the white chamber – walkthrough part 3

Hello, we have next installment of the white chamber walkthrough! To go back to being woken up in coffin-like device click here. To understand how our poor heroine ended up tortured on table look here.

Make it stop

Recap: girl with crazy hair wakes up on haunted space station. After suffering creepy hallucinations, finding various clues, gathering body parts like raving necrophiliac and other shenanigans, she carelessly turned on cursed tape depicting herself electrocuted – and she suddenly find herself actually being tortured.

Your options are severely limited, but you can actually do two things (not counting wirthing in pain). First, next to your hand is Laser Cutter that you can reach. Take it.

This does not cut it.

It is always something, eh? Second thing that you can do is throwing this cutter at Video Player. Somehow this demonic player, despite many generation of horror movies, still obey “no power, no work” rule. You are free! Time for “find differencies between two screens” fun.

Hint: two.

Most visible new thing are oversized Batteries that powered torture device in movie. On table under chalkboard is Sample Dish. Take both and to confirm, use sample on microscope. Yes! Seems like we finally have everything needed to forge new ID. Okay, we need to go to computer room…

Fridge briliance

No, not that shit again!!!

Something horrible is inside, I know it.

And so soon after previous hallucination. This place is fucked up. Screw it, I’m going to forge ID and nothing will prevent me! Go to computer room and find Sequencer next to cyrogenic tank. Use sample on sequencer, and after it ID card. Excellent, time to go to store room (right from navigation room) and use our new, shiny ID on Scanner. Go right, to previously unexplored part of room.

Finally here at last!

First take this large Explosive in your hammerspace – it should be capable of blowing up welded shut door in workshop. You can look up Magazine, squint at Screen to try making up image through noise or play Console (you must use it three times before girl will deign herself to such mundane, yet logical activity like playing game on haunted space station).

How retro.

I will not even comment it. To get out, use axe on pixeallated version of explosive, de facto commiting suicide and getting GAME OVER screen. Good thing it did not killed her for real.

However, most interesting thing in this room is large Freezer room. Use to open door and go inside.

Every freezer is vaguely creepy in itself.

MHe should be dead a long ago.ost suscipious thing in this cold storage is another freezer in familiar coffin-like shape. Let’s look what is inside.


What, who is inside this freezer in freezer (cue “yo dawg I herd…” meme), shivering from extreme cold? I hope it is not another abomination.

Covering him with a blanket will not help, you must try to take him out. It will have rather… unsettling effect.

Someone played Saya no Uta too much.

Ueeegh, floor is pure gore and there is some poor fella stuck on wall behind sheet of some meaterial. Let’s cut off his leg with axe (yes, perfectly logical thing to do) and get outta here. With this tempo soon we will done with getting all body parts! This is probably how… collectors… feel.

Okay, what now? Ah yes, battery. It should fit into power compartment for laser in medical room. On the way, in living room girl will complain about incerasing stench from chained fridge. Womens. Inside lab, heroine will protest against using laser, saying it will hit fridge. Damn, can you get any whinier? Wait, do you suggest default position of laser shoots outside medical? How careless.

Let’s use this mysterious metal box instead. Laser cuts through seal without problem. Time to open it!

Note attached to opening is sooo original.

Oh fuck, eyes? We had this shit in box that we carried whole time? Bleeeeugh. While disgusting, girl have no problem with taking eyes off box and just putting them in pocket… better to not think about it too much. Okay, we have door to blow up with explosives. Leave medical and- wait, you are STILL complaining about fridge?

Save game, as we are about to kill poor girl. Exit living room and go back to it – fourth time since fridge appeared. Oh my…

So death from horrible smell is possible?

You got venemous ending. No special death screen, sadly.

How to deal with cursed fridge? Will girl blow up door? Why we are collecting these body parts? What exactly happened on station? Part 4 is here!

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