the white chamber

Mysterious beginning was, is and always will be popular trope. Who don’t want a little mystery to solve? The more dark and grim secrets, the better!

Enter “the white chamber“, with small-caps “the”. You are girl (no, not that girl) trapped in Bad Place. You must solve secret of this place, find titular white chamber and get good ending. Otherwise you will have to repeat it, forever. Sounds familiar? Sure it is familiar.

Game itself is “point and click” adventure with passable graphics (this particular animesque style takes some time to get used to) and decent storyline. Creepy music and sound effects, some pretty nice scares and not-so-original end. Standard adventure game tropes are in effect, including “I put thing here without knowing beforehand it will be needed”. Sigh.

All action happens in pretty small space station, where you start in black box resembling coffin. While playtime is relatively short, you can rack up suprisingly large number of different deaths (including one that you will get for sure – but I do not know if it counts given special circumstances). Most of them are predictable, meaning you can save before picking wrong choice. Comments of girl are helpful in that matter.

In general pretty average, but certainly worth playing. You will not regret these few hours. Hey, it’s free. Legally, even. Beginning of walkthrough is here.

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