the white chamber – walkthrough part 4

Either heroine of the white chamber is mad, or there is some supernatural shit going on this space station. Either way, we must deal with it. See here to see it all from start, or here to know why we must do something right now with this goddamn fridge from nowhere.

Frankenstein work

As we estabilished previously, if we ignore fridge any more, she will die. Fortunately, we have everything needed to avoid this fate. First, use switch – for some reason table is hidden again.

…oh. There is no table.

Why you have so large teeth?

DeLast part of jigsaw.spite her denials, she apparently have no problems whatsoever walking over this… teethed… throat… something (or not – newer version fixed that bug). Huh. Now simply cut chain with axe. Fridge fall, but opens, jamming in hole with torso that happened to be stuffed inside (duh! what else is supposed to be stored in fridges but corpses?). Obviously, you take it, allowing fridge to fall to Hell or whatever it is down there. Girl, do you really not want to do anything with torso?

…Freud would have field day with this.

At least torso is complete with leg as bonus, we do not really want to search for his sausage on top of everything else. That would be just plain sick.

OIsn't he handsome?k, enough necrophiliac jokes. Rejoice, because she have all needed body parts to construct her very own Frankenstein monster! Go to medical lab and put everything on bed, where are burnt marks from earlier fire. This will be: Left Arm, Right Arm, Leg, Torso, Head and Eyes. Order does not matter, except eyes – those should go after head. After playing LEGO with body… surprise, nothing happens!

I think we should also at least pretend to have any respect for a corpse left and put blanket over lying body. Still nothing, but at least girl feels better about whole orderal. Ah well, time to take care of other issues. In workshop, put explosive next to welded door. I guess we have to find way to make boom without killing yourself. Wait, who added new mark on chalkboard?

Remember that laser shoots into living room? In best tradition of adventure games, you put mirror (as everyone knows, they always reflects perfectly laser ray instead of making dissapointing tiny hole) on back of laptop with video screen. Go back to medical room (corpse still creeps out, even covered) and turn on laser.

Explosions makes every and any game better.

It will reflect from mirror through inexplicably opened door into workshop, blowing up explosive and welded door. Good job! Time to check where this door leads…

Giant grinder.

Welcome to grinder room. It looks destroyed and is covered with some filth. We will know more about it later, oh yess. You now should examine this vent. Girl cannot get through it, but it apparently leads somewhere down, like damaged elevator in workshop.

Disastrous distraction

Speaking of workshop, there is one additional thing that appeared out of nowhere there – Scalpel. Go to computer room. Next to tank at bottom is Analyser. Use it.

Why never anything works?! Stupid machine.

It refuses to work due to some crap like “human dna trace detected in system”. Who cares? Open panel (don’t be a coward, girl!) and cut override with scalpel. What the hell is this?

This analyser is... possesed!

That was unsettling. Forget about it and certainly there is no point in checking state of chalkboard. No, nope at all. For now, in search for clues, return to medical lab room.

Dancing at the end of needle

Where is body?!

At least he is contained. Or he is?

It is alive! And in despair, apparently. How he got inside, anyway? Look at his body – after a short moment you will get teleported inside, and he outside, freeing him. Inside get last Video Disc and look at scribbles on Dirty Wall. It is advisable to save beforehand.

First question is “Do you want to leave”? If you answer “No”, it – whatever it is – will fulfill your wish to the letter.

Rot here for eternity, as you deserve for your stupidity.

You got decaying ending!

If you answered “Yes”, there is one more question: “and risk spreading the disease?”. Both answers will allow you to get out, but only one awards you another chalk mark.

Consequences, schmoquences, I WANT TO GET OUT!!!

You now can get out of quarantine unit like there was no door. Go back to living room. Nice blood trail there. View last disc – I have suspicions that frankenstein is actually this guy. They jailed him in quarantine chamber and he got out leading to… exactly where we are going to. Go up, through workshop to grinder room. Now vent is broken open. Go in.

I swear, in every damn game these vents are absurdly spacious!


Time to finally see for yourself eponymous white chamber!

Nice artifact you have there, shame if something would happen to it.

Well… not that impressive, to be sincere. More interesting is corpse. It looks very familiar. Poke it.

He is... less... cute now.


And to whom he speaks? Am I… Sarah?

I cared for you, I fell for your false smiles. And for that, the mess on the floor there is what I’ve become. Are you beginning to understand now, Sarah? What you did to me… what you did to all of us? The price we paid for your obsession with its power.

Hmph, at least I can say that I did what you failed to. The artifact responded to me. My blood, my hatred and my desire to retribution activated it. I unleashed the power you killed for, and now we’re both trapped here in this cursed cycle. An eternal nightmare, continuing endlessly until you’ve earned salvation.

I stand as your judge. And I have looked into your sould. You were given another chance to perhaps redeem your actions. Given this clean slate did you demonstrate compassion and regret? Or once again have you just shown a selfish drive towards your goal? While we reach a verdict, you shall remember… remember what you did to me.

Okay, Sarah. Exactly how bad you screwed up to end up in this personally taliored Hell?

Beginning and end of cycle.

It is done. We have come full circle back to where this starts and ends. We have made our decision. All that is left is for you to leave… now! The life-pod in the store room has been unsealed and inside you will find our decree. On your way you shall remember it all. What you did to deserve this. Goodbye Sarah… I hope we never have to meet again.

At this moment, Sarah starts to remember this all. Look at him.

Lucrezia Borgia would be proud.

Soon you will know how it all happened (you already know what happened). Sarah Ericson will reflect on her actions and will be saved… or not. Part 5 of walkthrough is here.

Obsession, murder and redemption, indeed.

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