Serial killers are people too.

Don’t believe?

  • Exhibit A: cute webcomic about cut(e) things.
  • Exhibit B: musicality is important property of any kind of psycho.
  • Exhibit C: as everyone knows, video games create serial killers. If you want something as petty as evidence, mind fact that there was no, zero, null, nada serial killers before video games. Still, let’s verify that, shall we?

2 responses to “Serial killers are people too.

  1. Perhaps I should say nothing and ignore the random things I find on the internet but sadly I feel this is needed. -You- are as wrong as a stripper drunkenly walking into a grade school. Lets make a point here shall we? And not to take up too much of your time I will only site one particular serial killer. That being Jack the Ripper who very much so was a Serial killer long before we ever -had- games like we do today.
    Hell his acts went on for three years from 1888 to 1891. Now you tell me is this the product of some trans-dimentional time machine twisting someones mind in the past? Or proof of the fact it doesn’t take a medium to make a killer it just takes a push of the mind in the right direction. And i’m not tryin’ to be a dick here with the straight forward “Rawr your bad at this” I just hate it when people try to say things without doing their research.

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