overpriced Che Guevara t-shirt.

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