the white chamber – walkthrough part 1

In futile attempt to be known not only for one certain hentai guro game, I present another walkthrough, this time for already reviewed game, the white chamber. I have even free-of-charge ad for Studio Trophis: “Playing this game may be even socially acceptable!”.

You can download it here (or here, if you prefer using your favourite torrent client legally for once). After instalation, just click on this cute “bloodied black coffin” icon. First set up game options and choose your language. Game will start.

Yet another beginning.

Don’t worry, your speakers aren’t broken.

After movie of our main heroine rising from coffin, we see (and hear thanks to horrible okay, pretty average voice acting) question that we all waited for.

What now? First, move cursor to upper border of window. What you will see is inventory, for now empty. During course of adventure we will get and use some items. Game also have fair share of red herring – if given thing is not picked up by me, you can be pretty sure it will not be needed.

Try to walk by clicking on floor somewhere. If you move mouse to some point of interest, icon will change and name of whatever you pointed will appear. Right click then will show you options – either use or look at. Try both on Coffin. In this room on right you can also see Panel and Wires. Unfortunately, panel don’t work. Fix wires by right-clicking at them and choosing use option (in short, use wires). Now use panel. Time for surprise quiz!

We don’t know (well, I know already, but you don’t, heh), so click no.

Second question: Do you regret?

Now it is probably time to mention that some choices you will make in game influence ending that you will get. Don’t worry, first question did not change anything (except opening window shutters). But second question will. Anyone genre savy will click yes, of course. But you don’t know what for you have to regret, so no again. At end of walkthrough I will show all choices and how they change endings.

Third and last question: Are you ready?

You must click yes to open exit from this tomb. Walk to Door.

We’re docked up, we want down.

This navigation room is pretty dirty. Spaceships and stations are supposed to be sterile and white, optionally with gratitious blue lights!

We have three Doors, Wall Panel on left, Console in middle and Stains on floor at right. You can examine them if you like. Currently console and panel are dead. No power. Go to right door. This is large store room, for now only left half is accesible.

Not counting Doors, here is only Scanner (to open right door) and Lab Coat. Use coat to pocket blank ID Card and Override Key. Let’s try to use ID card on scanner. Access inventory by moving mouse up and click on card. Icon will change and picture of item will appear next to mouse pointer. You can left click on environment or other items in inventory or right click to stop applying item.

…well, this did not worked (this time). Blank ID is useless, after all.

Return to navigation room and enter left door. This is computer room.

At this moment, we are interested in Backup Unit only. Use it.

Override key allows you to bring back power to single subsystem using Key Slot.

Comms give you access to computers next to backup unit. Right computer apparently needs some kind of color-coded password. Use left computer and look through every message – you will find mention about password written on note somewhere on station.

Medical don’t do anything visible.

Docking Cradle is obviously broken beyond repair.

Station Rotation is where override key should be left.

After inserting override key return to navigation room and (finally!) use console. Click dark green “on” button to, guess what, turn it on.

You must adjust station axis with help of light green and pink buttons. Just click four times on same button and leave console. This is better, everything came online. Now use wall panel.

First, disengage safety lock by clicking on left button. Middle button lowers cradle to main part of station. Click it. Wait, wait, I forgot my favourite photos from coffin!

Eh, screw it. Bulging eyes and neck breaking are not my thing anyway.

Main part of station.

Go through top door to living room.

Four Doors here, Extinguisher (useless), Switch (use it to raise table with Video Screen) and two Cupboards. In left cupboard ignore trash and take Strange Box. Wonder what is in? Currently you cannot open it, sadly – too strong. Shaking it shows something light is inside. Hmmm. Now open right cupboard…. AAAH!

What you will do? Only most logical thing: pocket both Video Disc #1 and Left Arm! Obviously.

Watch video from disc #1 – use it on Video Screen. Did hand belonged to this poor whiny sap (Replacement Lab Technician Arthur Anderson, in other words just glorious janitor) on video, I wonder. He is kinda cute, though. Maybe. This drawing style makes hard to assess his assets. Judging from his report, there was not many people on station. I am sure we will get to know what happened to them (beside losing one arm, of course).

Back to business… hmm, looks like right door is sealed. Apparently fire? On space station? Where are sprinklers? Why I can’t use extinguisher? Many questions, no answer. Ah well. Go through top door to workshop.

There is some stationary equipment, chalkboard with mysterious mark(s) and… Axe. Oh yes, way, way better. If some psychotic murderer (or at least arm cutter) lurks around, we will not be defenseless! Only downside is that elevator is broken and door to next room is welded shut. No, you cannot open door nor strange box with axe. Bah, useless. Okay, for now there is nothing else to do, go back to living room and left, to sleeping quarters.

Take Mirror (you are girl, after all) and Blanket. There is Shower Panel too, but for now non-functional. Go through left door. LOL WUT WTF?

Nothing to do here, go back. Uh… exit door at right vanished somewhere. Try again left door. It seems beaches are like bitches – they make you spaced out. If that lame attempt at terrible pun did not made you go insane, nothing will. At least exit appeared again.

Wanna kill poor girl already? Sure, just save before. Oh, I did not told you yet? Click Esc, Save Game, select slot and name it. Click on left door three times, ignoring protests from her. Congratulations, you earned ‘space’ ending!

Okay, load game and go back to living room. Now what is this splash on floor at bottom? Was it before…? Go to naviga- WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK

Click on Creature. Against common sense and sanity, girl wil try to take closer look at this abomination. It ends as well as you can expect.

Well, that’s it. Poor girl got killed by some monster. Or is it? Stay tuned for part 2!

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