Demonophobia walkthrough, part 8

We are at real end. Click on beginning to start this literal journey to hell and back. Except, you know, “back” part. Or check what happened just before now. And end music.

Sakuri used orb five times in final battle with real Big Bad that was with her all along – Ritz.
I didn’t expect to lose at the very last moment… I guess I won’t be able to be this hard headed next time.
What are you saying? Didn’t I already defeat you?
My apologies. I am in the same situation as you right now. An undying being – one that would never vanish, that has lost the power to leave this maze. I can only wait for the next suitable one to arrive.
…can I really never return?

Can’t I see my dad, or mom again?
Altough it’s stuble, there is still a link between this place and your world. Let me put in this way… when the other side ushers in the end of universe, you might be released. Well, this is simply speculation. I have no hard evidence.
End? When will that happen?! The end of universe…
I don’t know about these things, but the word of those guys are very clear on the subject. I can confidently tell you a second in your world is almost an infinite number of years here…
Infinite?! What the heck is that?! I don’t understand! How long is infinite?!
The time you spent suffering is but a mote compared to my own. Well, no matter. Hang on until that time, won’t you?
Ritz, wait, what I am supposed to do?!
Ritz. You have always called me that, but… it’s simply a disposable name. My true name is…

Ritz suddenly vanishes.

Ritz…? No… NO!!!


Sakuri stops crying and starts to look more and more horrified.

What are these?

They are coming back because Ritz disappeared… no…. no… I don’t want to think about how much it hurts… I DON’T WANT IT!!! SOMEONE, SAVE ME!! SAVE MEEEE!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! This… this pain… ugh…

Sudden change of scenery.

 Where is exit…? Does one really not exist? Ah… if I’m captured by those guys… uuu…

Crawler enters screen.


…some undefined time later…

I don’t know how long I have been here. Where on earth is this? Why am I in this sort of place?! Who’s there? You, over here, who are you?
No need to fear… I want to save you.

While game finally ended, I have few words before parting ways.

One response to “Demonophobia walkthrough, part 8

  1. Thank you very much for doing this LP! I couldn’t find one this detailed ANYWHERE ELSE! Mad props to you, and keep up the good work.

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