It is not creepy or gore-y. Not dark, not bloody, but crazy all the same.

Retardicon revealed

Forumwarz is delicious web browser game (with a little meta on side). You are internet troll that pwns forums for some very suspicious guy. You will meet a lot of people (almost every one of them being retarded, screwed up or bonked in some way – including you, of course). Game have elements of RPG: stats, classes (featuring cuties like emo kid, cam whore, hacking kid, permanoob and, of course, just plain old troll), quests (usually involving pwning some this or other forum) and other standard tropes.

Main game battlefield – forums – are delightfully idiotic. Topics are various, if obvious, like furry fandom, emo poetry, RPG, scatology etc. Game tries to be as dumb as possible, but still some posts are disturbingly close to something that you could encounter on real forum. Misspellings, syntax and grammatical errors, deliberate disortions, 1337isation and similiar crap, ahoy! Including gems like “Just checking server time”, “First” or greetings in public of people that no one cares about.

Rules are simple – you have ego (health) and must take down forum threads with help of various attacks (starting from mindless keyboard bashing) and implements like drugs, better hardware (good computer make ego bigger – understandable, as this is compensation, after all), scripts and other more or less useful files that you can get from depth of Net. Speaking of compensations, there is e-peen that you can wave in face of your peers as mark how good you are in Forumwarz. You pwn forum when all threads die.

This is inane, this is insane

Game is casual. You can attack four forums a day (stacking to about 12 forums max). It feels a little forced, but I can live with it. Fortunately other actions (buying/selling things, talking with people etc) do not have this constraint.

Forumwarz have their own forum, of course. It is divided in two sections – roleplaying (where trolling is allowed and encouraged, but where is fun in that?) and normal. Ironically enough, a lot of banning happens at normal section for being troll on internet forum about game where you play internet forum troll…

Generally play is fun, game is entertaingly offensive to about everyone, there is interesting conspiracy-type scenario to unfold and first chapter is avaliable to play for free. Try it. If you want something idiotic and funny, you are in good place.

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