the white chamber – walkthrough part 2

Uh… head hurts… I’m lying… stand up and… wait, wait, we were supposed to get impaled by some abomination!

I’m alive!

Good question. Girl seems to go a little more crazy and I feel this will not be end of it. Ah well. Were these things on one of beds before? Take Video Disc #2 and Note. Play second disc on laptop in living room. It’s you again, whats-your-face?

Okay, there IS some mad arm cutter around. Maybe even second personality of this guy or something equally cliché. Wait, did he mentioned something about “artifact”? Well, at least there is hope it is not Lemarchand’s box (powerful dark sorcery called “copyright” will ensure that). Anyway, let’s check this note now.

Patience While You Grill Bacon Rind

If you guessed this is clue to color coded panel on right computer in computer room, bingo!

To be precise, first letter of each word is color name. So click on those triangles: pink, white, yellow, green, blue and finally red.

This is medical room with small quarantine chamber at right, but most noticeable thing is fire – it will not go out any time soon. At center you see Droid. Move it near fire and hit space. “Unit not equipped with fire suppressor”. Bullshit! Opening door to living room also does not work. If you cannot put out fire directly, what about… opening right door? Now it is poor droid that get spaced out? Well, no oxygen, no fire, no problem. Now you can finally go to medical.

There is a lot of stuff here, but most of them are inaccessible, like this Laser Desk – it lacks power source in Power Compartment. For now, use Filing Cabinet in left down corner. One of drawers is broken – you can retrieve Evenlope. Use it – you will find VCR Tape. Okay, let’s play it – return back to… uh?

Another nightmare.

Go down to some kind of extremely creepy and long passage.

You will have to go through it a few times to reach navigation room, or rather… disorted version of it.

Again, only one door is reachable. Computer room changed too. Especially cyrogenic tank that now have body in it.

Using axe on tank is waste of time, don’t do it. Use Panel next to tank to get rid of body. Going back you will notice one pipe with something stuck inside. Use axe on Pipe to get Right Arm. Absolutely sick indeed. Get out to find everything returned to normal… for now. Poor girl is slightly shaken, you should return to sleeping quarters to give her rest. Hey, what is this black smudge on shower cover? Use Shower Panel to uncover disguisting green sludge with hair in it. Take it out. Ueeegh! This is severed Head!

Okay, we had unfinished business – watching VCR tape! I bet you completely forgot about it. Since you cannot use laptop in living room, go to workshop – on right you can use tape on Video Player.

Suddenly you find yourself on this table, suffering horribly from electrocution, seemingly helpless.

If you do nothing, you will die, getting ‘electrocution’ ending.

How poor woman avoids this untimely demise? See in part 3 of this walkthrough!

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