Anatomy lessons.

No, it is not about checking out Sakuri cross-sections in formalin preserved for eternity in Ritz collection. This is way more interesting.

Welcome to Moist Production, where Jason Freeny take things that should not be live and… liven them up a bit. Results are terrific.

Featured toys and shapes was mostly designed to be attractive to humans (in particular kids) without any real-world functionality in mind. Creating anatomical details known from real living organisms tries to force this functionality in. Look at one of most well known artworks – Gummi Bear. Imagine it lying on desk next to keyboard. This disfigured, barely living horrribleness could not evolve or exists in nature, shaking and shivering before dying almost instantly. Before that, it would flop around in senseless paroxysms of muscles.

Beside anatomy of small abominations against nature, site features other disturbing curiosites. You already seen “Babies & Rabies” – other examples are below. To see them all, explore website.

I like it. A lot.


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