Except not.

There are rare moments in Reality, when things are better than you expect. Better than you think. Almost… sane. Those are rare miracles in world that gone mad.


4chan making game (except not, but idea was undoubtedly born in this self-proclaimed “shithole of internet”)? Visual novel? Eroge? With disabled girls? Thrown off-hand idea, based on single image, actually realized, by some dark miracle? Dear God, what disguisting piece of depraved cripple porn awaits?

Except not.


Little things like that almost return my faith in humanity. Almost.


2 responses to “Except not.

  1. i have a few quetion what or who is 4chan?
    and what this is wordpress about?
    i try looking for other post you make but i still cant grasp your purpose for making this wordpress,

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