Lets have tea with Nyaruko-san,

…or how I learned to stop worrying and love eldrith abomination.

Hello, nya, nya, nya… Nyarlathotep!

Main character Yasaka Mahiro, your typical highschool guy that was seen already zilion times, is in perilious situation – ambushed by some kind of nasty monster. In last moment he is saved by main heroine of this show… and it all goes downhill from there. As she explains, creatures from Lovecraft lore are actually bland aliens trying either to protect or exploit Earth (we seem to have successful cultural conquest out in galaxy). Nyarlko herself works for some bland planetary defense organization. This was moment when I knew I will not like this show very much.

Anyway, peaceful life of protagonist goes out of window. Monsters attack him, Nyaruko vel Nyarlko freeloads on him and he is forced to accompany her and her cute pet constantly.

Misadventures of eldrith abominations on Earth.

It gets worse. Soon more things join fray – Cthugha and Hastur. First appears as redheaded lesbian otaku agent girl that pester and annoys Nyarlko. Second, shown a little later in series, would be shotacon, if not for fact that it is not human. If that was not enough, Mahiro’s mother is revealed to be part-time monster hunter.

They together fight evil, or more precisely human slave smugglers, game console inventors, Nyaruko’s brother, retarded butler and mind-hijacking horrors. I got impression that their motives was supposed to be funny (putting Mahiro in yaoi movie, really?), but it did not work to me.


Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is unfortunately very average romantic comedy with twist that is not enough to make it geniuely interesting. Even extensive references to Cthulhu Mythos are crapped due to lame backstory (just… aliens? meh). It is not very funny, nor scary.

I know everyone like to play up things like this, including myself. But in this case it comes off forced more than usual. Sure, watch it completely seriously after night with Lovecraft. Yeah, they found way to come to Earth before time when stars will come right – as moe girls and underaged boys. Oh, so horrible. Yawn.

In general, I give it 5/10, and that much only because of love for Lovecraft visible in this work of art.

Oh, I left worst news at end: they did second season. Lovercraft probably changes into fan (rolling kind) in his grave.

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